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  2. im in the very begging of creating a company that uses 3D printing synthetic biology and the theroy of telekinesis to ultimately have a application on a cellphone that syncs up to the human brain remotely,.. so that we as humans in order to survive a major global catastrophe all we would need to do is breath air and those molocules would be transformed into sustance molecules. in the actual case of food and fresh water scarcity.

  3. London yeah yeah like Fleet Street that's in London
    Be sure and drop by Benjamin Franklin's authentic historic home site ask about the buried bodies that they found while redoing the plumbing you know the ones that had all the saw marks on the bones of the children that were buried under his house London great culture create a group of people love it absolutely love London love it such an abundance of culture culture culture like the kind you scrape out of the corners of your mouth when you're really thirsty or you need to take a s***

  4. Imagine picking up a Neanderthal Chick…"You. Me. Sex" …Done! Times was easier back then….lol

  5. When my son was 5 yrs old he as in my car staring at the sky with an expression on his face as if he was trying to figure something out..when i asked him what he was thinking about, he replied..while rubbing his chin and having facial expression as if trying to solve a hard puzzle….. "I'm wondering…do we really exist, or are we just Gods dream?" I was blown away by this from a little boy just turned 5 yrs. When he was 3yrs… and misbehaving I gave him..for the first time a tiny slap in his rear end to which he indignantly & shocked stood back from me one arm outstretched shaking his finger saying "mommy, that is NOT love!" I felt reprimanded by a 3 yr old. At 3 also he told me very matter of factly that God was not a 'He'. He said mom stop saying God is a he!!! God is a woman so you should say 'she'. Everyone knows that mom!! He then looked at me with his head leaning to one side as if to say 'poor mom, she doesn't know much yet.' I often felt I had a son who was an old soul returned to earth even tho I didn't believe in reincarnation fully until 18 yrs later. Other people have said he was like an old soul in his early years. He often had a piercing look when he would meet some people. When he was only 1 and half a middle aged man said he felt as if my child could see into his soul when he looked at him, he said he felt this child was a very old soul. I didn't believe in reincarnation until 18 yrs ago. I think the stimulation idea is very possible. Great interview.

  6. Purist , thats my answer. I am a programmer. If we let nouro-link be implemented publiclly . then we get addicted and have no control and Loss our conciouseness. WE LOSS FREE WILL. Next stop is linking up with IBM -Watson? Merging with AI . Is this the purpuse of us?

  7. I used to like this guy Gregg but more I listen to him the more he sounds globalist and his agenda is one world government hiding it in a word "cooperation".

  8. Love your Show, Greg is one of my sources of light, when you have a chance invite Dolores Cannon to your Show, blessings to you and your show.

  9. We are evolving and raising our consciousness. Has anyone noticed people are getting old fast? It’s because time is getting faster as we move into 4th and 5th dimensions. If you’re not evolving then you’re a cyborg. 😄

  10. Not to take away from how awesome your show is! But you remind me a lot of Jake Peralta's dad in Brooklyn 99 lol, keep the awesome content coming!

  11. Technology as it is used nowadays is making us weak and stupid and sick. Who profits? The corporations who sell that. Internet: great! But we have to make a choice…

  12. hes missing the fact "God" is the creator how can you can open your mind to anything but not the idea of the highest? why is it so fantastical ??

  13. I wish i could tell Gregg Braden read this book. "The Divine Order and the Universe"
    The Book that has been awaited for 54 years is now finally published. The spiritual communiques, issued from the Plan of Sublime Duty and named 'Onder [Pioneer]' in 1959, were compiled by Bedri Ruhselman. Since then they have been preserved in the safes of notaries and banks. Now that their time has arrived after 54 years, they have now been published. The book in your hands is the faithfully translated version of the original Turkish text. In The Divine Order and The Universe you will find: * The unending rain of knowledge starting from spirit and matter… * The true comprehension of love; the advance from love towards the essence… * Discovering existential freedom and planetary awakening… * The implications of global warming, floods and earthquakes… * The lessons we learn from natural events… * Spiritual preparation through predicted facts about inevitable natural events…

  14. Darwin did not say nature is based upon conflict – he said competition and it was about the environment. What humans do to get into conflict or for why they do is totally different. Corporation in harmony does not always happen in the rest of the natural world for God sake how can anyone start to take this guy seriously when he makes such simpleton comments to get his point across – it’s all wrapping and ribbons, hot air and fairy balloons.

