Money is useless until it is used 1 billion dollars our 1 billion friends. Which would you take You don’t need money do you need people people have the next money you want? We’re told this is a little kid don’t show off if you get too big. You’re gonna get attacked Nobody’s telling us get so big that no attack can bother you You should put money in the marketing. You should promote yourself not put money where you and the kids live Your house does not make you money promote promote promote If I died today Elena and the kids will not have to worry about money 2008 all I had to worry about was money. I Had a 60 million dollar lawsuit hit me. I felt like a traitor like a loser My life was unmanageable, but I went powers On the spiritual being having a human experience I know There’s something I get to come back to You can’t kill me. I’m immortal For you it’s all what gives you your strength and impact and motivation It’s my spiritual development first is more important than the money chimeric are the kids But you couldn’t build this Empire without Elena without a doubt People need anchors Look at me now. I’ve always wanted to help you but I’ve always wanted people to help me. I Want to create heaven on earth, we’re all on one planet, we’re all one face They say that the human race is doomed That we have lost touch with our true nature That the media has corrupted us and that the planet has the future. I Disagree I Believe that humanity is full of hope and that our salvation Lies within each one of us My name is Brian rose in my job is to listen the oldest method of learning known to man Each week I seek out individuals that are changing the world people who are living and thinking in a different way their stories will challenge your beliefs make you question your choices and perhaps inspire you to change I Never planned on doing any of this but now I can’t stop Join me on this mission and make humanity something we can all be proud of I’ll be honest at first I didn’t like Grant Cardone his jets his cars his bling his POW It was a little too much for me and I thought it was a very two-dimensional dude but once I sat down with him for the first time on London real I saw a lot more I saw a spiritual guy a guy that’s constantly pushing himself a guy that’s fighting his own demons and the first Interview with him was amazing But this second one we went Really really deep on who Grant is why he’s the man He is all about his wife Elena his kids his business always Going into his demons and why he really tries to 10x his life every single day We went into his religion and his past and why he is a spiritual beam trying to get to the next level I know you’re gonna love this This is the greatest interview that’s ever been done with Grant and I expect this to be one of many to come Him and Elena came to our studio. They took it over grant took over my Instagram he changed my instagram name and I hope to be hanging out with these folks for a long time to come and inside London real Academy We are building our own empire teaching people how to start their own businesses from scratch Putting people on the Ted stage and getting people to broadcast themselves and create their own podcasts Here’s a bit more about the great work that we do What’s up, baby London real doesn’t stop when the conversation ends. You see, that’s when we get started Because everything begins with a thought And then comes the action The London real Academy is our global transformation platform here. We bring together thousands of students from over 75 countries Whether you want to build a profitable business from your passion or learn to speak to inspire or broadcast yourself with your very own podcast or accelerate your life to become a High-performance person. We have the online accountability course and personal mentoring program that will make your dream a reality Join us and we’ll take your life to the next level together Our next accelerate of course is starting soon This is London real I am Brian rose My guest today is Grant Cardone the New York Times bestselling author sales training expert Investor and motivational speaker on the topics of leadership real estate investing entrepreneurship and social media originally from Louisiana He started from nothing and now have five privately held companies with annual revenues exceeding 150 million dollars and a real estate portfolio Of nearly 1 billion dollars last year Forbes magazine named you number one of the 25 Marketing influencers to watch and you’re the author of five books Including seller be soul be obsessed or be average the 10x rule and if you’re not first You’re last actually read them all grant. Welcome back and the millionaire book learn the million how to create wealth investing in real estate I wrote that book since I left here, you know, he’s writing books. Welcome back. Hey great to be here, dude Best interview I’ve ever done what’s with you? Alright, you know no pressure on this one. So I’m gonna give you number I don’t know. Why you having me back. I’m like what else you’re gonna get from me. Oh, there’s lots of stuff Okay, we can get it up last time first of all, what are you doing back in London? So seriously, we’re doing we’re doing a 10x UK tour a group a group Said hey, can you come here? We’ve had a lot of requests to come back here and do and do bigger events So I just finished doing 1600 people two-day event really deep dive on sales marketing things that we’re doing with our companies around the world