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  1. How come no one is asking the most profound question '' WHY is the U S giving tons of tax payer dollars to other Countries ………While numerous struggling Americans can hardly pay their rent…..And many are foreclosed among other miseries?

  2. Hey RINO Senator Graham we the people finally agree with you "somebody" should look into all the X-VP Biden and his worthless drug addict son who received millions of dollars payments for daddy's office favor also"….. Here's a brilliant suggestion, how about you and the rest of the Senate P'sOS OPEN INVESTIGATION, while you are at it sepena the faux whistle-blower (BS-blower) and all the leakers since President Trump's election and inauguration, also bring Mueller and the entirety of goon squad in over the FISA travesty and faux Russia BS spying OP investigation against the President it's all hypocrisy!!!!

  3. Do they know state attorney's are the accusers of cases triggered by anonymous tips ALL THE TIME? Sure he committed an impeachable act. But there is nothing to do cause we don't know the wistle guy. This is insulting the intelligence of 15 year old kids. I love that Republicans will have the final word. Maybe then forever-trumpers will stop crying.

  4. Can someone explain to me, in a language that I can understand, how Schiff can muzzle the testimony of a LT COL in the United States Army? Because if he got specific "legal council" before this hearing I don't see how that isn't witness tampering/intimidation.

    The man has just taken an oath to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help him God, and there are things he isn't allowed to say at a Presidential impeachment hearing? Namely information that could (potentially) reveal the "whistle blower's" identity.

    Where are you from where Schiff's show is greater than an oath before God and to the WHOLE TRUTH?

    Seriously, do they have Javelins there?

    It's like watching a train wreak; where words don't mean what they mean, the rule book has been completely and incomprehensibly re-written; everyone has an IQ of 65, and doesn't care what it is that comes out of their mouths.

  5. I just hope Neocon, war loving RINOs, like Graham has always been, do not use their power in the Senate to force their war mongering ways on Trump! I fear they will tell Trump he MUST do things their way or they will vote to impeach him. There are bad players on both sides of the isle! Graham was the sidekick of War Monger in Chief, John McCain…never forget that!

  6. Comeon LG you know there is not enough direct evidence for a trial. Everyone contact the Rep. Senators with the words no trial on less than sham evidence

  7. On August 21, 2019 we saw Trump fully reveal himself as a false Messiah when he tweeted the claim that he is the "King of Israel" and the "second coming of God." Jesus was called the King of Israel as he was tormented and crucified. Israel has never had a king since. Later the same day Trump announced, "I Am the Chosen One!" as he looked mockingly up to the heavens. Please notice that Trump used the biblical "I Am" when he completed his unholy trinity of heresies. The Bible predicts that the Antichrist ("the man of sin") will claim to be God and thus the true King of Israel (2 Thessalonians 2:3-10).

  8. Lindsey wants to make sure he's reelected next year. He saw what happened in Kentucky and Louisiana, and it was a wake up call for him. Lindsey must approve a Trump Impeachment trial in the Senate, or he could actually be going Bye-Bye next November 3, 2020 when he's up for Senate Reelection in South Carolina. Especially if the Democrats nominate a conservative to go up against Lindsey.

  9. You know Biden wants to get out of the race so bad right now… He would love to just say I'm out! And go off the grid. Biden knows that he is stuck in all of this now, and if he were to exit the primary race, he would look guilty. (as guilty as he knows he is) Every time his son or his admission of blackmailing Ukraine while he was VP is brought up, he angrily changes the subject. Angrily. The truth will set you free…

  10. The Senator misunderstands the question. It is the presiding Chief Justice who governs the rules of evidence. He is the judge. The Senate is the jury, in the equation. That is not to say a Presidential conviction could not be appealed the Supreme Court. Whether a President could remain in power during that time would purely be a matter of arms, and sensibility

  11. ThankYou Sean & Sen.Graham!
    God bless you both & other like minded people for sorting this out as tiring as it is.

    Seems like the swamp is trying to use MkUltra on the masses😯
    And you All keep trying to undo the damage & sabotage.
    Stand safe & Sound Patriots!
    For God Country & Humanity!
    Vote2Q2Q 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Beware the swamp in Fox territory.

  12. It is a mental illness kind of strange the way these haters hear and see what they want to ,completely void of all reality.

  13. Senator Graham, WHY WOULD YOU EVEN ENTERTAIN A HEARING IN THE SENATE RE: THIS SOVIET-STYLE SHOW TRIAL? This has been an absolute mockery of our Constitution and you and the Senate should throw it out. DO NOT LEGITIMIZE IT IN THE SENATE.

  14. Don't try a no name thumbs down stunt. It's showing on your face. Go out and do NO MOre harm. End it now. State, you've heard enough, as we have, and call it a good day. Move to impeach Pelosi, pass the bills on the table, USMCA, IMMIGRATION. Be in the History Books, remembered as a hero.

