Guild Wars 2 – Meet the Consortium

Guild Wars 2 – Meet the Consortium

what we we designed the consortium with a very specific purpose in mind the consortium is neither good nor evil the consortium is capitalist the consortium is concerned primarily with its bottom line so we see 90% of the iceberg that’s not visible sort of a reverse iceberg for the consortium we see the consortium’s products we’ve seen the consortium’s employees we don’t see the consortium of decision-makers so we don’t know what their secret agenda is if indeed they have one but what we do see is the consortium trying to sell people happy feel-good products that make them money and build up the consortium’s brand name they would someday like to be a competitor for the Black Lion trading company they got their work cut out for them and that’s why they’re so determined to make a big splash on southsun Cove to get the PR to get the public’s goodwill to make people associate them with the kind of happy products that make you want to spend money so as the events of flamin frost wind down the story thread that we picked up to carry forward was that of the refugees we decided that the story that began in flamin Frost’s would carry forward by following the plight of those settlers who went to southsun Cove to live with the consortium under the consortium’s roof these settlers were offered a choice which was really hardly any choice at all they had no other options you can either sign this contract that the consortium is offering you and the consortium will put you up on southsun Cove and give you a place to stay put it roof over your head and give you a job but once the danger passed the settlers realized that they couldn’t leave the contracts they signed kept them and bound them to southsun Cove the consortium’s problem however is that they’re extraordinarily short-sighted and under informed about the reality of the situation southsun code was never intended to be a vacation paradise they do not understand half exactly how dangerous it is so somewhere there’s a consortium headquarters office with lots of consortium bigwigs in it and they look at these reports and they say why aren’t we getting better results on our sales suncove project without ever having set foot there than ever having to fight off a pack of angry cargo so in a paradoxical kind of definition of insanity way they keep trying to make this as a happy place to go a vacation spot for the rich and famous while ignoring the the considerable dangers that exist there no matter what it takes and it’s going to take an awful lot to make them change their minds everyone at ArenaNet has dedicated to making these releases as exciting and as badass as we can and we’re looking forward to seeing what you think of the job we did we’re very happy with it but we want to hear what you think as well

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  1. They would have to nerf the dungeon rewards for that to be fair or make the dungeon un-playable for lower-levels

  2. We have the title "Guild Wars 2" Where are the guild wars? You have WoW instance battlegrounds and instance WvW . Anyone can get from 1-80 with no help 2 & 3 weeks of casual playing. DAOC is almost 12yrs old and still people play it because you can't get real RvR(WvW) anywhere else. Too many people out there crying about balance this and balance that. For one, having more than one faction is fun and 3 factions is even better. Providing each faction isn't mirrored.

  3. Yep, same here 115$ and 1 skin….. 2 minis…. xD

    But, idiots like us keep buying, So Anet will keep doing it.

  4. This guy needs a Needy Girlfriend because obviously EVERYTHING needs to be BLOCKBUSTER for this guy….ANET You guys are doing a FANTASTIC JOB at keeping things entertaining!

    Just one suggestion, and I know gw2 never wanted an "END GAME" but in realty most of these players are migrating from WoW and other MMO's which have "Raids" and I personally think that adding a Lil' Everything "raids,Dungeons, Etc… is better then not adding it at all! I mean look at what you guys did with WvW BIGHIT

  5. I love anet to death but the drop rates of these weapons skins are giving me flashbacks to playing nexon games. I've completely abandoned them and their games due to the slimy in game store tactics. It is anet's right to run their business how ever they see it but I really wanted to hold them to a higher standard. I've been trying so hard to convert all my mmo friends to gw2 but things like this make it harder to convince them that it's worth leaving whatever game they are currently playing.

  6. I agree They should do something like add Raids and have legendary armor drop from Boss's at a lets say 2-5% drop rate and when you have all the armor equip say it does some special effects like armor floats around you the eyes in the helm glows maybe add legendary Cape/Cloak have a trail of effects following you ..much like the Runescape masterycape .. ANET if you want a HUGE player base you should do this.. i mean its for the best of your players and you(sorry for punctuation)

  7. well it is just starting, flame and frost started of suuper slow too, waay slower then this one. I like that they making sunset cove is getting SOMETHING

  8. I'm curious to see how far they will take this idea of the Consortium. I'm kind of hoping for a ritzy hotel that they've built over an ancient ritual ground. You know, the Consortium literally not doing any background checks on the area, just build-build-build for the big bucks 😛

  9. Uhh what? This game has been running really well for a long while now… I am totally confused. They just got rid of all of the culling as well.

