Gowdy on Roger Stone: Nine years is a long sentence for lying to Congress

Gowdy on Roger Stone: Nine years is a long sentence for lying to Congress

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  1. The inept abberated support of a gagle of sleeping and fat humanoids for this man, Biden, himself a corrupt politician.
    How anyone could support this creep is beyond comprehension and sanity.

  2. I find it ironic that Rodger Stone lied to congress and gets 9 years. Then the speaker of house the lies non stop and gets nothing.

  3. I'm about tired of Fox newsokay if you should be prosecuted for lying to Congress what about all the FBI agents allowed to Congress what about Hillary Clinton she lied to Congress why are they not going to prison for 10

  4. As far as I'm concerned the DOJ is a rat's nest. The four attorneys that resigned are worthless scum bags. I am very happy and proud of President Trump for intervening. There is a stench that comes from the Federal bureau of investigation, the DOJ and the judge that pronounced the sentence.

    And nothing is happening to the piglet Hillary Clinton, Comey, Stryzok, McCabe, Lisa Page and director Wray. You can tell an FBI agent is lying when their lips are moving.

    None dare call it treason !

  5. That Cavuto was really fishing in Gowdy to try to find something amiss that he Cavuto could use for his anti-Trump agenda. Pathetic.

  6. I wanna know how many years Congress should get for lying to the American people??? They should do at least 20 years for not keeping their promises. To hell w Congress, they’re not God!

  7. I wanna know how many years Congress should get for lying to the American people??? They should do at least 20 years for not keeping their promises. To hell w Congress, they’re not God!

  8. Remember when Obama said, "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon". Trump isn't there first to comment and he won't be the last.

  9. This dude is getting to be allot like Graham… all talk no action ! Bad to say but really all these people that we put in charge are all in the same boat … Why the hell do we as a people think we need someone that is the same as anyone else making laws that they are exempt from for us to fallow and telling us what we can and cannot do ??? What a f&%ked up system we have when the government can do all the things we cant and nothing happens .

  10. Eff you Gowdy. You talk a lot but have never done anything measurable for the Americans. You've fooled many but you are part of the swamp! I hope you get fired! There was a reason why Trump wouldn't allow you anywhere near his Whitehouse and his defense attorneys. You are a fraud!

  11. FBI altered an email document to fraud FISA court and get a warrant against Carter Page….how many years for that?? None, so far. Person was transferred!! What a joke of a system. Put that FBI person in frickin jail now!

  12. What is the penalty for destroying congress subpoeaned evidence documents, hardrives and phones. ( 33,000 emails)?    just wonder what the penalty is?

  13. Only on the “Fox News Propaganda Network” Does a Traitor To the United States Get Defended, Roger Stone Is a Lying Crooked Conspiracy Theorist, He Lied To Congress under oath, He Threatened Federal Witnesses and Outright Denied Helping and Assisting Russian Interference to Subvert our Democracy but, go ahead Every Trump Supporter and Repeat that Cult Chant, MAGA MAGA MAGA, Worship Trump the Dictator!!…
    Blind Lost and Loyal Fools

  14. McCabe lied to Congress 7 times and he has not been charged, Brennan lied to Congress, James Clapper lied to Congress and no charges have been filed on those two corrupt Obama officials. James Comey the ex-head of the FBI lied to Congress and he was not charged, what do they all have in common, they are all Democrats. This BS has to end Bill Barr either indicts and prosecutes these criminal Democrats or get the hell out of the way and hire someone who will, we just had a US House Representative falsify evidence and then used that to try and impeach the POTUS, where I come from that is treason, do your job Bill Barr or resign.

  15. There's absolutely nothing illegal about congress people lying – anywhere they are.
    There should be a law about that, but who will pass it – even introduce it into a bill.
    Congress people should be punished for lying to Americans.

  16. Howdy is a QUITTER! He knows it all but did nothing but run his mouth and grandstand! Now he's on Fox where he gets paid to run his mouth! He thinks Roger Stone should serve time for lying to Congress but Roger Stone is one of many who lied to Congress and Howdy isn't concerned about yhem! A F'N hypocrite!

