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Number one most important thing in my life is not my wife not my kids and not my business It’s me as a spiritually in it The work is a gift from God I Don’t want to hustle I want to prosper how much can you get done with time that is what a business is My life is about punching kind of like life did to me I’ve learned to punch back My dad died when I was 10, so when you don’t have a father I think it changes things For 10 years, I used drugs almost every day Nobody starts using drugs thinking I’m gonna be a drug addict. I just threw my addiction into work You’re gonna burn out dude at this pace you’re gonna burn out I’ve heard this a thousand times. I’m not burn out Poor people are extremely selfish people you’re thinking about yourself all the time. I Want money, I want a lot of money. I want to give money away You can’t do that if you’re broke, you know, I want to love my wife and I want to love the planet I want to scale my love Best investment you’ll ever make us in yourself. You can’t lose that investment They say that the human race is doomed that we have lost touch with our true nature That the media has corrupted us and that the planet has the future. I Disagree I believe that humanity is full of hope and that our salvation Lies within each one of us My name is Brian rose and my job is to listen the oldest method of learning known to man Each week I seek out individuals that are changing the world people who are living and thinking in a different way their stories will challenge your beliefs make you question your choices and perhaps inspire you to change I Never planned on doing any of this but now I can’t stop Join me on this mission and make humanity something we can all be proud of It’s time for you to man up to once and for all Tell you mine who the fuck this boss. I need a fucking answer. What’s it gonna be? I Don’t know what it is about this fucking sport but it attracts people that really need to do deep work on themselves I Failed in the city All these bad memories. I never really felt like I gave a fuck about me or my life. I Almost killed myself like Think about something that is going to drive you when it really hurts some kind of demon you want to fight This is not pussy man, this is Iron Man Under pressure reveals true character. What are you gonna do? I’m gonna be in Chattanooga May 20 at the woods Let’s face it Grant Cardone is larger than life, you know him as the slick-talking American sales guy who drives around in his Bentley flies in his corporate jet and amasses as much real estate as possible sell or be sold the 10x rule This is the grant you know, and the one I thought I knew but there’s more to this man. There’s a spiritual side There’s even a dark side. He was addicted to drugs for over Ten years lost his dad when he was 10 years old and his brother even years later and now he’s here to make as much impact on the world in all aspects of his life He wants you to 10x your life your business go into your fears. Stop telling yourself the same old stories You’ve got a bad relationship with money. You’ve got bad self-esteem And again, you’ve got a wrong narrative Brant was not what I expected but I was extremely intrigued and impressed by everything he’s doing he was in London because he wants to meet more people he wants to go around and touch the world and I think we’re gonna see a lot more from a grant cardone and Inside London real Academy. I’m pushing you to go into your fear as well because on our business accelerator I guarantee a revenue generating business from you within eight weeks start with your passion and turn it into a Business just like I did with London real we are closing this thing out soon And this is a little bit more about the London real Academy London real doesn’t stop when the conversation ends. You see, that’s when we get started Because everything begins with a thought And then comes the action The London real Academy is our global transformation platform here. We bring together thousands of students from over 75 countries Whether you want to build a profitable business from your passion or learn to speak to inspire Or broadcast yourself with your very own podcast or accelerate your life to become a high-performance person We have the online accountability course and personal mentoring program. That will make your dream a reality Join us and we’ll take your life to the next level together Our next accelerator course is starting soon This is London real I am Brian rose My guest today is Grant Cardone the New York Times bestselling author sales training expert and motivational speaker on leadership real estate investing entrepreneurship and social media Originally from Louisiana you started from nothing and now have five privately held companies with annual revenues exceeding 100 million Last year Forbes magazine named you number one of the 25 marketing influencers to watch and you’re the author of five books Including Celebi sold the 10x rule and if you’re not first, you’re last grant. Welcome to London. Thank you so much for having me It’s awesome to have you here. It’s great to be in this room. Hey, thank you very much. How was London? Treatin you London what in London treating us as well as we treated it except for the casino which I lost 500 pounds pretty quick, but It’s been great, man. We’ve