  15. Of course we know corporation works best absolutely – but the reasons for why we’re not doing it have nothing to do with our wrong ideas about science – new science also realises that our behaviour is not about thinking it’s about the subconscious who is this guy

  16. Can I get scholarship in studying with that sir I am 18 yr old from ph and I am fascinating with information with the world.
    I wanna learn more and more about this life I love history about the world and I dont know 🙏🙏 I need to learn more and more and more I am now knowing myself but I am not really focus on it because of my environment 🙏🙏 namaste

  17. Excellent ! So clear on the consciousness and the multiple realities that is looking back on itself from itself. Great sharing on some of theses quantum perspectives. We are more advanced then most techknowlgies known and unknown. This is here now and has always been. Thank you Gregg. Brilliant!

  18. Thank you 🙂 if you ever want to have me on your show, let me know 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

  19. Maybe we are here to elevate our consciousness to a state of pure love so we can be allowed to enter on Heaven idk, but it makes sense with the evidence of the abilities we were gifted with

  20. Wao amazing work. Thanku for sharing such kind of Great people's knowledge with us.. Its really the world of full of learning and hope we are always something more to go.. ❤️

  21. The gentleman’s position is interesting, but no less speculative than any other theory out there. My concern is his misrepresentations on evolution, science, and even Elon Musk’s position on AI. Do your own review of the issues; if you come to the same conclusions more power to you😎

  22. Why can't the scientist's just agree that the 3rd option is when the Sumerian Gods spliced their DNA with the Neanderthals DNA and created us! It's not hard is it ffs!!

  23. The way Gregg covers even the least uplifting information backed up with science and spirituality is admirable. The epiphany of our consciousness was always to love nature and humanity by the way it was designed. We have to remove/be aware of the blockages designed to keep us in fear – this aids Darwin’s theory for the small percentage to survive. Darwin’s theory is cruel and far from our heart center as humans.

  24. I love your work at London real, greg braden is an enlightened man I'm very grateful to your platform for sharing these truths on sience, concioussness ect. There is someone by the name steven greer you need to get on the show. He is the man behind nation press club event 2001, unacknowledged, Sirius and many others. I understand the stigma but I know what he is saying is true because I practice ce5 most clear nights and have seen amazing things because of it. My understanding of life and the universe can never be the same again. Getting the message out in a peaceful way is how our civilisation can move forward with peace and freedom. Please excuse the spelling. Thankyou Namaste

  25. More people more evolutionary cooperation.
    More communication, the better

    Abortion means less people or static population growth
    Leftist's anti free speech is less communication or no communication at all.

  26. Science can never ever explain our existence. Read the book of Isaiah 55; 8-9. Instead of wasting our time on science to explain how we came into being, rather spend time in getting closser to God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. They will give you the best answer as to why we exist. Chasing science for answers is like following the wind. Accept Christ Jesus as your Lord and personal saviour and u will have all the answers to your unanswered questions. God bless you all.

  27. I really enjoy what he has to say but just once I'd like to see people that are spiritual minded to stop and make a preface. Simply stated, I realize I have to make money and I will shamelessly plug my workshops and books throughout this news designed format so that I may get the word out to those that may benefit and raise human consciousness. That's it!

  28. Thank God for Gregg Braden. I freaking love the guy and have for years. We NEED him and the ideas and info he’s shared. He has accelerated my consciousness and understanding of the world in the right direction perhaps more than any other individual of our time, and we could really change the world if more and more people heard him speak. I highly recommend anyone to check out his “Lost Mode of Prayer” series on youtube. Or his talks on cymatics, or anything of his, really. Thank you so much Gregg, on behalf of all humanity 🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️✨

  29. This guy is means well but he is not factual in his research. Humans evolved and there is overwhelming evidence supporting this fact. Darwin's discoveries and the field of biological evolution is irrefutable just like the laws of gravity and electricity. The understanding in these fields continue to grow but the basic principles are irrefutable.