to grow them online and and Over the phone and with retail in a retail environment So I came back into that I go to Cardiff tomorrow and do the thing with Lord Sugar Okay, and so we’ll see how I got him before. We’ll see how we get along. Okay. Eric can be kind of honored yeah, he looks like it’s a grouchy Oh a Grouchy old bastard and and so maybe we’ll get along perfectly like you might and then I know he’s got a lot more money than I did or he’s got a lot more property than I Do but that can’t they can’t be bad to be in good company like that Okay, and then we’re gonna go to Scotland and do two more days there. Okay, Glasgow. Yeah, okay What do you think we lack in the UK here? You must see it from a mile away You guys need more blah blah blah. What is it? Yeah, so yeah. It’s interesting First of all Elena and I we’re talking about on the way over here Number one is we love your accents. And then Elena’s like do you notice that they never compliment our accents? And I said, wow, you know, that’s a good point cuz we’re always saying Oh, I love the way you talk and we want to sound like you right but we never hear you guys say oh I really love your Accent so I don’t know what we sound like to the English. Yeah, sad note I think they have a strange relationship with America. They love us and they hate us so it oh, yeah Yeah So I think the thing the thing that I noticed first when I come here every time is that it’s easier to talk about money With with English, okay that there seems to be a more awareness over Americans actually about the that money’s tied to freedom and That in America there seems to be a sense of but I’m already free because in that in the anthem, right? Yeah land of the free home of the brave You know Americans are bit I think Naive thinking that America is the freest country. I know me get hate from my American friends because they’re like they’re so conditioned to believe that America is the freest country the best educated the richest and the Bravest and so when I come here, I’m like these people here want to talk about money We spent four hours the other day just educating people about money house Changing how to use money how we been tricked around money. And so that would that was very refreshing to be here and see How interested people were about changing What they know about money or don’t know, okay? Hope they thought the opposite I would know I was totally land of the free and home of the brave’ land of opportunity the American dream I figured the Yanks would have been ok to be fixated and talking about the people here seem more more hungry than the Americans. Ok Alright interesting Like after four hours here. I was like, oh my god. I’m gonna come back here a bunch Ok, I’m gonna do a lot of business here. Ok, and how do they react to you? They look they love me, you know so so that was the other thing the other the other thing that I did I observed that they need here though is People need to be talking tolt taught how to properly market and promote You and I were talking before we started here Right, the the you’re missing on the promotion thing and the marketing thing and that’s tied to money right because I’m like I’m not willing to spend money. If all I’m doing is saving all my money and I’m not willing to use money right the conditioning around the house here is Even more severe than the US ok and explain that to buy a house to buy a house. So like like it’s an Emporium entus. Yeah, I’ve had first season told me he’s like, hey, don’t don’t don’t you? Know you’re here two days. Maybe save the house thing for the second day. Well, of course first 20 minutes I’m like you guys buying houses as dummies. You shouldn’t put money in a house. You should put money in your brand You should put money in the marketing. You should promote yourself not put money in where you and the kids live, right? Why is that a mistake because it’s dead money I mean, it’s it can’t a house can’t make you money a house does not make you money The only reason people think a house makes the money is they’re comparing it to if I rent that cost me money but you know if You if you want to go to a hospital if you need to go to a hospital You don’t buy the hospital you were in a bit To get out of there as fast as you can If you go on a trip you go to America and you want to go to Disneyland You don’t buy the hotel. You rent a room And nobody thinks bad poorly of that. They’re like, yeah, I’m gonna go there and use the place and get out that’s what you should be doing with your Find a place where you can rent Rent rent pay rent monthly don’t own the house and take all the money that you would have put in that house purchase Downpayment extra money fixing it up use all that money to improve your business and yourself and yourself So that you can get more money, right? so I see so many people here like I’m gonna invest three hundred thousand pounds in a house to hopefully make $30,000 30,000 pounds. I’m not make I’m a buyer for 300 or maybe I’ll sell it for six hundred thousand I’ll double my money after ten and twenty years or whatever. Yeah, exactly Fixed in one place by the way, where no money comes to you money does not go to homes Right and that’s big a big thing on your career is moving locations. Yeah, I’ve moved five or six times I can move another four or five times because people who stay in the same place get too comfortable if you study wealthy people they’re Mercurial, they’re moving. They’re mobile They’re not. They’re not