been to Harrods and staying down in a nice nice little spot. So the hotel is nice The people are great. I Hadn’t seen Harry yet, but I’ve been trying to find him on the streets Yeah, I heard you you’re putting him out about a Buckingham Palace. Yeah, and people went for it everything it Oh, yeah, I just started screaming out of my car Harry There’s Harry Harry siding, right my driver just lost it and he’s getting married this weekend. Yeah. Yeah, okay Yeah, so you’re stirring it up a little bit. Your girls are on London Tower Bridge. Yeah, Tower Bridge They called it London Bridge Tower Bridge. I don’t know where I am most the time So yeah, I think when they sold the old London Bridge to the Americans in Arizona, they thought it was the Tower Bridge Okay, pretty one. Okay. Yeah, so you’re liking it here. We’re loving it. Well, the weather’s been spectacular so it’s been great People are phenomenal. Really? Yeah friendly. Yeah, maybe maybe we’re friendly. Okay, no and then and then they respond in kind When you think of London when you’re in Miami, like what do you usually think about British European? Is it a different mentality? Yeah Americans. Yeah, I think I think conservative polite manners proper all the things that I’m basically not You know that that I even wonder why will I fit in there, you know, will they you know? will they accept Who I am and but but I’ve had the same problem and where I live like like those things those Social, you know expectations have not That I don’t have manners but but the social norms like fitting into something, you know my whole life I’ve struggled with fitting in and so, you know living there and come in here this is just like manners on steroids here proper on steroids, right like You have to be proper Right a gentleman and were you always that way just open book with it comes to your feelings and telling people what you thought I mean look my dad died when I was 10, so when you don’t have a father a male image there to like You know drop the belt because my dad was an enforcer and I think it changes things. You know my mom I remember after my dad died. My mom whipped me she brought out the belt and it was a joke It was hilarious. Like I’ll never be whipped again, right so you know, I was without direction and and You know I missed that that guy directed me being that mentor and and That strong You know, and then I had my mom just scared and trying to figure things out So you got a ten-year-old kid man a twin brother. So I I had a force we were a unit Would board school didn’t help Because my board and you you were born in Lake Charles, Louisiana little small town. Yeah Well, what is that like for people that had never been Louisiana that don’t know what what do they like down there? How would you explain it to? Prince Harry, you know Like what are the people I’d say Harry dude, like I took a clean canoe a little canoe down the bayous You know to go to school, you know, and he took a carriage so Now it’s at a little small town, you know, it’s it’s hot it’s it’s humid mosquitos roaches like I grew up, you know middle class I mean we had we had a roof and we had air-conditioned and we had heater and we had a car and we had bicycles, but we had fear there was tremendous fear in the environment constant fear worry about And this was it for a cycle. This was fur, you know from the age of 10 to Like when I left the house, okay constant fear the whole time fear of economics economic fear It was all economics the mechanics gonna take care take advantage of us The plumbers gonna take advantage of us the roofer like anything you didn’t want to spend money. Everything was conservation it really has built Who I am today because You know that the my dad died in February my mom sold the house by March So we had this beautiful house. My dad had finally made it fully into the middle class, maybe even upper-middle class 18 months after he bought his house his dream house He died 15 days later the house is sold because she couldn’t handle it. So at ten years old, I’m learning a house is the liability. I Didn’t know this would play out later, right? Yeah, but later on in my life, I would realize It would be another 20 years and I realized Oh a single-family home The front door just one door house is not an asset. It’s a liability. Okay. I want to talk on that Yeah, is that that money fear economic kind of prison in your brains? Is that endemic to Louisiana the South America tow all of America? Okay, living on the edge paycheck to paycheck I mean America America, you know, the movies act like a mirror all the Americans are rich and they’re all boisterous and they’re all secure Completely not true any more than all English people or have manners so The Americans are 76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck 64% of Americans that have businesses break even or lose money The the land of the brave and the home of the free that’s ours American anthem It’s not even close to the truth But most people are don’t have any money and if they have accepted the fact that they don’t have any money They don’t have any leftover money. They’re fearful of money constantly. They overspend they don’t know how to produce money They definitely don’t know how to multiply it Might be a world condition. Mmm because you know what? Everybody’s been telling me here is like do your