    He is not a trained scientist. He has no authority when speaking on Evolution. In another time this dude would be selling Mood Rings and Healing Crystals.

    Gregg Braden (born June 28, 1954)[citation needed] is an American author of New Age literature, who wrote about the 2012 phenomenon and became noted for his claim that the magnetic polarity of the earth was about to reverse.[1][2][3] Braden argued that the change in the earth's magnetic field might have effects on human DNA.[4] He has also argued that human emotions affect DNA and that collective prayer may have healing physical effects.[5][6] He has published many books through the Hay House publishing house. In 2009, his book Fractal Time was on the bestseller list of The New York Times.[7]

  30. 17:46 "We are living in a simulated or virtual reality" — Dude the Matrix movie covered this 20 years ago. Get some new material. It is insulting to for this quack to think so highly of himself that he thinks he can speak for the entire scientific community.

  31. 24:02 "No other form of life"…..dude this is not knew material. It is well understood that we humanoids on the only sentient beings on earth, so far as we know. Dolphins actually have a more diverse language than us but they don't have opposing thumbs. They too sharing a very large brain to body mass ratio. Consciousness comes from an evolving brain mass, which came from a protein rich diet. Child labor comes from the mother having to pass such a tremendously large head through a narrow birth canal. No other mammal suffers such and excruciating birth as humanoids, with 1 in three infants and their mothers dying in child birth before modern medicine. You would not be postulating on man's purpose and creation theories without standing on the shoulders of countless generations of dirty cave dwelling monkeys (Evolution you so carelessly dismiss).

  32. Gregg really knows his stuff. And he doesn’t take himself too seriously. I was at a retreat recently with him, Dr Joe, and some others in Sedona. People used to joke that at the end of the world there would still be cockroaches and Cher. This time a guy joked that there would still be Gregg Braden’s hair. 👍😂😃💥🙏

  33. Why is it that humans think they are the only species of Mother Earth that has free will and the ability to choose change through acts of consciousness? For example in this video we are the only species who can choose to self empower, to self heal, to change our genes. May we think alternatively, it is possible the human Ego, the container within the restricted "flawed design" container is judging the world from that flawed design or at least limited conscious construct? It may just be possible that other animals, insects and plants are already operating in the greater Mother Earth field of consciousness beyond what humans judge as instinct. Consider an insect that grows another leg when one is torn off. Do we as humans know that the insect has not intentioned the rejuvenation to happen. We as basic Egoist power oriented humans assume that the insect doesn't "know" that it needs to grow another leg – just as some years ago scientists thought that chimpanzees and humans nearest primate kin didn't have intentional communication – i.e. dialect – nor singing capability. Now scientists have come to understand cultural evolution transfers adaptive traits from environmental transference as well as genetic inheritance. Understands and evidences communication and dialect has evolved or is related to first primate mother calls to their offspring to communicate – now understands repetitive and shared sound patterns from animals emirate a consistent replication or similarity to "songs". Don't be fooled. Humans have created a platform of science based on the reductionist knowledge point of their ego or intellectual "facts agreed" to position a shared reality and consensual belief system of "as it is". But all of their knowledge base is derived from the same "creative mind" or other brain paradigm where thought and introspection mixes with imagination and constructs pictures, elements of reality explanations based on mythic, symbolic and already existing conditions or social belief systems. For example – despite creationist denial – the same scientific platform is built on early creationist theories that they then deny in a superiority assertion. Charles Darwin's theory of evolution depicted as the breakthrough truth of our civilisation is indeed sourced mostly from his creationist ancestors, Grandfather and Uncle – then taken and another slant of perspective placed upon in alignment with prevailing theories of the time. Society has based science on the very platform it then denies as pseudoscience or mythology – and that is what dwells in our ancient linear past – yet non linear is perhaps not so distant and not so primitive after all. Can a pot sharing a fire stove with a kettle call the other anything but black?