  10. Upgrade your PC…. jeez! its only 1 in every 1000 person that's complaining about this, which can only mean your PC is shit

  11. If you spent that much then you are part of the problem. The only way to get the Consortium … I mean NCSoft … to stop the RNG chests is by NOT buying the blasted things.

  12. If you hate RNG so much, then why the hell do you keep throwing money at it? It's not like they force you to anyway.

  13. Personally I think flame and frost was rather dull. Content was released in too small portions and eventually I just stopped caring after like the 1st day of playing, and finishing all of my achievements. I even got to a point where I stopped playing gw2 alltogether out of boredom and now im missing f&f brahm and tox story achievements. And even though I am sort of limited time achievements whore, I just don't care anymore. Sadly, it appears i've lost interest in gw2
    I had higher hopes after gw1

  14. there is a term in psychology, which i can't recall right now, that describes such behaviour. You hate something, but you just can't stop doing it 🙂 And RNG is addictive.

  15. Consortium, Consortium, Consortium, Consortium, Consortium, Consortium, Consortium, Consortium, Consortium, Consortium, Consortium, Consortium, Consortium, Consortium, Consortium, Consortium, Consortium, Consortium, Consortium, Consortium, Consortium, Consortium, Consortium, Consortium.

  16. Gotta say I did love the back slot item rewards for doing the achievements but i'm sick of this "random ticket drop" in gem supply crates. If I like a weapon skin enough I will buy it flat out from the gemstore, I don't want this game to turn into just a gamble fest because frankly at Wintersday where you could earn skins AND buy skins in the gem store, that was brilliant. Arenanet please please get the point that we don't like gambling.

  17. I don't actually agree. I understand your opinion, but those skins are still available to anyone who wants them and really want to try hard. And even so they are still skin that you might be able to purchase using your gold. Not that big of a deal in my opinion. After all, a subscription-free game is rare enough that I may enjoy it. But yet again, I do understand your point of view.

  18. What I think? I think Anet needs new story writers. The PS wasn't a real story but a bunch of standard mmo quests full of breaks, lose ends and uninspired ideas. F&F was even worse and lacked information and the feel of being actually there. Now it continues. They spoil everything with achievements, ideas are not interesting, story content is very low and is told in a few sentences in a blog or videos like this rather than in the game. They are supposed to be profis but apparently are amateurs.

  19. My only real complaint is with the story and lore. While I think it's good, why do we have to read updates on the official website to learn about Kasameer and why she's come to the island? The same thing happened with Rox last month, it's all information that could be conveyed to us in the game, not everything has to be combat.

  20. I think this is an excellent point. I personally enjoy official content outside of the game, but every minute I am alt-tabbed is a minute I am not playing. The same premise stands for a movie or book – you shouldn't have to read supplemental material to get the meat of the story and a good story can stand on its own. I want to see more from Kasameer, Rox, Braham, (and even Faran!) but I would like to see it IN THE GAME.

  21. I totally agree there needs to be more sorts/sets of armor. or non set items with unique looks. after a while you simply got what you wanted and you arent triggered to get other things..

  22. awesome, this is billions of times better than a month of walking around fixing some refugee signs

  23. Guild Wars 2 se esta convertiendo en el mejor juego de RPG del mundo sin duda alguna…

  24. Guild Wars 2 is this becoming more like the best RPG game in the world without a doubt—-google translate
    I agree

  25. This would be a problem if the new weapons had better stats, but they don't. They're only cosmetic items, so making them rare makes sense in my opinion.

  26. I did and its not enjoyable, no one has a role in dungeons, during boss fights i just sit back and click auto-attack, it is incredibly boring.

  27. Kind of true and untrue. There are roles you need to take and swap around in the middle of a fight, but everything in pve is so easy that generally as you said you cann just sit back and not care about. The only challenging battles I've seen are in top tier fractals but that as well holds the holy trinity: Warrior, Guardian, Mesmer , and everything else in pve is warrior/mesmer :/ tho I love the combat on that note.

