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  1. Who cares about Joe Biden. He won’t be elected president so stop worrying about it. He’s as corrupt as Trump. But Trump is going down. We all know it. These republicans know it. For some reason they’re scared of Trump. Idk what Trump has threatened them with but all of them are afraid to go against him.

  2. What does Russia have on Trump and the Republicans that they have just rolled over, to try and make a case that all of our Intelligence agencies are wrong and that Ukraine really hacked the Democratic Servers. Ukraine can hardly even feed their people and supposed to believe that they have an advanced group of Hackers, LOL. Trump even insisted that they make it up.

  3. He went from "A president does not have to commit a crime to be impeached", to "There was no quid pro quo, so there is no impeachable crime.", to "If there was a quid pro quo outside of the call I would be concerned", to "I refuse to look at the evidence." and "This investigation is ridiculous."

  4. Wow. Wasnt expecting these comments to be so promising. Gives me hope for us. Feels like the people are starting be less devoted to their party and more devoted to the country. That's where we should be. So sick of this bloated dems vs republicans crap when we're all AMERICANS. If you care about the country you care about the truth. No matter which party it implodes.

  5. My goodness there are some really angry people talking about this. I have my opinions, you and every one else has theirs. Try to be a little more civil and stop calling people bad names because they disagree with you opinion. Please stick to FACTS VS OPINIONS. If you don't know the facts do a little research and try to get over the political BS.

  6. Reverse strategy: Pres.Trump setup dems to fall for a non impeachable offensive they think is impeachable, so that their corruption is exposed to all.

    Oh wait. They don’t need Trump to do this, they do it themselves.

  7. DT should and must the public have a look at his tax returns….if hes an innocent man he shall walk free, but if hes caught in any tax fraud, he should be treatend like any other billionaire

  8. The ' firehose of falsehood ' is a propaganda technique in which a large number of messages are broadcast rapidly, repetitively, and continuously over multiple channels (such as news and social media) without regard for truth or consistency. Since 2014, when it was successfully used by Russia during its annexation of Crimea, this model has been adopted by other governments and political movements around the world…including FOX News, Donald Trump and in it's most extreme form by Sean Hannity. This guy is nothing but propaganda.

  9. In other words folks, Republicans in Congress are FLAT OUT LYING to the American People. Republicans in Congress hold VENEZUELA to a higher ETHICAL STANDARD than they do Donald Trump. Repubs were all in support of Trump when he invoked sanctions against Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela for alleged election tampering,and even considered sending in troops to OUST him, but they won't consider that their own President might have done something wrong. How is this Making America Great ?????? 3rd WORLD….here we come.

  10. This unfair process and Biden protecting his son is a fairy tale from thin air. Its insulting Mein Kampf propaganda methods. Wake up Republican Americans. They are insulting your intelligence while selling us all out.

  11. They can tell the judge about these things we already know about Such crimes. Biden bragged about his crime and the courts did nothing. The longer you keep telling us we need to learn more the more impugned you are

  12. Graham is going to have to change his toon starting Wednesday. It's looking bad for trump and "nothing to see here folks" ain't going to work.

  13. Ukraine is already in a very vulnerable position when Putin's Russia illegally annexed the Crimean Peninsula and claimed the Sea of Azov Russian territory by holding Ukrainian sailors prisoner when they sailed into the sea. Also Ukraine, an ally, is facing Putin's Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine.
    In their moment of vulnerability, the President of the US of A, withheld military aid for a Biden investigation to personally benefit him the Ukrainian government.
    If this is not an act of extortion and gangsterism by the President of the US of A on an ally, Ukraine, then you GOPers tell me what it is.

  14. The white house chief of staff admitted the quid quo pro right on camera. Sen Graham stated he will NOT look at the transcripts after crying about it to the public. Now there trying to focus there attention again on Joe Biden. The republicans scare the hell out of me with there corruption. The truth is right in there face & they still protect trump. VOTE them out of office.

  15. I believe that Sen. Graham is doing everything that he can . You have to realize that there are MANY moving parts and tasks have to be done in a certain order. You can not be a bull in a china closet.

  16. It’s a republican control senate. They could find trump violating everything that he should not. The senate will never remove him

  17. Why no report about how Trump has been found guilty of stealing 2 million dollars he was meant to and claimed to have donated to US Veterans. This has been proved in court and he has been found guilty and ordered to pay back the funds. Amazing how scummy this is and how Fox totally ignore it.

  18. Remeber when Huma came to Graham and hugged him and whispered in his ear? He's compromised and can't be trusted. He's another staller.

  19. Fox and friends live in alternative reality. Everything you say is a lie.
    Justice will be served and all of you treasonous bastards will be imprisoned for life or executed.

  20. The People are becoming very frustrated with the way our government is treating our President. They will find out who is boss and it won’t be nice. Vote them the hell out! Term Limits !

  21. Fox are you a newstation really ???
    Cause when I put in "search"..all I see is the same stories Impeachment, Demo's are devils, Trump..its all about what's going on in the WH..there are other things going on in the World..or are the instructions from your donars: Full Defence Trump???
    It's are not a news station

  22. This is just my opinion but I wouldn't vote for any DemonRat, don't care if it's Warren,Biden,Harris…in my opinion they are all corrupt and not worthy to be President..

