Guarantee of Profit class 12 ( partnership ) by Santosh kumar(CA/CMA)

Guarantee of Profit  class 12  ( partnership ) by Santosh kumar(CA/CMA)

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  1. Really appreciable….,, great sir…….the u teach it doesn't feel like I'm studying it virtually……. it feels as if I'm sitting in class and studying……became a fan of u sir great going sir..,.😊😊😊😀😀😀

  2. Sir yrrr classes kharidnai ke paise nhi hai. Nahi tution janai ke. Bass net mushkil se chalata hu 2G aapki videos ke liyea he. Aur AAP aadhai chapters upload krtai ho. Sir yrr please. I beg uh. Class 12th ke sarai full videos upload krdo. Plsss sir. Bheekh mangta hu mai aapsai Sir

  3. Sir you teach very well. I never thought accountancy can be this much easy to understand. Thank you so much sir 😀

  4. Sir why new admitted partner who is guaranteed minimum profit of 200000 for the year is credited with the amount 220000 which includes his share of loss 20000 and his guaranteed profit 200000.and loss for the year were 1000000 for the firm. In books it was written that he was credited with 220000 because his share of loss debited to his capital account.

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