Greater Vancouver Fellowship Launch Party March 9, 2019

Greater Vancouver Fellowship Launch Party March 9, 2019

Hi, my name is Brendan And we have a message for you if you you’re involved with St John Ambulance Maybe you’ve been a cadet a first aid volunteer a therapy dog handler a committee member a volunteer of another kind Maybe you’re still involved You may be past the point of active volunteer service looking to reconnect or just find a new way to contribute to the mission St. John’s now here for you, too. The John Ambulance Greater Vancouver fellowship is a new initiative to bring together old comrades and new friends so Please join us on march 9th for our official launch party. The night will feature live music and fabulous desserts by the water You’ll not only have the opportunity to learn more about the fellowship but find out how you can get involved in its growth and development right from the start Whether you want to remain in contact with former colleagues continue serving St John or forge new connections with fellowship members around the globe the Greater, Vancouver Fellowship has a place for you and you can continue to earn volunteer hours while you’re at it So come out on March 9th and help us form this new initiative into the one you’ve always been missing. Ticket sales closed on February 25th. So click the link to book your tickets through our launch today and consider registering for the fellowship

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