Guess Who’s A Sex Worker (Post Interview) | Lineup | Cut

Guess Who’s A Sex Worker (Post Interview) | Lineup | Cut

– Um. (cheering) – She’s in the field, for sure. (laughing) (slow music) – I am Rayn, and I am a dominatrix fetish cuddler person. – My name is Arya Fae
and I do pornography. – Well, with me it’s
pretty part time, you know. It’s just a side job on the internet. Well, you know people
watch you on the internet and you, they can have
you do whatever it is you’re willing to do that
they’re willing to pay you to do. I mean a lot of people
wanna look at your armpits. – Why the fuck would you do that? – I wasn’t really
surprised nobody guessed. I wouldn’t guess me if I was
doing the guessing, you know? – Only one person guessed right. I don’t know. Nobody really thought
I fit the peg, I guess. No. – I was thinking leather would
have hinted more you know? – Why the fuck would I wear leather? – I don’t know, they’re
always wearing shiny leather– – It’s hot. I’m not easily offended. I’m 6’1″ from Chicago. What the fuck are y’all gonna say to me that’s gonna make me upset?
(laughing) – My guy’s a gigolo, you
know what I’m sayin’? He’s out here slingin’ that surfer pipe, you know what I’m sayin’?
(laughing) Final decision. – I guess I was surprised that some people did peg me as a sex worker. That I would the one out of the group. – You know, you can’t tell
anything by looking at people. Anybody could be up to
anything when you’re not sitting right in front of them, which I suppose is the point
of the whole exercise, really. – I don’t know, I don’t
think she’s a sex worker. You might have been in your past because you’re really pretty and you
got the nice facial features. But I don’t think you are now. – No. – Why don’t you think I’m a sex worker? – She seems too nice. – Uh, my 50th birthday. I had been 26 years in an
industry that I had a lot of harassment from that was male dominated and I was tired of it. I just thought I’d give it a try. – I started out doing nude
photography and nude modeling. Gradually got into porn. – It came about because
I had a very powerful spiritual experience. Like I come from a very
shy, insecure background and the spiritual experience
told me that I needed to throw myself in the fire and
deal with my social anxiety. First I started out stripping, and then I started gogo dancing. My ex-girlfriend got
into it and then I moved to Los Angeles with her
and her agent saw me and said that I was
cute and then she signed me to her agency and
started gettin’ me jobs. – Because I’d never been treated better, never been appreciated more. My advanced age, I’m getting
to the point in my life where I wanna do things
that are more important than just money making. – Yeah, primarily. People do kind of come to
depend on you, you know. You get a bunch of regular
people who show up. It’s kind of nice they keep coming back and seem to be enjoying
hanging out with you. – I’m just like censoring the nipples. (laughing) Um. Yeah. Like, kind of looks like a porn body. – Um, I didn’t tell my family for a while. – The people I tell are the
people who would respond, you know, the way you would hope. I mean, I didn’t tell my mom for example. – When I told my parents, I
had been in for about a month and I told them and
disappointment probably wouldn’t have even
summed up their feelings. Honestly. – I’ve had two family
members try to undermine me and throw me under the bus
or turn me in to the police. When in fact, the law is just ridiculous. What two people do in consensual, in the privacy of their own home, is really not the government’s business. – There’s a lot of guys
that were able to get their needs fulfilled. I was like, “I can punch you in the face “for $100, what the fuck you mean?” (laughing) – I fuckin’ love her, yo. Like, I fuckin’ love her. – I think there are some
people that are just exploring their, like, desires. And they’re just exploring them through whatever feels good and like,
I think it just feels good. Like, when you like feet that much, you’re getting slapped by ’em. Must be some type of arousing thing. – Americans are sexually retarded. The only industrialized
country that doesn’t have a set way that they teach
children and young adults about sex. I know I didn’t know much about it. I had to figure everything out for myself. I didn’t even really realize
there was a difference between how men have sex
and how women have sex. I didn’t know there
was a female experience until I started reading, when
I started getting this job. – What is the highest sum
that you’ve ever gotten for? – I think 50 bucks all at once. – 50 bucks for what? – I think the guy wanted
to watch me jerk off. It’s always guys. No, not really. No, not that I could– Not that I could think of. – Porn does not create a
realistic image of sex. It’s very much that hyper sexual fantasy. – Oh yeah, I tell them,
“Okay you go try that. “Right now. “If it’s the easiest job in the world, “why aren’t you doing it?” – Yes, it’s very hard work. It’s hard because you have
to be a small business owner. You have to be self employed. Balancing the energy exchange
that comes with people. A lot of people are very
needy and they drain you. – You’re dealing with a lot. Like, it’s not like,
you’re not being praised for what you’re doing all the time. People shit on you because
of what you’re doing and you’re like, “Well
I love what I’m doing.” Fuck yeah, there is. There’s a lot of shaming in it. And even in like relationships, I’ve been shamed for
being in an relationship with someone while I’m
doing porn and I’m like, “Well that’s your
choice, to each his own.” – What kind of stuff do you do? – I do straight porn. – Straight. Just–
– Me and a girl. – Yeah. – Me and multiple girls.
– Yeah. We should like get coffee. I would love to ask you like
a million more questions. Like I really would. – What I like most about my job is, it being a catalyst for self improvement. Giving me flexibility
with my time so that I can focus on my artwork, and, things that I love to do. – Well you know, you can just pick it up for a couple minutes here and there, whenever you have time and, check in, see how it goes, and, you know, some days it’s kind of busy
and some days it’s not. – I mean, I personally, I
enjoy watching people have sex. I also enjoy people watching me have sex. So, it’s like, why not
make profit off of it? – I think this is a healing art, in its highest form. People come and they get healed. – There’s a lot of people in
my profession, clients that are healing from some
type of traumatic event, whether it be like sexual
trauma or physical trauma or just emotional trauma. The BDSM kind of helps them explore that in a way that’s in their
control and that’s pretty cool. Yeah, I guess. – I definitely feel
like porn helps people. I definitely feel like sex works people. I feel like it’s a
natural part of society, and we have a very media-based society, so it makes sense that it would come, sex work would come in the form of video and streaming. – Yeah, I mean you feel like you’re doing some good for some people. Yeah, make a couple bucks at it and, yeah. Maybe that does some good somehow. (slow music)