your I said what country might describe it right here. Yeah Do you think the American kind of brashness comes from that underlying fear? No, I think that comes from the movies what most Americans are not brash, okay You know, I would be I would be my persona which is like who? I’ve just figured out how to get away with it Most Americans are not brash by any means. Okay, even you’re an outlier in Miami Oh Without a doubt. Okay. Tell me more about young grants. So you’re ten Yeah, you know your dad had just made it I think at nine you’d bought the house, right? Yeah, that’s died at 10 You know you had a twin brother who I mean? I know you said you’ve always kind of he was a way for you to look at yourself Uh-huh, and you were like, wow, it seemed more so much potential in him And so it’s a way that you kind of not just look at yourself Yeah and tell me about that young kid, uh, you know, just again like my mom had her hands full, you know She didn’t talk about money being a problem, but we could see I could see That she was scared. You just clipping coupons. It’s the culture right you’re being boiled You’re being made ready in a soup The culture is the soup and you’re being cooked in the soup. And that’s where we’re collecting our data from and So that the information was you know save your money a penny saved is you know penny earned and and everything’s preservation and conservation and and You know protection and conservation and which is a yes because it’s pass. Well, totally totally you’re just becoming a victim. You’re become enough You’re sitting back your effect of everything. So there was button on mama. Did she didn’t know anybody right? She was uh, she was uneducated She had never held a job. She did not have an entrepreneurial Spirit like she does. She didn’t know at that time women really weren’t encouraged to go out and earn money so they were Mothers were doing at that time in the 50s. What? they did they raising kids and being a wife and taking care of the house which by the way, it’s a Extremely important role and probably something that we’re short on. Yeah. Yeah But but she was doing she was giving me three meals a day and with every meal came a lecture, you know so She was just doing the best she could do I on the other hand at 10 years old. Wanted to be a man 12 I wanted to be an adult. I wanted to be an adult since I was six when I saw that whoever had the money Decided where we went. I wanted money I didn’t want money because I cuz of money I Wanted money because who it appeared to me that whoever had the money had control of the environment And I knew that way before my dad died I would watch him and another man a doctor in the neighborhood and they seemed to have fun whoever had the money seemed to like control where we went how long we went what we did and The kid the kid if you if you have kids You how many of you I got two young boys and Anna stepdaughter in her young? They’re picking up everything. Oh, yeah It’s like a hard drive that just opens when they are born, you know, exactly, you know And and they’re open to learning and and you know, I can watch my kids. They’ll play on a phone they could watch a TV show and know exactly what ma’am what Elena and I are talking about in the other room and collect all the data perfectly But when you take an adult and put them in that setting and they’re like, hey, wait a minute I can’t I got to pay attention to this But the kid doesn’t do that the kids like I can consume here I can consume off the game and I can pick up your conversation and duplicate almost all of it perfectly Okay, and so what is it and I was doing the same thing. Okay. All right I’m picking up everything from my brother my older brother my twin brother my mom TV John Kennedy gets killed. I’m picking up everywhere my dad dies I’m picking up all the data, right and and and that’s what makes The that’s what like starts forming the character of the individual. My dad. Wanted to be rich He never said that to me, but later I would find out my dad. Wanted to be a wealthy man And he didn’t get there. He got he did he fulfilled his obligation As a man to take care of his family and his wife and his kids and be a good example to his parents He didn’t get the freedom part, you know Which he really wanted and I think some of that might have been left in the environment for me to grab Is that why you’re doing what you’re doing now? I don’t I don’t think that’s why I’m doing it But but certainly that was uh, it was an inspiration. Okay to kind of get there Where he wanted to go? Maybe maybe maybe you know, my brothers got it In a different way though, my brother and I do money completely different He’s much more free Willie with it and I’m much more Okay, I’m gonna I’m gonna turn this into something and not take as many risk But I had two sisters and an older brother in the environment My older brother died when he was very young my two older sisters. They didn’t get it as much In the same environment, so you can’t just say it’s an environmental thing Talking about the teenage grant. Yeah, you’re doing lemonade stands and paper. No, I’m doing drugs. It’s what I’m doing 15 16 years old I smoke weed for the first time Louisiana you’re not doing lemonade Stan’s parents a great conversation selling baseball cards and so on flowers and But that’s not what we were doing. We were