Grigorii Aleksandrov. Happy-Go-Lucky Fellows (1934)

Grigorii Aleksandrov. Happy-Go-Lucky Fellows (1934)

The Friendship Musical Collective What are you playing? That’s not me. I can’t rehearse under these conditions! It knocks me off rhythm. It’s from the other room. Hey, you! Can’t you play any quieter? We can’t get any work done! You guys keep practicing, and I’ll
go complain to the commandant [superintendent]. Okay, okay, let’s start rehearsing. That’s not how to play that phrase. No, that’s how you play it. He’s right.
No, he’s not. He’s right!
He’s wrong! This is how you play the phrase. No, not like that! Oh, is that what you think? Hey, you keep playing, just keep your hands to yourself! Comrade commandant, we’re artistic workers,
we need dead silence. But the devil knows what’s going on
over our heads! Noise, ba-da-boom, you need to take
energetic measures, comrade commandant. You need to pay attention to what’s going on. The devil knows what’s happening. That’s how you’re supposed to play it! You take a close look at this depravity,
comrade commandant. I don’t think that it’s here. I think it’s next door. Is that coming from your place,
Comrade Potekhin? Oh, comrade commandant,
we’re artistic workers.

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