  23. Lindsey Graham is talking about starting an investigation into Joe Biden and the crooked cabal called the Biden family but it's all talk talk talk. The only one who is investigating the Ukraine hoax and Biden family corruption is Rudy Giuliani , so If Lindsey Graham is not going to be able to do the job step down and give it to someone who will and may I suggest and recommend the senator from Texas Mister Ted Cruz

  24. Biden is a crook. He took advantage of the Ukaraine. He also did the same to China. Sonny boy got a billion from one place a million from the other. I wonder how much in eight years did he collect. How about Hillary. And broke Obama came of eight years owning four mansions and a healthy bank account. From a presidents pay??? I don't think so. All these top Dems should slip down the slimy pipe into a jail cell.

  25. Trump will NOT be Impeached! The Dems are so stupid! They are not going by The Constitution & think they can get away with this? No. We need Term Limits and a way for Americans to stop this impeachment problem. Americans should be able to stop this madness! Joe Biden should be in jail!

  26. The truth will come out and only the ignorant will believe left who will believe that Trump was overstepping his boundaries with involvement in Ukraine. It was the plan from before Trump was in office that if Trump made Presidency they would frame him and try to impeach him. The Socialist Democrat Hillary Clinton Colluded with Russia, and Trump was blamed. The Result was NO COLLUSION, NO OBSTRUCTION. The Former Socialist Democrat President and Vice President Obama and Biden were the real ones who committed the crime which involved Ukraine, and Trump was blamed. When this blows over the Socialist Democrats will find something else to blame Trump for. The don't care about any issues, what's good for America, or if he's really innocent or guilty, they just simple don't like him so they will try to do anything to get him out of office.

  27. Dear god. Is it me or is Lindsay starting to actually look like an old feeble Russian man that's about ready to ask for a loaf of bread?

  28. Miss Lindsey has the vapors again. I mean, this whole impeachment thing with trump using extortion on a foreign leader to get dirt on his political opponent is nothing like getting a b.j. in the W.H. /s

  29. Democrats' main agenda from Jan. 20, 2016 until now, remove Trump from office no matter what it takes, no matter the cost

  30. Democrats' main agenda from Jan. 20, 2016 until now, remove Trump from office no matter what it takes, no matter the cost

  31. Democrats' main agenda from Jan. 20, 2016 until now, remove Trump from office no matter what it takes, no matter the cost

  32. There seems to be a lot of gaps in Fox reporting. It's always a good thing to listen to both sides to get a complete story.

  33. Biden as vice president had no more authority to withhold or release US money to the Ukraine than I have. So even if Biden did what is claimed he done he had no money to give the Ukraine. Comparing what Trump did to what Biden supposedly did is comparing apples to oranges.

  34. WE have all heard the fine words of the hipocrite Lindsey Graham, spoken during the Clinton impeachment. How he has changed……
    So, the good men of the GOP know how this will end in the Senate, do they? Before they have heard the evidence no less.
    Well, I have a good idea how this will end in the 2020 election.
    Good luck Guys, you are going to need it. The whole world can smell the stench of corruption in your party. YOU will be called to account for your actions.

  35. I’m not American so I have a question. Do you think the elites are going to oust President Trump regardless of the will of the people of your country?

  36. Adam Schiff face looks like he's smelling his own farts and they smell like roses to him.
    Put rosey cheeks on this guy and he looks like a clown

  37. Hannity is an idiot. All the western nations wanted that prosecutor gone not to mention the investigation on Hunter was already over before that prosecutor was fired.

  38. Still in the inquiry stage, Graham knows this. He's lying. The President will have representation when the impeachment TRIAL starts.

  39. Let’s deal with Biden later. Can someone explain why the president shouldn’t be impeached? I’ve seen the left present facts which seem to line up with a crime being committed. An American President should not be going to a foreign entity for intel.

    I’d sincerely like to hear some facts from the right which can prove Trump didn’t bribe the President of Ukraine.

  40. Liars always have to remember exactly what lie (lies) they have told in the past. As they continue lying, they inevitably make mistakes.

  41. I like that Trump called out Merkel and Europe. The dems are clueless idiots to not understand that it is a good thing to check on the country, with a history of corruption, that you are about to send hundreds of millions to. Common sense.

  42. Hannity and Graham are so biased. LOL that’s all you guys have is your bias argument for everything so pathetic all of you Trumptards

  43. Was it Sean hannity paying hush money to prostitutes and paying for their abortions. And Donald Trump got caught stealing from his Charity. Taking the food out of children's mouths. These people are disgusting, they have no morals, No values, No integrity. They're just disgusting.

  44. Wow cowardly what words from a coward! The impeachment process is being followed 100% Under The Written Letter of the law within the Constitution of the United States of America. Have you ever read it Sean Hannity?

  45. What bothers me is all this talk, talk, talk. Republicans are too busy standing around with their finger in their anal tract.

  46. The bind they are in keeps them whirring and twerlling but TRUMP will prevail.. 🇺🇸💯🚒… Biden's donors will not get the corruption they paid for.🎭

  47. It’s misleading that Senator Graham speaks about due process not being met when Republicans were in the closed door depositions and transcripts are being released as soon they are verified by the witnesses. This is an inquiry and the trial, where due
    process is followed, will be in the Senate if the House formalizes articles of impeachment.

  48. Lol they r bitching about the process …. did this dude really just trump has done nothing wrong but they still have a good case lol

  49. This reminds me of the Wisconsin recall election driven by Democrats who couldn't accept the election result. Enough people got pissed off at their tactics, they went out and voted, and Walker survived the recall and actually got his shot at being governor.

  50. If John McCain were alive, he would have his foot up grahams backside! LOL! Democrats for democracy, or trump for communism! I just don't remember any Democrats ever saying they trust Putin and his intell over our very own intell here?

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