talking Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. Do not talk about the home. They live in they talk about the places They’re going through they go meet money. They go meet Well, they go meet connections and those guys even at the top of the food chain At the very top of the food chain, see my dad believed in buying a house. Okay, Warren Buffett does not my dad’s my dad Grateful he you know, he did his thing Said that I could be born right? But but if I’m gonna study one of those two guys, I’m studying Warren Buffett, right? Yeah, you know I was a couple weeks ago I went out to Arizona and hung out with you know, Robert Kiyosaki and yeah, yeah, he says the same thing you know a home is a liability your own home totaled a nasa total liability and he said You know the Rich Dad Poor Dad way of thinking Exactly and they’re like one way is kind of this brainwashed way of thinking and the other way is this kind of enlightened wave Yeah, like you’re saying don’t invest in the house you think about the taxes? look a and even it’s not you know, the enlighten thing is is an idea but the reality is banks are great promoters and Bankers years ago had all this money you they print money bank banks are capitalists said no. No, they’re not entrepreneurs There is no product to sell I don’t get a product. So what happened? What happens with the banker is the bankers like do we have all this money? We need to get the money to people and they’ll pay us To let them have money, but the they didn’t have a product so they sit down to boardroom and some bourbon and they’re like What idea can we come up with? We need a promotional god. We need a marketing got to come in Okay, and they’re like, how do we get people to actually borrow money from us? Oh, you guys need a product. So they said why don’t we get them? What would be the ideal product ideal product would be? Charlie would give me money for a product that he would stay in for a long period of time. That would be ideal – there would be some idea that one day he could profit from it Three he would fix in it the location and not move so he’d have to pay us for 30 years. There’ll be a nice period of time What could that be a place to live? That’s not water It’s not food that you do that every day a place to live would be something substantial enough it’d be a big purchase two or three hundred thousand pounds or two or three hundred thousand dollars and And we can lend somebody money. By the way, there would be collateral of that property This would be a good deal. We should call it a house We’ll call it a place to live everybody deserves a place to live in another guys having another Symphony’s like no no No, it’s a dream This is the dream in America. It’s the American dream. Yeah, okay over here It’s probably everyone deserves a place to live and other people say oh this is a way to make money It’s not a way to make money It’s a way to bank to make money banks have made more money off of homes than anybody in the game When was this cooked up like in the 20s and 30s and 40s? It was IIIi don’t know exactly when the date was. I think that’s probably somewheres forties or fifties You know and it was people coming in America. It was World War two was ending and maybe bombers. Yes Disinvestment and let’s get people to buy out. They’ve done it with schools Higher education. Yeah notice that the terminology to higher education marketing, you know, 1.3 trillion dollars in debt just in the u.s on higher education That I have never been asked about I had the higher education and I’ve never been asked about it in a deal Okay. I just I’m about four hundred five hundred million dollars other deals right now and I’m gonna have two hundred and seventy million dollars With a debt on him and nobody’s asking about my Higher Education, right? And then I’m signing the doctor you think people should go to university will your daughters go to university? My daughters would have the They will have I will pay for three or four universities names the top Okay, so whatever those top three or four at the time I’ll give them that choice You can go to these three or four and then I will I will have a little thing a little footnote to it Don’t worry about what you learn there. Only go there to meet people. Okay, cuz these worth it for that I want to know where the Obamas are going. Okay where the bushes are going? Where the charles’s are going You know I want to know where the black stones were sending their kids or their grandkids And that’s the only place I would pay for my kids to go to school But most of America in the world shouldn’t pay for that education. Absolutely not. Okay and the same what they shouldn’t buy a house Absolutely shouldn’t buy a house. Okay, no, nobody should buy a house The super-rich shouldn’t buy houses Wow and yet these things were in our DNA right by plane, man Well, let’s talk about plane by a plane by a jet. They can get you to go places to me Pete Just kind of the opposite of the house cuz you’re constantly moving with that thing. In fact, yeah, you’re not moving with that thing It’s burning a hole in your pocket on the runway. So you probably are traveling more with the g550. Yeah, yeah Well, we bought we bought since I left here a lots changed this way. I think I owe you a bunch of money I’m written a book. I mean we’ve we’ve almost we’re over a billion dollars for the real estate now I was I think I was at Summit six or seven hundred thousand when I was six or seven hundred million when I