  28. Kinda true, but if you make things so rare that people never get it, it will be also disappointing.
    People would still buy stuff, even if you could obtain 1or2 of the skins ingame.

    No one would get hurt if you would get a Lion Chest Key once a week but how often do you get them?
    Like once in a year…
    Why…everybody thinks that sucks and it leaves a bad impression :/

  29. I really like the game and played over 700hours but I doubt that.
    So much bosses are just boring bulletsponges were you wait till they die.
    The story is the worst ever.
    Also why is the "living" story presented outside of the game?
    And while the combat is new and fresh it is also very shallow.(maybe because enemies are way too easy)
    Also the skillsystem dissappoints so much if you played Guild Wars1 before.
    Imo the best in GW2 are exploring and jumping puzzles …but exploring ist only fun once.

  30. Seriously. This. I'm tired of logging in and getting minimal information from the Heralds and Living Story NPCs that just essentially say, "go derp around and hope you figure it out yourself."

    Not saying I want one-stop NPCs that overload you with lore. But it'd be nice if we could spend 1-3 hours visiting Living Story markers and get access to 90% of the details of what's going on and how to get things done.

  31. To clarify slightly, arena net and/or nc soft are still light years away from the utter sliminess of nexon and I plan on playing gw2 for years to come. This did, however cause the game to lose some of it's magic for me.

  32. I buy gw2 played many many hours and at end. I got pissed almost with everything.There is no dynamic in game, living story sucks coz u need to go out of game to find out what is going on actually.There is no lfg system implemented in game, which sucks and u need to GET OUT OF GAME AGAIN!!! to find party in explorer.Btw im in big guild about 300 members and that sucks again, there is no human interaction because of multimultimulti guild system…I think I've covered the biggest flaws in the game.

  33. BTW all my friend in rl stop play this game because of same reason i just spoke of. Guys my advice to you is, change game adapt to us living player not to some NPC. We are living beings on other side of wire not some stupid hdd memory unit with capability to eat everything what u serve from your side. Ty.

  34. @blokgbp i agree one of my top 10 ALSO! i think you would enjoy this game have a look ==>

  35. A lot of the points you make are right, but if you look at it like a 60$ game, one time purchase, spending 700 hours is usually 3 or 4 times more then most of any other games.

  36. what are you really playing? No dynamic in game and living story sucks? it's either you are not really paying attention and you just played the game as any other grind game. if you play gw2, you really need a fresh mind set. no offense dude

  37. nope there are still roles in the dungeons. your party just need to sort it out though. taking in consideration what LordMagtheridon said.

  38. connr elsom, Im sorry man that you have no live and you just want to farm armors and other stuff.
    I'm having so much fun with this game for last few months, and I like it, I like what they add, There is a lot of variety, that you dont see, thats for sure.
    Bottom line is they do a great job but if you want whole new game, just hop to something else and come back for a day or 2 every update. Noone is holding you in here.

  39. I think the players are the consortium. They talk endlessly about drops and profit. They also seem to be more interested in Anets profits and hieing rates then Anets stock holders.

  40. Yeah! I mean what does this have to do with them? I thought this whole refugee thing was building up to Jormag.

  41. This Southsun story doesn't interest me, I mean the enviorment is unappealing, the monsters are annoying as hell, and this new villain doesn't really spark my curiosity. A better linking story is why the Molten Alliance did what they did. The other issue is how the story is told, I believe the personal story devs do better job at telling a story. Like I said this Southsun story doesn't make me want to go to Southsun Cove.

  42. You don't need to read those updates on the web site. Not for Kasameer so far, not for Rox and not for Braham. Everything you need to know about them is mentioned in-game. If you talked to everyone in Flame and Frost, you learn almost nothing new on the web site stories of Braham and Rox. I expect the same from Kasameer.

  43. What do I think? I like it and I'm looking forward to playng the Southsun Story, but I need time. 😛

  44. they're buying time, the elder dragons will be part of campaigns. These are like mini campaigns to keep players interested.

  45. GW2's Living Story is just a giant "HELP ME" drawn in the beaches of Southsun Cove. It's so depressing that I can't help but laugh.

  46. I see… the Consortium is kinda the Microsoft Version of Guild Wars 2 and the products they want to bring forth to make the people happy are XBox dOne's


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