  34. I agree with Gregg on his opinion on the Elon Musk idea of implanting chips in to the brains of, whoever chooses to go down that road. The only real beneficiary would be Mr Musk. The ownership of the data within your own mind would become the property of his company. You would have the very content of you mind read and understood by a company.
    can anyone reading this say that they have not had a thought that they would rather keep to themselves. this thought would be known to the company and could be used against you.
    This is just one small thing in a myriad different things that could happen.
    Read the very fascinating book, (if you have not already done so), 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. Among others this book is an eye opener, a reality check that we should at least consider.

  35. If nature was a competition there would only be one animal per species, one bear one deer one human etc. Think about that my fellow citizens.🐍

  36. The external environment makes you choose, you have no choice. You are part of everything.

    Part of the ship part of the crew!


  38. IMHO, dependency on machines (not to be mistaken with tools) is not a part of our evolution or progression as a species. Machines are devices to throw us off our natural evolutionary path.

  39. So sick of you guys leaving out the truth about our mutated DNA & blood types….RgNegative's are not linked to anything science can explain…YOU know it and fail to shed light on it.

  40. I understand the apprehension Gregg has in vocalizing what he really believes. Presenting the information as – where science is today distances him from taking the heat on what is really transpiring. He will be viewed in the same league as David Icke. However, Its clear, and let me say it Gregg, Humans are fabricated and thus able to be manipulated remotely by Off planet life forms, lets say. We are inter dimensional beings experiencing life on the 3 rd dimension. Our counter parts have consciousness on the 4Th. Yes its a handful i know, and there is no way to sugar coat this, nevertheless its true. We must use our faculties to ignite our restricted DNA and download the divine knowledge. Believing this is not so, is the limiting factor that switches on and maintains human ignorance and throttles our potential. This is a unified field generated by consent that keeps all as slaves. Big words and a large task to over come. Not entertaining grande concepts is proof the brainwashing campaign of the powers that be bank on. Peace

  41. OK. I happen to agree with Greg Bradden in that Elon Musk’s idea of the Neural Chip in the brain – is a “less than stellar” idea for the reasons that someone can take control of your brain -maybe even just even going through EZ-Pass.
    (If you remember Orson Welles, 1984… that kind of concept humans getting numbers. It’s bern done in World Wars already.)

    However, I “disagree” with Greg — that Elon Musk “should or shouldn’t do this” and here’s why…

    1) Because “someone else” may not be in the US. “Someone Else” might be … the “same guys” who write the “RoboCall” that (probably illegally) scrape my phone records for the numbers I call — and mask yhe area code of the number I JUST CALLED – like 12 times a day. Maybe it’s the “same guys” that have “brought down” my computers and networks over the years for 5 days at a time — with their “ever-more-sophisticated” “virus play” from anywhere on the planet with the technology can do so…

    How do you “regulate” rogue Programmers who profit in fun, money and power on anything?? Just had my credit card intercepted at the gas pump a few months ago. Think they caught that guy?

    I feel strongly that we should “explore” Nueral Chip Technology — “consciously” & methodically as much as we explore Gene Modification. . Before anyone else does.

    Just like any good “patent” – you’re only as good as “fast” as you can go – and as “quick” snd “hard” as you can defend it.

    Likewise – it will only be as “good” as we understand – and as “quick” as we can develop ways to “defend” ourselves. Just like combating “computer viruses” today on our computer, we may indeed have to “combat” “bad neural implants”, and “people, companies, groups & even Nations” who usurp access to – our Own Brains!!… hello Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    I’d also like to propose a potential course if action.

    2) My suggested potential “course of action” — for the near future — would be the following:

    A) Begin developing Lobby Groups and Legal Representation Processes for this critical technological Development that truly could impact humans all over the planet.