was here Okay Real estate explode Accardo him capital has raised over a hundred million dollars since I left here So a lot of stuff has happened we’ve got rid of the old plane bought a new plane tell me about that Gulfstream 550 why the g550? Well, it was the end of the year It was December the 10th and my accountant called me and said hey, man You got a big tax problem this year. He made too much money. Yeah. Yeah, I didn’t make enough money Okay, and and he says you got a big tax problem I said what can we do about he’s like, there’s nothing we can do about it I said hey, look there’s always something you can do about something And I hung up on it and I called sherry my CEO and I said look this guy said there’s nothing we can do about It we owe X And she’s like, oh my god. I can’t believe that I said, well we have the money. It’s not a problem I said so Look we can give the money away and not paid We could spend the money on equipment material like I could just I could prepay a bunch of expenses like a prepay office for I mean I’m a very creative person when it comes to not paying taxes. I do not want to pay taxes this year, right? Who does nobody does but most people don’t admit this right? Most people pay too much taxes. Yes single biggest expense Well don’t even know it exactly and most people don’t have enough surplus money to avoid To play the tax game the way it’s built right by having their own companies and companies LLC’s or I’m like Let me check something else So I went and did some research on buying a jet If I buy a jet that Jets 50 million in America, I can write off the entire 50 million that month at that month. So I call Gulfstream up I said hey you guys have a Gulfstream 550 or 650 for sale. I’m interested in a jet I got to take delivery by the end of the year and they’re like we don’t keep jets around everything We have we can’t deliver our plane to you for two years I said, okay. I hung up a new Gulfstream was what I wanted to buy Call my accounting department. I said send Gulfstream a check for X and Called the guy back I said, hey Rick Call I know you guys said you don’t have a plane available, but I want you to call your accounting department I sent a little gift to you Call me back when you get the gift, right it calls me back. You say fuck. I’ve been doing this for 30 years Nobody’s ever done that coca-cola General Electric no company and you’re just a guy, right? He’s like nobody’s ever sent me a check prepaid for a plane. He said I’ll get busy finding you a point 14 days later. We took delivery of the plane. I blew it two hours. That’s all I’m required to do by the IRS code I had to take one flight in it. Give it back to him they kept it for another six months to demo their clients in and So we have a Gulfstream 550 14 hours one what anyone any direction without stopping I can go from London? all the way to Los Angeles Non-stop, which fits in with this global strategy yours. Yeah exactly to talk about now spending 50 million on a plane Yeah, I reckon it cost you under to keep that thing about 3,000,000 to keep it every year Yeah with now it’s so so ended by the way I’m a very very I’m not bragging when I say I’m doing this I hopefully people find this inspirational and they don’t think that I’m just an arrogant cocky Listen him bragging about his his chat. I’m just telling you like like it is smarter the getting rid of that much money is Something you don’t get that much money by being stupid with money so so I’m sitting here saying do I do this or do the jet it’s not like I was like I I’m thoughtful with it when it comes to money Do I do I put the 50 million in apartments, which is my favorite investment, or do I buy the jet? well my decision or do I just keep the 50 and my Decision to get rid of 50 to own the jet is that it can connect me with the world It can help me meet people the old grant would not have done this old how old two years three years Two thousand eight years ago eight or nine years ago. Okay. Why? concerned because I wasn’t thinking big enough I was thinking that if I save my money That if I’m just save the pennies You know save the money pay attention to the money then then clip the coupons to do everything on the cheap Right buy everything on sale buy low and sell high that whole all that old Adage of our parents if I guess that he meant that totally okay If I do that then I’ll be better off and in the reality is if you study the wealthiest I don’t mean Bill Gates or Warren Buffett. I mean if you study Goldman Sachs That’s where the real wealth is. Okay study the wealthiest explain that why isn’t it gates and Buffett? Because they’re only worth 80 million 80 80 80 billion. Okay, okay You know Goldman Sachs will destroy 80 million in an hour as far as their their income You’re talking about Vanguard controls five trillion dollars of ETFs That’s money There’s endless amounts of money. Like I don’t know what the Queen controls but it’s freaking massive massive Or the Putin money, you’re not talking about you all that dark money. Yeah all the black in the shadows money So there’s so much money on this planet You got you got a look at how people how does coca-cola make a decision about three or four or five jets? Because they want to move their executives around the world to make sure they had their products in the front of the shelves So that’s how I made a decision to do this not based on what? 98% of the people think but what one or two percent of the population Things by talking to guys