we were in Louisiana we’re shooting guns Anything that moves we shoot it, you know, I have a rifle 22 caliber rifle at 12 years old Well Wildman Wow kids we’re having mud wars in the lake and kumquat battles with the neighbors and Smashing eggplants in the cars like we’re bored. Like we have the worst problem in society boredom until a problem there today Oh For everybody not just me. Okay. This is my projection on all of mankind. But yeah, when people are bored they become problematic Okay, you times 10? Yeah. Yeah, I mean, yeah, definitely definitely. Okay, and so we spoke some we 216 Yeah, and that’s the start of a road. Yeah. What what? Why do you think that was so attracted to you? It was a not attractive. Okay. No, it was I knew when I picked it up. I’m like this. This is terrible doing this. I Don’t know why I’m doing this. I know I’m gonna regret doing this But you know, my brother was doing it Brian. My buddy was doing it. I wanted in peer pressure was very powerful You know, how do you go it alone here so Smoked weed next day. I smoked it again next thing. You know, I’m like fully into drugs And nobody nobody nobody starts using drugs thinking I’m gonna be a drug at it But within probably two years I was doing drugs every day. Okay, not just weed other stuff anything. Okay This is before the whole pill crisis down south so there wasn’t necessarily that no, no No, this was way before the the opiate right? No, no, because that would have been really dangerous Yeah, okay, but this was dangerous enough. Okay. So yeah, why? because because I mean I became a full-fledged like drug addict and I’m smoke. I’m smoking popping pills Any drug, there was no like everybody what’s your drug of choice did like any drug alcohol alcohol? Anything that would anything that would change my attitude or fill up the boredom Is it boredom or just maybe the negativity and fear and uncertainty of the area where you have your life like? Yeah, sure all that, you know, like like, you know, the the rehab I went to said that you have a disease, you know I don’t know. I don’t believe that today that some people have a disease I there’s no test for the disease Anyway, like there’s diseases now for everything that they have no test for so I don’t think it’s a disease or I was somehow picked to be a drug addict or I have some DNA to be an entrepreneur or me and Gary Vee had this conversation Entrepreneurs have some DNA I said, that’s that’s a dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life That means some people can’t be entrepreneurs which is not true. No, you do drugs enough. It won’t matter what your DNA is You do anything enough you go into a casino enough times and play enough times You’ll become addicted like just like a game Like you play a game enough times enough level as a candy crush and you’ll want to you’ll want to get to the next level so And that’s what happened with drugs it was 15 years old to twenty five for ten years some nine and a half years. I used drugs almost every day It’s heavy. Yeah, it was terrible man. It was terrible the drug. The drugs are one thing but the degraded the degraded nough sub D individual it chips away at your self-esteem little by little by little and then by chunks and Then by big big blocks, so by the time I’m 25, I’m 19. I was like I Was as close to zero as a person can get like and I’ll go lower than that before it’s over Okay, and yeah, you said that you thought your low was much higher than it really was. Yeah Yeah, you thought you rock pile. There’s a lot there’s a lot of rock bottom’s Okay, you know five Meg grant then like what would it be like no eye contact just real not even there I weigh 170 pounds today. I weighed 130 pounds in Gray, very gray My nose is damaged from the inside You know it was bad yeah and when you’re 20 your older brother dies Yeah, when I was 20 and you did the restore, you know, I like to know what’s going on So yeah, and that doesn’t help anything right? Well my dad died when I was 10. Yeah So like, oh I’m thinking man life is short here My brother dies 10 years later, I talked to him the night before On a Sunday night. I talked to him Monday morning. He was dead So that gets reinforced You know and John Kennedy died in between no, no he died before my dad So all these messages you’re getting punched like even John Kennedy’s death. That’s a big deal. Right? I think it’s 5 years old, man I’m 5 years old. I’m in a house. I don’t even know what I’m watching I just know that there’s grief in my house on TV Like there was grief in the entire nation probably in the whole world. You you feel this event happening Yeah, you know and and there are these events that happen that shift people’s That there are so powerful and so big and I’m starting to have these and they’re being related as time goes on Right there being there they’re mounting on top of one another and they’re there they’re there punching in a message which which by the way there there’s a there’s some goodness that comes out of that because the time is now Yeah exactly time is now be in a hurry and also did if you punch on anything long enough you could actually Change things like my life is about punching. I’m a puncher like I punch a lot a punch hard and But mostly I punch persistently kind of like life did to me like I’ve learned to punch back Like banging your head against