Graduate Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University as Told by GEM Fellows

What drew me to Carnegie Mellon in the first
place was just the fact that it really was a great engineering school, and even back
then, I knew that it also had a very great fine arts department and so, it seemed very
balanced to me. I think one of the things that makes the engineering
curriculum here unique is how much choice you have in the process. The requirements are well thought out, but
loose enough that you can really forge your own path. I’ve had a great experience here at CMU. I originally came here because the people
that I met, I just clicked with so easily. People are really down to earth at Carnegie
Mellon. Everyone’s very accepting of who you were
coming in, and I really appreciated that student culture. You got a sense that everybody was very capable
and very driven, but willing to help everybody around them succeed. It’s not even the curriculum, it’s the atmosphere. So, in my department, it’s so collaborative
and it’s not as competitive and as cutthroat as maybe other institutions might be. I feel like I’m stimulated both, you know,
academically and also socially. There’s a lot of things to do on campus, and
I really enjoy it. Pittsburgh is a great city, especially with
so many students around. There’s great bar scenes and plenty of things
to do on the weekends. Coming from Boston, I was especially looking
for a good sports city, and Pittsburgh definitely nails that. What I like about Pittsburgh is that it seems
to be very up and coming at the moment. I’m a Ph.D. student, I’m going to graduate
school, and I feel like there’s plenty to do as a graduate student here on campus. The school actually focuses on the graduate
students more than you might see at other universities. I can’t tell you how many times I’m like working
on something for research or doing something for a class and 9 times out of 10, the paper
that comes up is faculty from CMU. I can walk down the hall if I have a question
and just ask the person who wrote that paper. So, that’s a pretty awesome opportunity that
you don’t really get in very many places. I’m excited for the curriculum in the electrical
and computer engineering department, mostly because of the diversity of courses being
offered. That’s one of the things I really loved about
the department. So I can always kind of like, put my hands in
different things and kind of see like, which ones that I really, really like and then kind of
have like a fundamental understanding of what’s going on. I think what’s unique about the Carnegie Mellon
engineering curriculum is you can really make it what you want it to be. You can just… I have friends that are mechanical engineers,
chemical engineers, electrical engineers, so you really come here and whatever you want
to do with your degree, you can do it. There’s nothing else to say, really, I mean,
engineering is where it’s at.

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