who owned jets and they said grant policy or or like I asked my County he says don’t do it Doesn’t work. I asked my lawyer don’t do it. It’s a liability. I asked a couple of rich people don’t do it It doesn’t make sense. I asked a billionaire. He’s like, yeah, you should definitely do it And I said, huh? He’s like you should definitely do it unique you have clients all over the world You you want to reach seven billion people money is useless. I said, huh? He’s like money is useless until it is used Right. You don’t need money dude. You need people He’s like people have the next money you want, right? And I was like this was this was mind boggling for me like like it just see what truth hits me I don’t fight it like I I’m just like okay that’s real for me That’s real for me. Go with it lean into it now It’s 60 years old. You start saying hey, I’m running out of time here. I got to start making decisions quicker So if I’ve been living 50 years Kuran Dan working Struggling saving and that didn’t get me where I wanted to be by the way, it didn’t Right. I don’t want money. I want freedom. Okay, and the plane buys me freedom You know when we land when we land in an airport now Everybody wants to know whose jet is said it’s like it is a flying promotional Now anybody listening right now? It’s like I can’t go by jet. Yeah, but you don’t have to buy a house either And you’re never gonna get a jet if you keep putting your money in things where money don’t go, right? So it’s the thinking behind the jet that people should see they should see their take that capital put it to work By getting you in touch with more strangers because strangers have your money Yeah, exactly, like strangers and and and and Jared who works for me He’s 35 years always like, you know, we’re not gonna when we don’t go through commercial airports anymore I know I don’t find a London Heathrow We’re not gonna meet managers and we’re not gonna meet VP. So I said no, we’re not we’re gonna meet owners That have jets Okay, we’re gonna meet the owners and they’re gonna learn no, who’s the dude? You can’t fake a jet? You can’t fake a jet. Like you cannot fake a 50 million dollar purchase Yeah, or any and again, I’m not trying to impress people by that. I’m just saying that is a symbol and London’s big on symbols Regretting that what have you seen that assembly? Well, well symbols are very important castles. Yeah They’re a party pardon their their their their validation We’re on a planet that is full of fakeness. Right so with social media with everything social media guitars You can fake a rolls. You can’t fake a castle There’s power there. Yeah, okay, the bigger the castle the more power was accumulated over periods of time whether they stoled it earned it even if you stole it, you still got to keep it keeping keeping something is Most people can’t keep it all mostly everybody can get it Most people cannot keep it and almost no one can multiply it. Okay. So so the game is how do I get it? How do I keep it? How do I fortify it? How do I support it? Elena Elena wrote a book How to build an empire and there’s a lot about how do you keep making this thing bigger and bigger and protecting it? Again, a lot of people can get it. But can you keep it and then can you make it bigger? That means people any good people any more ideas. I need more production. I need to not get complacent So that that’s who I study today. I study people that are Multiplying what they’ve already created? Okay, not talking about what they did And now they’re not doing it anymore putting wood on the fire you say in your books and add wood man I would to that fire and this is just another way of doing that. Yeah Biggest realizations is having this jet something that you didn’t expect or and maybe you did expect You know that you feel after you have it for a few months You know Biggest realization after having that yet. I mean look it is without a doubt the number one thing that When I get on it, I’m impressed every time I mean, I’m impressed with myself. I’m like god damn you did this and so that’s a cool deal, you know, like most of my life as you know has been lots of losses the drug addiction, you know, the years, you know when you have an addiction, it’s not a Moment. Yeah, it’s Addictions don’t happen in a weekend. I’m not talking about doing something dumb over the weekend I’m talking addictions comfort long long long periods of time Yeah, let’s grind you down for long periods of time. And and even when you get over them, there’s the residual the in gram ik residual That you were drug addict or that you are drug addict or that you made all these mistakes and it did this and you tried to quit and couldn’t in this sense of powerlessness and unmanageability and and destructiveness and poor decision-making So I made a point in my life right now. I get on a jet I’m like no you did this You know like this is this is real and it goes back to that castle mentality It goes back to like it’s not like getting in a rolls You know I can Lisa rolls Give it back in two years make the payments This piece of equipment that I own and Have my name on you can’t you can’t put a name on a charter? They you know, the NetJets doesn’t let you put your name on the tail We we bought we left Miami. I said how much fuel did we put on this thing? 