the wall until the wall breaks. Yeah, the wall breaks. The wall will break your head on you buddy Yeah, oh the wife the woman I’m married to is like she just broke she’s just finally, okay Maybe you’re a good day. Thirteen months later. Yeah. Yeah. He said yes So just back to that piece so and then the downside of having all that death reminder in your life Is that maybe I just want to take this pain away and get into the drugs. Take away get away from the world I don’t know I don’t think it was pain driven like like oh, you know, that’s what they don’t you know, oh You lost your dad your dad abandoned you, you know, I’ve had all the therapy around all that I don’t think I think those guys are just a little bit off from from I Did not have to go down that path to find who I am. That guy was always there You know, the guy I am today was always there. You could not kill him with drugs and and You know now coming out of the treatment center. They tried to get rid of that guy That guy is the guy, you know, the guy the obsessed guy the the You know the guy that can throw itself all into something the drug addict yeah, do you want that guy you want that guy Cuz that’s guy that makes things happen. That guy is relentless You want that you want that but rehab wants to get rid of that, right? They want to keep you down here They think that guy is the problem that guy’s not the problem the drugs were the problem. Okay? Okay, the lack of self-esteem was abroad the the boredom was the problem dude. I’ll talk about boredom like Boredom is the drug you need to avoid Because that’s where people start making bad choices. Typically they don’t become a drug addict. They become a consumer of garbage They waste time they consume excuses You know, so that happened to here. I see that here a lot. Okay in this city Yeah in this country Oh in this country, okay Yeah, what was the rock bottom that got you into that rehab my mom. It wasn’t the drugs. It wasn’t I was beat up I had 70 stitches putting in my head and face it without without got beat pistol-whipped me. What was that? Why was that happening you talked about that incident before because I told another dude This guy said something to me and I said something to him and he sent a boy You know to teach me a lesson It’s louisiana-style. Yeah. Yeah. Okay with the gun and yeah, yeah, you still got scars from that. Oh, yeah, totally I’ve got it here here above both of my Thunder knee thighs over on the house and You know, they’d they’d they wanted to disfigure me. Just imagine how handsome I would have been just without that Did that event help you? No, no No that just beat up the self-esteem even more it like it Degraded me another level cuz now like you can’t even stand up for yourself, dude you won’t even fight back, which I did, but that’s just You know, the guy was a lot bigger than me, so Now I’m in a space where there’s criminals and gangsters and real physical armed I Don’t know how to get out of this space and I don’t know how to play by those rules Because I’m not that guy. I’m not the guy that will beat up somebody, you know, I’ll You know, I’ll do what I can to protect myself, but I won’t play that level so now I’m in a terrible place Because I can’t win in this space. So I’m 23. I’m in the hospital man i’ma quit drugs now I was doing drugs before the day was over I Couldn’t stop man. Yeah, so two years would go by I Continued my behavior. You would think this would be the one right and My mom, you know, my mom had this little business going on she was trying to run this little business and I Walked in I was all sloppy loaded and she’s like I’m done Don’t come here anymore. You’re not welcomed here anymore This might be the last time we see each other and I was in a treatment center thirty thirty days The most powerful things relationships, right? Yeah, man Lamar said hey that was it. She had enough men on cents. Okay, you knew she meant it So you look I was disgusted. I needed something. Yeah, I needed one more thing to just like okay one way there that was dying I’ve been dying for nine years. My mom just turned her she turned her I’d to it she Didn’t want to she didn’t want to confront it if you’re the mother of a drug addict, you know You know before he knows Yep, yeah, I’d so I’m doing this whole Ironman race and I came open about my own heroin overdose a note You know one uh-huh, so I know what you’re talking about, you know, everyone knows it around you Yeah, and the only thing that made me hit rock bottom was that everyone abandoned me? uh-huh, and I went saw a bunch of them in New York recently at first time in 16 years, and I’m like Thank you. Because if you hadn’t have moved me, yeah, they basically say fuck you. Yeah by getting out of your life. Yeah Yeah, and it shows you that he’s no longer accessible acceptable Yeah, that’s the only thing that would make me up when your drug dealer tell you. You have a problem You know, yeah. Well that’s a problem too. Like, you know waking up in a hospital almost dead doesn’t do it. Yeah And so rehab did teach you something and dude. I wanted to recover. It’s not like I did I didn’t want to do it I I had tried to quit you, you know the deal to at least ten times a day. I quit drugs for nine years Today, I’m gonna quit five minutes later. I’m using and then I’d say, okay. I’ma quit that’s it. I’m done I’m not