  17. Well let’s hope this goes booth ways …shifty lied and lied ..so did Comey and all the deep state idiots ….nine years for lying to Congress, absurd and double standards….

  18. Charges should be dropped, because we know that the investigation was run by corrupt prosecutors who violated the law repeatedly.

  19. Lying to congress? IE lying to a criminal band of gangsters who lie every day to the very people who employ them, You've got to be kidding.

  20. I only wish that I am alive, when Gowdy is given authority with responsibility. Theory out the window. Now, see the real man. All good.

  21. If Rodger Stone needs to go away for 9 years for lying to Congress then Brennan, Clapper ,Paige, Peter strzok, Comey , shift ,Clinton and countless others should be sharing his cell.
    As far as the media go they didn't give a s***. About Weinstein, Epstein, Smollett, wiener But now Rodger stone is the biggest criminal of our time.

  22. Why is Gowdy disregarding the evidence which clearly shows a politically biased trial. That is a corrupt trial Gowdy WTF????. NEW TRIAL REQUIRED! with different judge and jury – closely audited for bias.

  23. So it's OK for Trey Gowdy to go on National TV and give his opinion on the Roger Stone sentencing but it's not ok for the President to tweet that Roger Stone has been treated unfaily? What? The President of the US has less rights than anyone else? What's up with that???

  24. "In every age, it has been the tyrant, the oppressor and the exploiter
    who has wrapped himself in the cloak of patriotism, or religion, or both
    to deceive and overawe the People." – Eugene Victor Debs

  25. Isn't it interesting that LYING to Congress is a crime, but Congress LYING to the American People is not even worth discussing. Do you really believe in the fantasy of the American Justice System?

  26. Sad for Stone and his family. STAGED stepping down? They are deep state. How about Clapper? Far more dangerous lies… How about Brennan… How about bozos first AG, Eric Himpton Holder Jr.???

  27. The hood news for Biden he has a greater percentage of the electorate than Elizabeth Warren has Native American heritage

  28. I think it is about time to change the rule for Congress so they can not lie on the floor or to the public. LOCK UP Adam Shiff for brains.

  29. Gowdy @This is a serious crime'???WTF, the crime here was the judge and DOJ rigged the Jury. The Judge appointed a Democratic Trump-hating lawyer to be jury chairman? WTF. The Judge and DOJ prosecutors should be behind bars for Jury rigging and incompetence.The trial was tainted.

  30. If you are going to jail people for lying to Congress jail all of the people who lied. What’s good for one is good for all. This is still America ( I think ) where ALL people are equal when it comes to the law!

  31. Trump will pardon him regardless what sentence he gets and no matter the outrage the diptard dems have about it. Theyve shot theyre wad and in January will truly understand what being powerless feels like.

  32. 9 years, now you understand why communist/socialist/Marxist/leftist/ democrats lock up their political opponents, or execute them.

  33. What's that sound is it the howling of the hounds? Or just more Archon-types Federal Shiksas Secret College Masonic/Zionist/SERCO Meatheads putrid blood Oaf'$IllumiCorp Khazarian Kabal-Kult useless government Alphabet Bad-Boyz Agencies new age neo-con Negative Nazis " psychic driving" the masses and the classes with LoosH & BS. But this is merely seems like…—…

  34. I’m beginning to think life tenure for judges is a mistake. IMO, a ten year term and retirement at full salary is a better setup. Better chance of eliminating “partisan/idiotically” minded judges from the system.

  35. Why did the government need 4 prosecutors? Were the State's foundations at risk by Stone? Why all that effort for 1 buffoon's rants? I don't get it – those guys make a lot of money – maybe they're in an office looking for something to do?

  36. Pin head who wasted all that time and money investigated Hillary just to find nothing and you idiot republicans still listen to this moron and you still put him on state run FOX news.

  37. Amazing how all the democrats are lying but your carnival barking president's is pure as the driven snow. What a bunch of mouth breathers.

  38. Liars are NORMALIZING LYING in spite of LYING being a CRIME. Jesus Christ said that LIARS are the CHILDREN OF SATAN so it is no wonder that liars are supporting and enabling the LIAR IN CHIEF.

  39. The long sentence is more reflective of animas toward Trump in a judicially confused environment of partisan politics.

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