35,000 pounds of fuel 17,000 pounds in each wing it filters it so that it’s always balanced the entire flight We get on the plane my two kids are there the nanny’s their lane. Is there Ryan secos no longer the captain, okay Okay, I replaced him I have him flying with me and we got on the plane went to sleep at 10 o’clock at night woke up one literally When we landed I woke up. That was cool. Dude. What’s with my kids the whole time? Yeah So it’s just it’s like wow, man, your life’s working dude. You know, you you you turn your life around You started making money. I had nothing You made your first dollar and then you made your second dollar I remember making my first and when I went from three thousand to four thousand dollars a month that Thousand dollar increase was the biggest money I ever made in my whole life still the most important I’ve ever made I wish I still had them $1,000 And then and then I’ve done this thing Coming from nothing to where I’m at, and it just it’s to me. It’s not just about me either It’s a real sign of what people can do like it’s so inspirational to me Right, right and the jet you can’t fake the reaction to the jet has been strong. Yes. Yeah, ten axes got the cameras everywhere Yeah, that’s the symbol and we shouldn’t we shouldn’t lower the importance of a symbol, but you can’t fake that these days You can’t you? Everybody should look for people that have accumulated these kinds of things, right? No, that’s not what we’re told in society You know, these are the people I’m not saying people should study me but this is who people should study people that have gone out Started with a little bit or nothing had an idea accumulated something and then lived it out for 35 years Steve I’m gonna have Steve Harvey the comedian and the TV superstar at my 10x growth conference He’s like, why do you want me there? I’m like 30 30 or 40 years, man You have continued to rebrand yourself to be relevant. I want to know Steve Harvey I want Steve Harvey to be in front of my audience III admired that You know Warren Buffett, I admire Warren because of his longevity I want to study everything Warren’s done since he was a young man. Okay, you got the g550 now Yeah, you want to hit seven billion people maybe eight in a little bit. What does that look like? What are those 10 countries on your radar and is having the jet make you more mobile by definition? Are you thinking mana its international I got to get out there and get these countries I I have I have a peak, you know that thing weighs a hundred thousand 100,000 pounds. It’s it’s I’m committed to it It’s paid for it’s it’s out there and just goes down in value every day every day. It’s calling me come on Let’s go come use me. It put me to work right? It’s begging me to take it someplace so You know, it is a liability If it’s not used it must be used it is begging me to be used symbolizes a human life a little bit totally It’s like having a hundred employees in my office, right? You better get them to do something and they’re looking at you the whole time And their payroll. Yeah, right and they’re like, hey, I’m here. I need leadership when you have a hundred This is the problem with being the solopreneur when you have no one working and no office The solopreneur does not have the calling. It does not have the the the leverage of of a hundred voices saying come lead me I Need your attention. Don’t forget me same thing with the office. That’s why the office people need anchors I need you know as an executive of a company I have to be a post I need to be a poster has to be a post It has to be a leader and a particle me flying around the world is more of a particle My office back in Miami is a post a CEO. There’s a post Jared the vice president post I’m a particle. I’m moving out to promote to the world right so that I can meet these people and become real to them Okay. UK is obviously on your list other countries Columbia, but it’s all the power. It’s all the power Okay, it’s all the power hubs man. Okay, answer your question. Well, what would those be Germany? Yeah, I mean, I got three major cities in Germany that I got to go to China we see China. Okay, Israel. Okay. Okay. I would love to go to Iraq and Iran I got a I got an offer to go to Beirut. My office said you can’t go to Beirut. I said, dude I’m going to Beirut. Oh, it’s too dangerous in Beirut. That’s dumb. It’s all media bullshit. Right? So I’ll go anywhere I want to go to Istanbul, you know, one of the heaviest traveled like I want to go anywhere. There’s people Religion doesn’t matter to me race doesn’t matter to me age doesn’t matter to me I mean it does matter to me, but it’s not a reason for me not to go Even issues in those countries aren’t an issue for me to go. Okay. I want to go where people are because people are basically good And what are these seven billion people what are their lives look like when they know who you are is because are they investing with? You are they thinking about your mentality or the change in their way? Yes. Yes I mean Whatever that wherever they are where they are, right if I meet somebody that’s twenty three year old grant and he’s all screwed up Well, maybe he’ll be inspired and quit using drugs, or maybe I meet Twenty-eight-year-old Banking God that is making a million dollars a year and he wakes up to saying why why am I doing this job making a Million dollars a year when I can be making a million dollars a month And maybe I wake him up and maybe he becomes an investor with me a Cardone capital or maybe he’s like I’m throwing away this Job with JP Morgan and I’m gonna go run carlin capital and we’re gonna build a twenty billion dollar business together So it’s