GTA Online: The Diamond Casino & Resort

GTA Online: The Diamond Casino & Resort

Finally open for business. Premium grade, utterly unique luxury. A wonderful place to relax and entertain. This is Mr. Chang, our owner. Tommy boy! Eh, Mr. Chang. I’m gonna lay my cards on the table. You’re going to sell us your casino. They want to buy this place… But first they mean to destroy it. Do I look like I make appointments, bro? I am the appointment! Champagne anyone?

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  1. They should make a GTA Mexico City, many Mexicans dream about it, with everything that Mexico has and That is for Android, Pc and PS4

  2. And when you do band people give him a warning to stop before you been like give him a chance to correct yourself

  3. Over 50 Countries can't play casino games because there is no casino in these countries but all countries have access to Strip Club…. WOW!

  4. Hi Rockstar
    Please fix the problem of ( the future is not available for you ) , what we have done to u i love GTA when i was a child and I can’t play in your new update because tradition come on please we so sad that is black point on u Rockstar
    Love u fix it please

  5. So no update still as of August 28, 2019. No I’m a little irritated not made or angry and not one of those fortnight kids who thinks I need a new update (skin) ever month. I am willing to wait for high quality content but u gave us some wat of a release schedule either give us a date or tell we need some more time just tell us something. This isn’t 2013-2016 were u can keep us in the dark and in the end expect great results just say something (look at anthem). But I’m sure once y’all finally release it that it will have good content right well at this point time will tell. In short just give us a response stop keeping us in the dark its 2019 not 2012.

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