gonna throw it away yet, but I’m done and then an hour and a half later, dude, I’m doing drugs again So every day it’s not just the drugs. It’s not just what you’re doing to your body it’s like the number of times I quit and couldn’t quit Right and they started again like, you know, it’s just like you start like losing any sense of self-respect Yeah, and so how do you get that back you go to rehab now go to Rio and They teach you about maybe how to mentally to deal with staying away from the drugs. I really not know I wonder if the treatment centers aren’t just you know just adding to the problem how so Well, I mean, I know I know the intentions good but most of them today are producing a different kind of drug addict you know, they’re going I’m going in on some You know One drug and coming out on fina Barbara, but I mean they got they gave me drugs while I was there Okay, they said don’t not take these you need this drug. You are a drug addict You will never recover it is a disease you Have it you cannot recover from it no matter what Give up all your ideas, you know the whole inventory thing you do the inventory and and Told them no, you’re wrong. Yeah, he’s like man give up. He suck. You’ll never make it He’s like your chance of making it I said, oh really? Why am I gonna fail? He’s like and I had 28 days now like shit dude. I just quit drug use and drugs for 28 days So really all I needed Right. I needed to know I could not I could go some period of time without using drugs. So he And I was that no relapse after that. There’s never been a relapse crazy so he said he said if you do if you hold on to these ideas of the books and Being a being famous and getting rich and all the stuff that I told them. What’s underneath all this then I’d been covering up right? You’ll never make it be satisfied on there I I can’t you know, I just it’s the echo in my mind of him saying be satisfied with one thing Don’t use drugs one day at a time if that’s all you get out of life. I’m lying. Fuck this dude That will not be what I’m known for. Yeah, and I went to meetings after that and I kept hearing that But I kept hearing it from people with it work that didn’t recover More than just the drug addiction or the alcoholism the rest of their life never recovered because they’re playing kind of small and safe and scared because every day I would just I just Be sober just don’t use right and and and I don’t think I was made to just anything Yeah, yeah III I’ve never been to an AAA meeting and I know they do a lot of great things for people but it always seems in a Weird way that you’re kind of getting up there and saying I’m always a Sadek I have this disease and I’m just a win today Because I got up here and didn’t drink Yeah, but it’s like wait a second wind today would be if you went fucking crushed it. Yeah, exactly And so but then they want to hold you back because they think that’s addiction manifested. Whoo, that’s gonna bring you back Yeah, dude. I was even told well, you know because I came back and I started working. I just threw my diction into work I needed something to throw into right so I said okay I have to stay busy time is my enemy time is my problem When there’s too much time grant goes freaking nuts And and yeah, you’re OCD and you’re a DD and you’re a DD HD and you’re ADHD And you’re I’m like, yeah, where’s the test on this shit? Like I can measure certain things the stuff you guys are talking about No, that’s all I am. I all this other stuff. You guys are talking sounds like it’s made up to me projective It’s also inconclusive so so if you are so what yes still need a plan like late late late But how about we take some blind tests and see how many different people like the books though about that thick? Okay, who does it benefit to label me drug companies totally like who’s on the other end of this remember? I came out of that treatment center with with with a Bottle of pills that they told me I would be on for the rest of my life I was on him for a day threw him away Now I’m really getting sober cuz now I don’t have any of this in me now I get to start making my own decisions, right? So I threw myself completely into my work I had a job that I hate it threw myself into it completely. Now my sponsor who I had a sponsor That was good That was very helpful and very limiting Right your mentor can help you and limit you they hold you on the leash and that be careful. Like who’s your mentor? Everybody’s got one by the way. Most people have too many It’s not like it No, everybody’s got one or many and so mentors can be a problem as as much as a lift And so he says you’ve just replaced one addiction for another one on my fucking was is that make you a genius? Like of course, I have dude. I got to replace this free time with something. I was using drugs ten hours a day. I Better I have to replace it with some energy right? I don’t want to just go into a void Well, he was doing three meetings today And I’m not I can’t do three me dude. I need to be a productive member of society I have potential had you been productive for Yeah, I remember being productive when you asked that question with my dad. I remember being productive with my dad I was nine years old my dad taught me how to work He never talked about work, but the way he went to work and then we were in the yard one day and we were stuffing We