  15. The Senate Must reject even looking at any House impeachment approval. The Senate Must set the bar at a rational level. If there has been No due process in the House activities, no factual data that backs up the grounds of impeachment then it must be rejected by the Senate out of hand. To accept the House impeachment for trial is to give it legitimacy and set the bar for Senate processing of impeachment so low as to Imply – that Gossip can be the sole basis of Impeachment. Remember, the Whistleblower had second hand info, remember the Whistleblower rules to allow second hand (gossip) to be the basis of a report were changed at the last second, so this Fake whistleblower with the Schiff office could make up a report. Schiff has made sure that No Due Process was allowed, else his Impeachment charade couldn't go ahead. Due Process allowed to even a person stealing a pie wasn't permitted by Schiff. Schiff led and coached all the third hand "witnesses", excluded all exculpatory persons and evidence, denied questions to witnesses they didn't like. The Whole Process was a total Sham. And should not be dignified by the Senate in any way.

  16. Hannity you need to shut your trap now and then, let Lindsey finish a question brfore you finish for him……shut up!

  17. This is a ludicrous situation, the name of the USA is dragged in the dirt because Trump tried to get forign help again, this time blackmailing another nation. The Republican party sinking in a swamp of failed defenses of Trump. The Republican party now risks ending in a 1976 situation loosing everything.

  18. This show should stop imidiately. With all the evidence trump should just go strait to jail. Lock him up already.

  19. It's not hearsay when people on the call testify which is what happened.

    Biden is just a distraction from what Trump has done.

    Let's talk about trump

  20. Get over yourself Hannity! 😊 Trump
    made the illegal call with the Ukrainian President, he already admitted to
    that! 😊
    You can't call a foreign country and ask them to investigate a fellow American
    who happens to be your political opponent as it shows the world that you’re a
    cheater!  If you do that and you hold up
    military aid then it’s a crime! Trump violated his oath as POTUS by making the
    call as it’s a violation of the Emoluments Clauses of the U.S.Constitution! 😆

  21. Lindsey stop embarrassing yourself kid your credibility is on the line,those fools believe conspiracy theory like brainless kids

  22. You shouldn't be able to get a parking ticket over hearsay.
    Well anyone that had ever shown up to local court would disagree.
    It all comes down to the judge on that.
    Right now we just have a chairman presiding, in the Senate we'll have a justice, Supreme as some say.

  23. Trump release your tax returns so America can see how much money you owes RUSSIA. Trump Golf Courses don't actually make any money." In 2013, Eric Trump told golf writer James Dodson that "we have all the funding we need out of Russia" for Trump golf properties; Eric Trump denied saying that in 2017, Dodson stood by his report.

  24. Vindman lauded America's virtues, which Colbert endorsed: "Yes, in America, right matters — you know, unless you're one of the congressmen on the right, then not so much these days.


  26. And Trump's reaction to the impeachment hearings has only made things worse." After Trump's previous contemporaneous attacks of witnesses raised witness-tampering concerns, "in advance of today's hearings, anchors on Trump's favorite TV channel, Fox News, begged him not to tweet or even watch the hearings at all."

  27. "And after this morning's hearings, you could see why." Trump and his allies "have tried to impugn the integrity and character of Lt. Col. Vindman," before and during Tuesday's hearings, he said, proving "once again" that "Republicans have no defense, all they can do is attack the witnesses because that's what Trump wants."

  28. Let’s drop our pride and seek the truth whatever it may be. Let’s accept it and drop our division. We need come together and try to reason with each other in order to save our country now. If we keep blaming those who don’t share our opinion we are headed for civil war. That will be a great loss for our country and when it over we will wonder why we could not simply reason with each other. Less stop all the bickering other countries are watching, some with delight. Our core problems are 1. Race, 2. Economic inequality, 3. political intolerance among other things. These are weaknesses that can be addressed and we can strive for a more perfect union. Let’s drop our anger an at least try. God Bless American our home, sweet home. Peace

  29. Attn morons: (Hannity and Graham) – This is not a Criminal Trial, it's an impeachment. Criminal process does not apply, nobody is going to jail over this. The harshest outcome is someone loses their job.
    Second – How can in the same breath you claim you won't admit hear-say and also want to face "The whistleblower" who by his own testimony only has hearsay evidence to contribute.
    Third – If someone calls the cops cuz they say "they heard something" and the cops show up and arrest someone doing something wrong. When it goes to court, does the defendant really need to face "The guy who called the cops"….who saw nothing, just said he heard something and called the cops (Who are first hand witnesses to the crime).
    This case has plenty of first hand witnesses. The ONLY reason to want the whistleblower revealed is to make that person susceptible to retribution on the part of the President and/or the GOP.

  30. Аляска наша Крым наш Трамп Наш Сигал Наш Ди Каприо наш😄Да !Смешите

  31. Come on Sen Graham, you’re better than this. You know what happened and the sort of President we have. Stop being a hypocrite.


  33. Sean, need not be frustrated.
    Let CNN make a fool of themselves and once the dust settled and investigation into the instigators exposed, let’s enjoy the 3 CNN present themselves. The white hair, big crumpled face and hypocrite guys will most probably be presenting under the table! These 3 CNN think they are smarter than the rest and I wonder how others especially their loved ones perceived them.

  34. So 95% of the evidence is hearsay and the 5% that are first hand accounts corroborates the 95%, but you spin in boys because that's what you're good at. Your latest defense is it's boring, don't watch and we'll tell you what to think later. Your viewers are beginning to question your logic.

  35. That is still a quick Pro quo Biden done he used taxpayer money to bribe him to do something that’s what that is don’t make no difference over his son or not


  37. Hillary wasn't treated like every other American. She can share classified information wherever she likes without worry. But if a soldier did the same thing then 30 years in prison…

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