that whole thing. Like I don’t want to just sell people stuff anymore. I Don’t mind selling people stuff but the ultimate game for me is I want to turn I want to help people that don’t have any money I have products from people that don’t have anything I Remember when I had nothing? If I can help somebody that has nothing Get out of that and have something then then I did something if I could then take him as he evolved as we all evolve by the way If I can take him that has now a little something and show him how to get more and why it’s good to get more That would be good as he evolves again going for more – hey, how could I accumulate stuff without working all the time? I mean, I’d love to turn somebody. That’s not a consumer can’t buy from me give them something to somebody that can buy something from me – Then somebody that can actually invest money with me and we become partners. That would be the perfect evolution service, it’s a low end whether it’s getting them to a NA meeting or an a a meeting or getting him off of drugs or to Turn him into investor and a partner in my business. That would be the ideal scene So this is a spiritual per se this isn’t just about money Look I can’t spend the money I have now right I mean so You know much money. You can do a little experiment with money. Anybody can do this just to find out you know if you just take money I Love your money over here that came the money time for class tickle your buddies much dirtier different sizes It’s got a little it’s got see you again symbol try it’s got a little shiny stuff on it, right? Heroes, if you take this money and you can take any amount you want it take and you just set it right here Find someplace in your house to set it just set it there as long as you want to see if it does anything Okay, it’s not going to do anything, right? Money is useless until it is used. I did not know this. I thought money was valuable. I Thought I was taught that money was security. That’s why I started a retirement account I had a retirement account when I was 28 years old. I invested money in a 401k That’s a terminology. As you know, that says I can get this money when I’m 65 or something Every year I put that money in that retirement account because I thought that money because I was taught that money was security Money has never made me more secure. It doesn’t you know, I I end up forgetting it’s even over there I go years without remembering. Oh, I got that money over there You know, I would anything about I don’t know what it’s invested in Put in mutual funds. I don’t know what the mutual funds are. I Have no passion or connection to any of the companies like Coca Cola is a terrible product. Come on. Let’s face it, right I Mean most of the companies don’t like I don’t have any connection with our charitable like I’m changing the world here It was just about money. It’s like this money just sits here. What is it? It’s just pieces of paper somebody decided on the colors the values Somebody put a little stamp on it. A lot of work went into like make making me believe this is somehow valuable and and Today, I just know that like Manitoba starts moving around. It’s not valuable. People are way more valuable And yes it get it tricks most of the masses. It tricked me for years, right? They’re gonna hold it in the count and it’s a security and yeah What about the rainy day and your exact looks this whole class of population that you save the money save the pennies? You know now I’m like, I don’t want to save it I want to use it, right, you know, so like if you ask me today, hey Well you would you rather have a billion dollars. It’s a great question for your for your guests Take one billion dollars you have 30 seconds to make decision or 1 billion friends Which would you take? What would you take? Well, obviously, I guess 1 billion friends. No, I mean really really I got a billion a billion pounds, dude I have it right here right now and I also have this list of a billion friends friends and these are good friends Okay, these are good friends that will do they will they will help you. Okay, which would you take? Well, okay, I guess I’m gonna throw a billion pounds right here. I know but I’ve been around for a little while sighs Yeah, but me from ten years ago would have taken the pounds Yeah, maybe even five years ago, but I see what you’re saying because the other one represents so much more potential Yeah to live your life as well and to create great things Yeah, and you create well well and and and it just shows you how little people have really thought about money, right? The instant thing is a million pounds. That’s a lot of money I mean people people people spend money eighty billion dollars a year is spent in America on lottery tickets Nobody spends anything with friends Right eighty billion dollars that’s more money the Starbucks Burger King Taco Bell and Kentucky Fried Chicken, come on. What is the lottery tickets? What does that tell you? I’m trying to win money Okay, right rather than what why do I learn a skill? why do I promote myself people spend almost nothing to promote themselves and In if I don’t promote myself, I can’t get money anyway So, you know, it’s crazy man. Like we’re taught not to even promote ourselves and Promote promote promote that like those three things at my office per first thing I do every day I go my office What do we promoting today? You remember Bob Hope? Yeah There was a beautiful documentary on Bob Hope and he said Bob Hope said in his