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– Oh snap! – Do you wanna do it again? – Oh my god! Sex worker. He liked that way too much. My name is Ilah Dizon and I am
a full-time student and mom. (whistles) (laughs) Someone who… sells their body for, you know, money. (laughs) – Nothing’s gonna offend any of us. – Oh god. My heart’s racing. Oh god, this could be
one of those plot twists. I think he works at REI but he could be the freaky one on camera. – I could do both. – You know, strap on. (laughs) Not a sex worker. I’m gonna regret that, I feel like it. This guy probably worked
at Abercrombie & Fitch. (laughs) Like straight up, or Zumiez, either one. He’s got the chesticles going on too. – Chesticles? – Might be the sex worker. Can you take off the garment? Oh my god. There’s a lot of hair! (laughs)
– A lot of hair? – I’m just censoring the nipples. Yeah, that’s kinda looks like a porn body. He can put his shirt back on if he wants. His nipples are staring at me. (laughs) Gonna poke an eye out. Oh my god! Weapon of choice? – I’ll take this. – The way he’s enjoying that
he’s like, “Yeah, that’s good.” Oh my god. (laughs) He’s a sex worker! Oh yeah. Probably got a little freak. Banana. Banana! Summon the banana. Eat it as sensually as you can. – Can we get a better view of this? – Oh! Yes, I think she’s a sex worker. Come here, girl. Pretty sure our Asian
parents wouldn’t approve. (laughs) Not a sex worker! Yes. Because she’s Filipino. Ooh, what color is that? – Unicorn blood. – Oh. Okay. Oh, snap! – Do you wanna do it again? – Oh my god! See! Sex worker. He liked that way too much. Okay, I’m thinking of Julia
Roberts in Pretty Woman. – Oh my god. – The long sock and the
short shorts, maybe. And then the whole crop top,
but then you’re covering it with a sweater, so you’re like
“I’m a little bit of a freak, but you can still take me home to Mom.” (laughs) I don’t know, so. – I have tattoos, too. – She’s got tattoos. – I actually have a big ass tattoo here. – Oh. Not sex worker, not sex worker. She’s just trying to throw me off. – Alright, fine. – Girl, you wear Skechers. – I don’t think they’re Skechers,
I don’t know what the fuck they’re called, they’re like hiking boots. They match my husband’s though so, we like to match. – There she goes. Not sex worker. – Because she got a husband. – You don’t think sex
workers can have partners? Or like families? Or like lives? – Okay, now she’s making me think she is! I don’t know, man. The Skechers are throwing me off. – They’re not fucking Skechers! (laughs) – Not. – Alright. – Eat it seductively. – Alright. – I don’t know. For some reason, the way she’s
unwrapping it kinda just… (laughs) No! I know that’s not the face you use. Not sex worker. Girl… Don’t be coming out here like that. (laughs) Shoot, man. I don’t know, girl. She’s wearing one of those corset bras. The way you’re raising your eyebrows, man. Not a sex worker. I’m wrong on everyone, I know it. Very bad. I pretty much pointed
everyone out as a sex worker. Everyone’s in sex. I knew it! (laughs) Oh my god! Who did I get right? – Five. Half of us. – 50/50. Jesus Christ. What did I fricking say? – REI. – I knew it! I said I was gonna regret this. – I wouldn’t guess me either,
I’d guess you if I was… (laughs) – What do you do? – I’m an internet man prostitute. – Fricking. – You can’t forget the internet. – If you’re masturbating
for free, you just- – Exactly! – You’re just wasting money. – Interesting. – It’s just money down the
drain, literally down the drain. – Yeah. Freakin’ knew it. – You were dead on. – I was spot on. – Yeah, you got my profession too. – What did I say? – Are you intimidated by
standing next to a porn star? – Yeah. – You’re covering yourself. – Yeah, I’m like “Oh my gosh!” Weirdest thing you’ve done? – I’ll tell you the grossest thing. That didn’t even faze me. – Okay. – If a girl is on her period, they put makeup sponges up there. – Makeup sponges?
– So that they can work. And sometimes they get stuck
and so I had to help her take it out and when I pulled it out the most blood I’ve ever
seen come out of a vagina, came out right then on the couch and then I was like,
“Alright! Well, let’s go work. Let’s get you a new sponge.” – Wow. Yeah. We’re good. I knew it though. Called it. – I was impressed. – I fricking called it. Wait, what do you do? – I’m an escort. – When did you know you
wanted to become an escort? When were you like, “Yeah!” – When I turned 50. – When you turned 15? – 50. – 50! Do you work just by yourself
or do you work through someone? A company? – I work by myself on the internet. I put up a couple of ads a year. If you do duos then you
can work with other people. But I never was lesbian and
I never had lesbian sex until I was isolated at home and
I didn’t get to know anybody and so I started with transgender women and then I thought, “Well,
what’s the difference?” And so I started doing
duos and now I get to work with women occasionally. – Do you enjoy what you do? – Well, it is work but it is
the best job I’ve ever had. – Thank you so much. (laughs) – I’m not contagious. – Oh no! I didn’t think… What do you do? – I’m a porn star. – Freaking A. – What kind of porn have you watched? – The spectrum. – So you watch porn? – Yeah, everyone… – Do you like the really crazy shit? Do you like the kinky shit? Do you like the really
artistically, cinematic shit? – Girl on girl strap on. – Girl on girl strap… It’s fun. It’s really weird, once
you put a strap on on you think, “Why are guys so
vulgar with their dicks?” But then you get one and you’re like, “Oh, haha. Suck my dick!” (laughs) – Hello. – Hi. – You guessed wrong. – I did guess wrong. – I do dominatrix work mostly. – She’s a dominatrix. Freakiest thing you’ve ever done? – I do a lot of weird stuff,
a lot of fetish stuff. Like mostly feet stuff. – Feet? – I wear a size 13, so
people are just like, “Yeah!” – Oh, damn! Did anything I say offend you? – Why would you ask me that? – I don’t know, I feel bad! – Why would you feel bad? – I don’t know…
– Get over yourself. It’s only you that feels that way. I don’t think anybody here is offended. – Nice to meet you. – Nice meeting you too. – Yes, yes I did. Most of my assumptions were bogus. Everyone’s got their own thing and there’s nothing to be ashamed about and so I guess it’s a
compliment that someone thought I was a hooker. That means that I look
good enough to be one! These people are fine. Thank you everybody. I want a hug. I want a group hug. – Are you for real? – Yeah, I’m legit. (cheering) This was nice. I feel so bad. (laughs)

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