Grey Shades Fellowship

My interaction has been increased I have an experienced a change in my thinking I don’t think from a single perspective rather have different perspectives I engage with a lot of people I used to think there are only certain kind of people No, you will meet people who are not good but you definitely meet people who are really good It is just, we should not ..go after the age Still, we can do a lot for society In many ways… actually I am regular now and mind free or & dynamic I feel after the lectures Another thing is I believe… with Grey Shades That they have made an assembly of senior citizens My wife, my children, ..My grandchildren Additions to this at least for some time, we should think of ourself and Grey Shades is giving that platform to us where we do so many things for ourselves This is a platform Where we express ourselves Even if our children don’t listen to us But Grey Shades will listen to us So..I appeal to everyone It is very good program.

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