own voice, by the way The first thing he woke up every morning and said to himself is what can I do to promote Bob Hope today? He was worth 800 million dollars when he died and that was years and years ago Where when actors had never ever really create wealth, right? You said money follows attention? Yeah, and most people want to fly under the radar Yeah, I think the Brits are actually worse than Americans when it comes to flying under the radar, but you know I don’t know about that, but you’re talking about that. Nobody wants to promote themselves. Why? Because you know, we’re told not to write Don’t toot your own horn Be seen and not heard Don’t get so much attention. We’re told this is little kids when women have it worse than men, right? Don’t show off don’t be a brag or don’t talk about your I’ll Fly under the radar if you if you get too big you’re gonna get attacked Nobody’s telling us get so big that no attack can bother you right? When were you taught that lesson right? So you’re teaching people by doing that stuff? Yeah and then and then the other thing is that we Watch people that that get big and then go undercover and we say well look at mr. Rich guy He doesn’t show if I hear this all the time You know real wealth does not talk about their wealth people, you know wealthy people that on planes don’t Show people that they own a plane, right? But what happens is when wealthy people get wealthy they are in a position now to say They’ve created it already. It doesn’t make it right right. You think that’s wrong? You think they know I think it’s a choice Right, right. My choice is hey, I got wealthy here Look at me now, you know look at me judge me learn from me do whatever you want with me But I’m not gonna close the curtains just because I got there because when I was 16 years old I wanted somebody to show me that had made it how they made it and And I spent years Like waiting for somebody to help me I spent I went to college because I thought some mittens some guy I always thought it was gonna be a man was gonna teach me how to be successful cuz my dad died So from 10 to 16, I kept waiting for uncle from 16 to 25. I looked for Any man that was older than me. I thought he was gonna be the guy to show me The neighbor the doctor that got rich and the guy onto my left side they got the neighbor that got rich That knew my dad and we had to sell the house and leave I thought they were gonna help me they didn’t Because what happened was once they got a little money, they just went kind of quiet You know and said, hey don’t ask me for anything. I’m not telling anybody what I what I own what I’ve done and if I do they’re gonna want something from me and I’ve just just you know, Elena and I liked it to be open We’re like no, we’re gonna be transparent all the way up no matter where we’re at Maybe we fall from graces and then you’ll get to see that too Because because the theme today I don’t want money I mean, I do want money I want freedom but really what I want is I want to help people, you know I I am connive always wanted to help you but I’ve always wanted people to help me. Hmm. You always wanted to help people Well, I really wanted people to help me okay, you know but but I remember like my twin brother my twin brother had he had a Bone disease when he was six and it really pulled at me because I didn’t want my brother to have the bone disease So his left arm went out he had to have a surgery. I got stronger than him, you know, I got faster than him I didn’t have that issue to deal with it pulled him back a second, right? So I wanted to help him I think everybody wants to help other people more than anything else I think people want to help one another right and we don’t get enough examples of that Do you want to live a legacy or do you just want to make this world a better place? Oh, no, I don’t want to I mean, I’m not thinking about making the world a better place, but you’re trying to help people Yeah. Yeah, but but I’m thinking about what what did I do while I was here? I don’t really think about making things better Okay, but you want to empower people at the same time? See I shouldn’t even say that that I don’t I shouldn’t even answer that question in the way I just did I don’t want to make the world a better place I do want to make the world a better place, but that’s not what I’m thinking of every day I’m thinking I am definitely thinking about my legacy. No, okay. I’m thinking about what will people say about me in the year 2080 when I won’t be here okay in this physical You know mock up so Will they even say anything is it’s a it’s kind of a selfish selfish egotistical You know and philanthropic like III think that is a bigger contribution than whether or not I picked up the literate, right You always said people aren’t gonna remember you by the money. They can remember you by the things you did know Nobody nobody nobody ever says. Oh he was you know They they remember you the contribution mother Teresa. I mean when I when I say charitable every time I say the word charitable I think are okay every time I think about helping be a bad thing. Oh, wow, Nana. That was an awesome lady. I think Then other people tell me well. No, she was this and that now no, I just know this I have her associated with charitable I have her associated with being interested in helping people And by the way, if her and her organization’s had had more money, she could have helped more people

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