were picking up leaves and and branches and pecans and I would watch my dad. He was like To me as a nine year old. He looked like an artist He was he was coordinated. I wasn’t he was fast. I was slow He was clean. I was sloppy right? It’s like watching him watching a great cook in the kitchen It’s like, you know, it’s just fluid she doesn’t read she doesn’t have checks. She doesn’t slow down. Everything’s kept pretty clean and then there’s me and they’re just It’ll taste similar, but there’s gonna be a fucking mess in this place So he inspired you to that I could I could see that there was potential Right beauty in its eye and there was beauty and work. Hmm I’ve always loved work whether it was outside or inside or Not just because it keeps you busy because there’s some beauty in it. There’s a master in it. I think that their work is a Gift from God beyond that yes. Most people think it’s a chore. Yeah, I when I hear people talk about the job I’ve seen the 4-hour workweek and the the the you know The idea that you won’t work for anyone that you can’t have a job. It just kills me You don’t like the 4-hour workweek concept because it is engineer you out of doing something. It’s disgusting to me explain it is like It’s disgusting that anybody would want to outsource everything That that I got 168 hours in a week, I think that’s what it is. I don’t know exactly what the number is but Do don’t want to use them all Oh, man And you want to get your hands dirty and do things that don’t scale and don’t totally I want things you don’t want to do Absolutely. I want to do things. I don’t want to do I hear I hear guys say I don’t do stuff I don’t want to do fucking do Who are you? Like who’s taking care of you then? How arrogant? That you wouldn’t do something you don’t want to do and nobody’s successful does things they I Did shit I wanted to don’t want to do everyday we drove over here 45 minutes I don’t want to fucking sit in the back car. I don’t care how nice the car is who wants to sit in traffic? For 45 minutes, I do stuff constantly. I don’t want to do it doesn’t matter what I want to do You know, what’s my purpose? What’s my potential and am I willing to work toward that so an idea that I would work for hours? No, well, that’s just not real for me. Like I would not read the book and you told me hey man I got this opportunity for you to work part-time. I have zero interest. I Want to be great at what I’m doing and I know I know without reading any book I have to dedicate time and energy effort and I have to hit I have to be frequent You know, I can’t I’ve never gotten good in anything. Everything’s taken. It has been a lot of work for me so everything for me whether on that little uncoordinated kid It’s taken a lot. You know, it’s taken me 30 years to find any kind of success or any sense of okay? I’m starting to find myself You know, probably 2 or 3 thousand speaking engagements before I felt like I was comfortable on stage Three businesses that were freaking jamming before I said, you know, you might be a bit you might actually be a legitimate businessman you Know now now we’re at seven businesses will do probably 150 million bucks this year I’ve got I’ll hit a billion dollars in real estate probably before the years over. I’m just starting to feel like you know, what maybe? Maybe I’m gonna make it You know by going into all the things you felt insecure at the things you were not good at the things you didn’t even like To do dude. Let’s end your modus operandi for the last 30 years totally so like sales You know, hey, hey the sales people be shocked to hear you say that. Hey did it Five I was in five sales jobs Was a disaster at all of them hate it absolutely hated it You’re the master of sales. I am I embrace the things I why why were you bad at it? Why did you hate it? I didn’t know well I was bad at it because nobody teaches anybody how to be good at sales you know, so I Not to communicate to people it didn’t know how to shake her hand. Didn’t know how to build rapport. I’m the honest enough that I’m not gonna lot of people so the stuff I was being taught to do I didn’t like You know, they asked a question. You asked them a question slimy, dude, you know, I have enough integrity and ethics That when you tell me, okay, we’re not manipulating but don’t answer their question. I might well That’s just that is manipulation and That’s why I think a lot of people don’t like sales because of what’s been taught for a hundred years Blueprints outdated you got there. It was not it was always wrong. Okay, it was wrong and it’s why I believe it’s why Salespeople have so such a high turnover why so few people want to be called sales people I mean you go through Harrods down there. You can’t find a salesperson in the whole joint You think salespeople are ostracized in America? Oh, dude this turn here. It’s terrible I mean really we’ve had books where sell would be sold We had to change some of the language in the book for it to be in bookshelves here So like the word pressure can’t be in their Persistence can’t be in there. Like there’s things you laws. You guys actually have here that like Go to Europe it gets one step worse, you know cuz it’s just a whole I’m ashamed of money And I don’t want to talk, you know how to talk about that, too But so the sales blueprint you get in they give it to you. It’s not working