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  1. I really love these videos. I’m 45 now, but 20 years ago I was an escort for a year…and most people assumed that I was forced into it, but I did it because it made me feel attractive and I never felt attractive to anyone. About 90% of my clients were very respectful and sweet…and the other 10%, I just never got together with them again. About 40% of them just wanted someone to spend the night with them, go to dinner, and/or just have someone sleep next to them for the night. It was VERY different from what I thought it was before I started doing it…and VERY different from what the lay person thought it would be like.

  2. I just don't understand. With all these young gorgeous girls working in the escort industry, who would pay money to have sex with a 55 yo woman? Wich she also doesn't look like a hot milf or something, but more like a regular someone's aunt.

  3. I feel really sorry for Arya Fae. I think she needs to get out of the industry as soon as possible before worse things happen to her.

  4. "The world has changed" now its normal to say shit things and do shit things… No respect nothing
    But i bet they cant sleep will and act like normal person because this is aint right its sickness that consumes the soules but thats not what kills me. Its just that thing have serious Consequences on our minds. And its not a joke being psychopath. So Miserable girl lost the track if only she could merry but i dont know if she cares about money or anything she's just could have a rich husband but no hes not her type but in porn all men are of her type ppl…… Please wake up and see the truth its against human nature
    "jesus help us
    Muhammed aid us
    And anyone just…. ?

  5. I would still date arya fae, like if you do.

    Just for the sexual experience only. Don't get me wrong, she is the perfect example of a partner, but nobody can accept a dirty violated whore

  6. anybody know where I can find the older black lady that participated in one of these episodes and says "you are filthy as fuck" ? Thanks in advance

  7. Where’s the loyalty tho…when you in a relationship and doing porn? ?damn what has this world become.??‍♀️

  8. These. Folks. Are. Radical. Sex workers get to view an aspect of the human experience in a professional way that many of us will never get to, that perspective is so fascinating and important to discuss.

  9. I’m not trying to be mean but I’m just asking how it’s hard to fuck people.. that’s easier than 98% of common everyday jobs.

  10. Let’s all agree 90% of men that watched this looked up Arya fae and um……….. they had a little session lol btw she is so gorgeous

  11. Some really fucked up people are here talking shit about sex worker like they’re not working hard. Really? After this whole video you haven’t learned anything?

  12. I just…..hands down peeps. Mad respect. Just because people have the jobs they do, doesn't mean that sums them up.

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