Gowdy: No one believes Russia prefers Trump over ‘comrade Sanders’

Gowdy: No one believes Russia prefers Trump over ‘comrade Sanders’

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  1. There should be a mistrial. The jury forewoman was horrible anti Trump and posted it all over social media. She had him convicted before the trial ever started. That's not justice and someone needs to be held accountable.

  2. I don't trust this Gowdy! He says it was a fair sentence 40 mos. for Roger Stone. I say NO IT WASN'T.This was purely political to go after Trump loyalists. But how bout ALL the radical leftist' holdovers from Bush/Obama who were part part of the "Russia-Dossier" HOAX,…and are still out walking around FREE!…These assholes need to be charged & sent to jail!!!!!…HOOAH,MAGA!…TRUMP2020🇺🇸

  3. I wouldn't expect a former prosecutor to be so 'cavalier' as to say, "no one he knows…. thinks Russia prefers Donald Trump over …Sanders. Well, Trey, apparently you don't stay up to date on topical information. Currently 61 % of Americans believe Russia is or will interterfer in the 2020 Presidential election all for the benefit of Trump. Throwing out "comrade" Sanders is just another cheap shot like you complaining about national intelligence. Gowdy is the same guy that basically prosecuted and persecuted Clinton over Benghazi, multiple times without any conclusion action. A Republican fiasco and total waste of taxpayer money.

  4. Stone did lie and he deserves his prison sentence which is way too short. No, its not OK for people to break our laws despite what the orange idiot tells his gullible white base. The orange idiot is an un-Indicted CO-CONSPIRATOR labeled Individual #1. He also deserves federal prison time and we are going to make sure he gets what he deserves.

  5. The only way Russia will rise again world power is by having a puppet in the White House – Putin does not help or support Trump, he helps himself. He does not want to face a strong US-President. America sold out to Russia by the Crook in the White House and his croonies.

  6. watch trump give him a pardon over tens of thousands of other federal inmates….why ? because he is his friend and cover up man…it is all political and the public knows it. all of the pardons he has given, and the medal of freedom to a pundit? Maybe a participation trophy but not an award the a military man gets tRump is not judge jury and exonerator that's up to DOJ oh wait…a very low barr!

  7. Lol wow….Stone was not just convicted of “lying”. Stone was charged and convicted of witness tampering, obstructing an official proceeding, and five counts of making false statements!

    I’m not a democrat. So you can save ur energy with the dem insults!

  8. Someone tell them cold war is over please. Why would Russia want a socialist leader in the US when Russia is not socialist themselves?

  9. Gowdy in another interview doesn't know what Roger lied about or what the lie was…. as he said on air… so Gowdy's conclusion is WORTH NOTHING.

  10. Except today it has come out that the Intelligence Community is reporting that Russia is meddling, again, and Trump is pissed that Schiff was in the meeting, like he's supposed to be, to hear it because now Trump can't deny it like he did 4 years ago.

  11. I'd love to see Roger in a casket! Of course Russia prefers this presidential puppet to Sanders, they just can't seem to get a pee tape on Bernie…

    People in the land of the living…the “Resistance” the democratic, left,
    socialist, sect, party, those workers of iniquity & evildoers, & the
    “Resistance” little league fake, lying news…cnn, msnbc, abc, cnbc, cbc, bbc,
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    Pleasure, Power, & Avoidance of Responsibility…pathetic life principles
    they believe, practice, & bow down to. 
    One more TRUTH…there all LESS THAN NOTHING.

  13. Oh c'mon. Commrad Sanders.
    Russian is not a communist country country you morons.
    And it does not matter who is President. US forgin policy is the same

  14. At it again MR. Trey "Benghazi" Gowdy? Even Moscow Mitch believes deep down that Russia prefers L'Orange to any Democrat. Why do you guys try so hard to defend the indefensible? Give it up guy. Your posturing is dying of old age.

  15. I warned you Americans 3 years ago we Russians were going to help this Trump again I personally do not like this Trump but my friend V.Putin President of Russian Federation can manipulate him to get what he wants from him and it's working !!!!!!! 🇷🇺😝🇷🇺

  16. The liberals keep insisting that Russians vote in American elections at the polls but I don't see how it's possible. How does a polling machine that's not hooked up to the internet get hacked? Are the liberals so weak? Are they suggesting they are hypnotized into voting against their Candidate by Russia somehow?

  17. "I don't think it's with the juror verdict" oh, then Trumps attacking the jury foreman is not a problem? Mr.Gowdy, you are an officer of the court, act like it! You're disgraceful.

  18. Fox news listners. Have a look at what Jimmi Dore, Aaron Matee, William Binni and Julien Assange all say about Russiagate 1&2. I am a Bernie supporter, but we are united against Russiagate. Gowdy is friends with Tulsi Gabbard. Calling Bernie Comerade Sanders is not fair. The way forward is to fight the IC and the war crazy military/industrial complex. For all that need reminding: Netflix – "The Big Short".

  19. Obviously Russia prefers Trump but that's OK. If they can help get Trump re-elected, that's fine with me and I'm sure it's OK with his other supporters. Russia isn't a communist country anymore.

  20. No lie is too big for me Forrest Gowdy backing Trump who in all his time in office hasn't had ONE BAD WORD for Putin. Even Stevie Wonder can see whats wrong here.

  21. All lies, the democrats and the medua is saying Facebook and Twitter is working with Russia to help trump win. There's no interference

  22. No, no one believes Putin doesn't prefer someone who fawns over him, who claims to believe Putin over his own people. No of course not why would Putin prefer someone like that?