for you It doesn’t make sense for you. And you’re like, I got a I got to make my own Well, what happened was was I was in a sales job. I Got in college ii got a college degree in accounting. And because you thought it would teach you about money and it didn’t Yeah, so so I end up in the sales job. It’s only job aki yet and so, I hate it, right? So I’ll go to the treatment center. I come back out of treatment center I threw myself into it because it’s the only thing I had III still had so little self esteem that there was no way I was gonna go try to get another job Yeah Right, and I was terrified of using drugs again. So I’m like I went back the the place where I was working They took me back and I just threw myself into it and it’s interesting when you commit to something Little gifts just start automatically showing up this phenomenal thing. It’s happened my whole career when I fully commit somebody will bring me something and There’s resistance along the way in problems a long way, but if you get through those things, dude If you just like like super commit and then look then keep your eyes open. And by the way the package may come wrapped in a package you don’t you you you weren’t thinking about hard work or like a voice or like a person or You know Maybe from a different direction than you thought or an offering where you’re like you read something about this and that’s not the thing Like all throughout my career. It’s come in weird kind of ways And so like if you ask for help and somebody shows up at the door Maybe let invite them in regardless of what the packaging is or what you’ve heard about it or whatever That’s really been beneficial to my open mind. Keep your ears open not too open Okay, cuz you don’t want everybody’s advice so you’ll be mediocre again. You’ll be sure individuality Yeah, you you won’t even know what to do If you listen to me and Dave Ramsey You won’t know whether to get debt or avoid it and you won’t do anything, but you’ll be very knowledgeable So so I threw my guy walks up he gives me a it was a little cassette tape He’s like hey, I heard this. I thought you might like it. I Listen to us. Oh my god, there’s a way to sell stuff. I didn’t know there was actually something you could do. I Listened to it. I called the 800 number. I said what else do you have? And the guy said we got a program for three thousand dollars twenty five years ago So it’s like 10 grand right? So I don’t I said, I’ll call you back call my mom I said I need a bar throw your First money I ever bought outside of college. She gave me the 3 grand And changed my career Wow, and and when I listen to this guy and then I got these set of tapes and I’d watch it on sales and how to be a sales how to negotiate I’m like, this is what I’m gonna end up doing for a living I’m gonna teach people how to do this because there was such a vacancy and a void of years ago But what happened was what I didn’t like was some of the trickery in it What I did was went in over the years and removed the trickery and basically made transparent see in the authenticity in sales the way to service people and now that’s become a Multi hundred million dollar business for me, but it’s still a dirty word for a lot of people will that change over time? It might the the whole space might disappear first actually because of the internet really Because everything will be custom and tailored and everything is just order it You know order order online sales can’t die Well human opinions always need to be yeah changed and challenge. I don’t think I don’t think it does like like You know The strategy of negotiating with people like I do big deals today like, you know, I used to think of twenty thousand dollar deal What’s a big deal? But well, I’m working on two hundred million dollar deals today. So Those deals are probably not going to be done over the Internet. They’re complicated. They require personalities and people and and And anytime you involve people then you have insecurities and people have superiors to please and then you got egos on the line and It’s the same thing at every level Which is good though. That’s an opportunity for you. That’s an opportunity Okay, but you’re saying that level like if you’re gonna negotiate your own deal LeBron negotiates his own deals. You better know how to sell Or you build a better just walk away the ultimate. It’s just walk away somebody else offer you something else But most people don’t have that kind of marketability, right? So it’s the everyday guy I think some of the sales that will go away or the retail stores like that kind of selling Okay, gotcha where it used to just be the human touch point you’re gonna dip in it now on a click Okay, you’re still gonna touch somebody and they’re gonna convince you this is the thing to buy or whatever But some of that’s going to go away but you’re still gonna the most important things in your life You’re still gonna want to negotiate find the right person negotiate like your job, you know or opportunity I got guys that work for me. They’re 33 years old make a million dollars here They negotiated the right deal for them found the right guy negotiating and always about buying this piece of furniture Right, they negotiated with themselves as well as the marketplace And found a deal that made ever be

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