    B) Develop a “global human” “Bill of Rights” and a “code of ethics” — that wed expect “technology developers” to follow regarding Neural Implant Technology — in order that we can take any “infringements” to the legal system (local, national, international) and be able to “[email protected] the issues that arise as a result. Also — develop “laws” against “infringement” so that ALL humans have the “right” to go after — perhaps not only in our country — and develop ratifications and open agreements through an open Wiki-Style communication website worldwide — in order to be able to “find, prosecute, and shut down individuals, groups and nations” — who would “violate human consciousness via technological means”.


    BTW Gregg is Amazing. I saw him in AZ last month and his new film it was so beautiful and groundbreaking in the effort to explain spirituality in a scientific way, oh – and a little tear jerking.

    I was honored & privileged to spend (almost) a week listening to Gregg along with Dr. Joe Dispenza present cutting edge scientific technology to change human consciousness and heal the human Psyche.

    A truly magical team.

  42. This guy is a trigger, I could, in fact, I am, listening to him and watching almost every video of him on here. I have this feeling like I'm finding and hearing questions that I'm asking myself, at various points in my life, but now it's beginning to have a meaning, and putting all in to context, I really appreciate that there are still people that are trying to help the rest of us open up our eyes and, at least, pause and think about deeper means, rather than material, self obsession. Thanks Gregg.

  43. Just an expansion to some theories of existence.: Just imagine what if we live inside a subatomic universe, which is inside a globe of not known size inside a computer controled by artifically created natural inteligence and "natural" natural inteligence (multiple species). In this way it can be both virtual and real, and maybe there is a device like in startrek that can convert matter to energy and back. A device like that I think can be used to enter and to exit that subatomic universe or multiverse. 😉

  44. Thank God to hear these words about protecting Humans by birth and conclusions from scientist as Gregg Braden. To safe future of Civilization is a way of God, leading to New road and New consciousness. We may have Haven on a Earth and free enters to another Worlds , in condition of Love even last worm on Plant.

  45. Hi, I have two remarks : Just what is natural evolution ? who can tell that nature does not evolve in big steps ? I perceive that along side humans, nature produced amazing other beings so miraculously adapted to their particular task in Gaia ( earth as a being) as humans. 2 – All ancient tradition tells us that our senses to perceive reality are limited, not that reality is a virtual simulation to prepare next level !? All ancient tradition tell us that we can expand our conscience, that is the metaphor of all the Avatars, die as separate being and be reborn as global conscience. Finally, and this is of course in my views, nature is competition and cooperation simultaneously. To state that competition is not a natural way is as limited as to exclude cooperation. For the simple fact that competition and cooperation is 2 sides of the same coin, one and the same thing. Anyway Thank you to raise this themes. Love and light !

  46. Bro you're transforming my mind as you work London real !!!Greg speaking on color and the mind somes up our problems in the western world its sucks that the normal everyday person will not get what you or Greg are coming from we truly need more of this everyday everywhere this is the sign that the creator is pushing us to be better were just letting our lower self control its sad but thanks Bryan its my goal to meet you and talk on your show I will make it happen non scripted and all I'm with you man all the way ,hey if you can tell greag fo tell the guys Bruce's and Joe keep it going there the light in life we need more lite !!!!!! Tony Robbins is great but you guys are so much different we need information on how much great we are and your rhe voices thanks Gods your the bests ps till we meet again

  47. Mind over matter. Show me your winning lotto ticket. Suddenly the bluff is called and the excuses and diversion starts to rain towards the one who asked.

  48. Everything that I learn in school useful is knowing how to read and write, the rest I won't even considered obsolete but hash wash garbage.
    It's time to learn the truth about life.

  49. Hmmmm.. Sort of like trying to chart a new reality (world) with a old map… Doesn't fit.. Mostly because in this new reality,there is no map..
    We have no reference points because we are experiencing and designing something that has never been done before..🌹

  50. thank you as I think the same but did not know to express it. Rudolf Steiner predicted this but believed we would have grown more spiritually by the year 2000.

  51. "the three possibilities" I feel is limited. what about the possibility of being created by another race of beings from another planet. Like Prometheus and the studies of Zackaria Stichen.

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