Growing Your Pet Sitting Business

Growing Your Pet Sitting Business

Hey everybody, Mike Linville
here from Black Dog Education where we teach small business owners how to build, maintain,
and market their own fully search engine optimized website and I’m glad you’re here. Now today
in this video what we’re going to be talking about is probably one my favorite topics.
We’re going to be talking about business strategies and more specifically we’re talking about
business growth. Now you know when we talk about growing or expanding a business know
there are literally millions of different campaigns that you could run in order to try
to make more money or expand the reach of your business but all of those campaigns when
we really kind of break it down and think about it they fall into one of three different
categories. The first category is getting more customers. We know that from our state
of the industry, pet sitter state of the industry report from pet sitter marketing that the
average pet sitter makes about $40,000 year and does about 2200 sits a year. So if I’m
the average pet sitter and I wanted him to increase my revenue by 25% because I wanted
a new car or something or maybe I just want to grow my business, then I need to increase
my sits by 25% and can do that by getting more customers, you know that’s probably the
first thing most people think of when they think about wanting to grow their business
any more people interestingly enough that’s actually the most expensive way to grow your
business. When we come back to look at the numbers and the reason is is because a lot
of times it’s not just about getting in front of people because people don’t always buy
100% of the time when you’re sitting in front of them. You have to woo them you have to
romance them a little bit. You have to give them a couple of Flyers, meet them at a networking
event, come up in conversation, or be a referral from somebody else, so there’s a lot of time
that goes into doing this. Now that’s not to say that you shouldn’t be doing that but
what I suggest to my clients is this may not be the first place we go are look when we
start talking about growing your business or generating a little bit of revenue. So
number one, strategy number one, get more customers pretty self-explanatory I think.
Now the second way we can grow our business is if we actually start marketing to our existing
customer base and what I would do is actually sell more products to our existing customers.
We already know us and they like us they trust us with their pets so why would we not be
able to sell them more stuff. Now I’m not saying to come at them and try to sell them
sham-wows or Girl Scout cookies or something completely unrelated. I’m saying let’s take
a look at your product offering and see if there isn’t something else that you can add.
Another product, another service that is beneficial and goes hand-in-hand with this stuff. I’m
thinking like a pet taxi service or something. If you go do sitting you know maybe nail clipping.
Maybe you can take pets to their vet appointments or to the groomer or something like that but
you know if we look at our average ticket for each pet sit the average pet sit’s like
$19 or $20 something like that if we can grow that by adding these additional services not
everybody’s going to buy but if our average ticket goes up by two dollars maybe by 10%
you just increase to 10% of your revenue for the year by 10% so that’s a good way to do
it strategy number 2 which is to add additional products or services and sell those to your
existing customers now the third way that we can do this is to actually sell more often
to our existing customers so if you take a look at your customers lifecycle, every customer
is going to be a little bit different, but on average your customers may come in every
two weeks or three weeks. As a web developer I know my customer lifecycle is seven months.
On average I get my customers coming back every seven months for changes, for maintenance,
graphical redesigns, new additions whatever the case maybe. Yours is going to be shorter
as a pet sitter but that’s okay so I would say for example maybe your customers come
to you once every three weeks, now another way we can increase your business is to shrink
that three-week time time window down to about two and a half weeks or two weeks or whatever
the case may be. But if you can get them to buy more often that means there’s more purchasing
opportunities throughout the year. One of my favorite ways to do this is to come up
with package deals. You can come up with a package deal and give them a discount or a
time frame when they had used by and that works out great. Give them a little bit of
education and explain to people why their dogs should be walked more often or what the
benefit is that having you come to their house a little bit more frequently than what they’re
used to, come up with a package you can even discount it a little bit but if you get people
to buy a 20% more often and you give them a 10% discount you’re still 10% ahead of the
game. So there’s those three strategies that you can use to grow your business and you
can use those today. So number one, most expensive, get more customers, number two get your existing
customers to buy more from you to increase their average ticket price or the third thing
is to get your existing customers to buy more often. And that’s all there is to it so on
behalf of Black Dog education and Pet Sitter Marketing I wanna say thank you for stopping
by, now make sure to check out Pet Sitter Marketing on Facebook for more news, information,
and tips feature you’ll need to jumpstart your pet sitting business. Again this is Mike
Linville of Black Dog Education saying thank you, and happy sitting. }

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