  23. I've said it before and I will say it again, the democrats are trying to start a second civil war in our country, just look at what they have been trying to do the last three years. So when Trump, wins re-election in November. Watch how the so called media and democrats act, they will say world is coming to an end, Trump has been re-eleected. THEY HAVE LOST THEIR MINDS.

  24. US politics : the top reality TV show on earth, nobody needs any of those scripted productions, just the newsfeed is enough mudslinging, silly scandals, BS, outrageous poses and whatever you may want from that kind of shows.

  25. Russia is the reason for everything bad now including Biden getting billions of dollars in bribes from foreign governments and companies … there is no other explanation … HA HA

  26. 90% of the accounts in comments here are trolls lol so many who ignore facts in favor of biased lies and rhetoric…alternate facts seem to be a Trumpanzee thing lol

  27. Communism died decades ago..give it a rest. The new communism is anarchism and it will prevail over capitalism when the effects of capitalist induced global warming dry up the reserves. Capitalism is killing itself ironically.

  28. Who would tell Putin to back up Donald Trump? Hillary Clinton that's who. She's the one who's in bed with Putin. She thought if Putin says he backs up Trump. More votes would go for her. Trump misinterpreted it. And turned it into a sign of peace between two of the biggest nuclear powers. Nobody wants nuclear war. It backfired on Hillary Clinton.

  29. My guess is they've been influencing both sides for a long time. Vote for a Fascist or a Socialist. That would be a difficult choice.

  30. I believe many participants of the US government are now under high influence of Russia on both sides, maybe without realizing it. We have a serious problem.

  31. Who cares if the president can get a long with N. Korea, Russia, Iran it betters our country in so many ways. Now we want all those who lied and participated in the bogus impeachment go to trial and be punished, especially paying back all the $40 Million dollars wasted/spent of the bogus investigation – We the people want that money paid back to the hard working American Citizens. Pelosi knew there was no impeachment proof but still allows to spend/waste all our money MILLIONS of dollars – we could have used that money to help our poor citizens/homeless citizens. We want all demo's, politicians, anyone in office who tell lies on the president (at this point especially after the fake impeachment)t and it is found true that they lied – they should be arrested, punished, fined or jailed – no more political games.

  32. Does the fact that Russia hacked the DNC server and released those records via Julian Asange Trumps close ally, and the fact Trump knew about it ahead of time mean anything to thick headed trey? because its all on the youtube.. not hard to find

  33. Everyone that understands the law is Bias against Trump. That is why so many FBI are Bias, CIA Bias. Educated without a lot of dysfunctional triggers that can blind them to reason.

    That is why they decided not to prosecute McCabe because every single FBI agent and CIA agent spoke and text the same way of Trump. They know Trump is a Scoundrel, a second generation Scoundrel and quit possibly a Russian agent. They know because they understand who and what Trump is.

  34. Yeah, when they make assessments and they are inevitably wrong why, pray tell me, do we need their services?? Use the Israeli services on a contract basis. They always seem to know the score as to what is really going on in this world. Question? Why for all the money we are spending on intelligence can't we excel in that area and get it right more often? Perhaps some Congressional committee should be asking these questions. We're starting to look like a bunch of intelligence stumble bums. Let's make intelligence a priority. Let's make intelligence great again. For the good and safety of our Republic. Get some advice from the Israelis if need be , but get it straightened out!

  35. Republicans going to jail for lying "plenty" democrats going to jail for lying "0" . can anyone say "double standard two tiered injustice system" !!!!

  36. Russia is run by oligarchs like Trump. And Sanders has the guts to denounce the interference and call Putin what he is, an "autocratic thug." Meanwhile, remember Helsinki …

  37. He should mention it to his voters at rallies and if he goes to three rallies and ask his voters if he should pardon Stone and the others involves and there is enough cheers, then he should pardon them and merely say he did it because it is what his voters wanted him to do.

  38. fox change you title you to no sane person believes Russia prefers trump over 'comrade sanders' since we all know the dumbass liberal nazis would belives Russia will "help" trump as they did in 2016.

  39. lol 😂 what a weak attack lol Sanders honeymooned in Russia over 40 years ago meanwhile Trump owes the Russian banks how many millions $$$…don’t tell his supporters that he would want to keep his supporters uninformed cause "he loves his uneducated supporters"

  40. Putin wants Trump in office because he knows the country will become even more divided politically the longer he stays in. And Globally he is making friends with the people Trump pisses off. It helps him.

  41. I've been saying this for years! Why would Putin prefer Trump to Clinton?
    Why have more people not asked this question?!!

  42. Trump – look at me. Do you think i got where i am today by telling the truth. I love to lie. It's in my blood. I am the record liar. And you ain't seen nothing yet.

  43. President Trump needs to fire all holdovers in the government Security agencies. He needs to hire only people that are in agreement with his policies. Obama's policies weakened our country and we don't need people in our government who are obstructionists, leakers, liars, and treasonous traitors.

  44. Clinton destroys public records, erases 30,000+ emails, smashes her blackberrys, and get nominated for President. Stone lies to Congress, and goes to prison. Yep, nothing wrong there…keep electing Democrats and soon we all be in jail.

  45. They are the Comrades not us, Demonicrats,move to Russia and quit messing with our President, you will receive full PAYBACK in November, as an x DEMOCRAT I'm sick of the SWAMP,flush them all on a TRUMP SWEEP 2020,2024,2028!!!😁💕🇺🇸💕🇺🇸

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