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  1. Im a Texan…we welcome everyone but PLEASE do not ruin our state by voting Dem. We love our freedom and independence in Texas..let's keep it that way.

  2. Same thing with immigrants… The young dual citizen "dreamers" bring their leftist ideas with them. They vote in the elections of two countries and the cancel out the votes of patriotic American veterans.

  3. In the whole world there is no free lunch.
    What you do not pay in taxes, somebody else does or earn much lower wages, which is the same difference.
    Besides, the total US debt (corps, gov + households) is a staggering 87.1 trillion as of end of 2018!
    4.25 times the US GDP. 🤒

    That is your future taxes!
    And you just wait after the next global crisis when half the world starts to trade i Yuan and the USD suddenly only buys you half the goods! 😱

  4. I don't trust a Democrat. They've moved to AZ and they're already trying to turn it into California. Housing has risen exponentially since the California exodus. They're like the Beverley Hillbilly's with their Black Gold California tea. They do vote blue too.

  5. I love my Governor Abbott . He is keeping Texas RED . We must educate the people . The young have gone to school and because the ones keeping the school system hostage to uneducation of the truth of the role our Government plays in our lives . The Judicial Branch ,the legislature and the Executive Branch ,the Constitution, State and Local Government . We must have these studies in school . Maybe Role playing these roles in school . Even the Governors roles in our states and the Border mmigration system. Our children are having a very lax teaching system . MEDIA GAMES ARE TAUGHT IN SCHOOL IN TEXAS .

  6. Americas extrordinary success:

    – 87 trillion in debt
    – 1 trillion in budget deficit/yr
    – top 10% earn 50% of income
    – average hrl wage: $25
    – 44% earning < 18k/yr
    – trade deficit $631 billion
    – wealth share bottom 50%: 1.6%

    So again, how great is this and how great the future prospects?!

  7. I moved to the Great State of Texas 15 years ago. I love Texas and the Texans love ME! I came for the affordable land and decided to stay for good. I married a Texas native and now I'm part of a big, happy Texas clan. I have joyously adopted this culture. If the newcomers do as I did and listen to Gov. Abbott, they will KNOW that they are HOME.

  8. Charge the media with sedition. They are corrupting the TRUTH and allowing DEMocrats to take away our basic human rights!

  9. Bringing their politics with them, is exactly why this issue is going on in Virginia. To keep doing the same thing, over, and over, and expect a different outcome, is the definition of insanity.

  10. Another reason so many people are trying to get into The United States of America – Way to go President Trump – POTUS for POTUS 2020

  11. Abbott you much have receive a direct deposit! No one has made that statement! Longhorn state folk yes, globally no.

  12. Would you finish making the border wall it is so pretty you can have carpet grass growing all the way up to it I want some rod iron ornaments

  13. Don't be like Bernie Sanders his family fled Poland in 1939, to escape the Nazis, so why would he bring a system that's responsible for more than a hundred million people's deaths, to the United States oh, he must be out of his mind

  14. Texas was listed 37 in poverty list in 2017 with 14.7 percent. With many other red states down below. Come on Texas!

  15. Im a trump supporting, far right, hard working american. i respect the republican party only. i live in california. i will fight the stupid left every inch of the way. im not going anywhere!

  16. The Blue wave coming after the impeachment. Wait and see how many seat republicans keep. Specially after this . I know rep. Cant remember but the 2018 election sure said alot. lol…LMAO

  17. President Trump has grown into the job quite nicely.  He will survive this ridiculous impeachment and we  American citizens will too.  VOTE straight Republican and toss out these hate mob Dems.

  18. Texas is a great State and the Governor is tops. Spending in Washington has always been out of control.
    Fact: From Neal Tyson Astrophysicist: How long would it take you to count to 1 Trillion? Think on it a minute and give me your answer. ….."……
    "……………………………… it would take you ……… 31,709 years to count to a Trillion. Wow absolutely astonishing. But true. Multiply that by 18 trillion in debt and the next 100 generations couldn’t count it never mind pay it off.

  19. That's why I left Seattle area. (little CALIFORNIA). Well you can have King County with all its old problems and new ones, but with all their problems of the city but the state as well. That's why the once beautiful state of WA. is being ruined all over but the cash always goes back to King country. KING COUNTY RULES, I don't think so. Hope to be moved out of WA. by ladder part to summer 😛. I'm out baby!

  20. Oh yes, great success, mass gun deaths, highest percentage of prison population, institutional racism, income inequality, no medical aid for all, and one half of the population hates the other half.

  21. We certainly need an economy that the US is enjoying along with the employment opportunities because of President Trump's economic policies here in Australia.

  22. The foreboding abominable results of the mass exodus of the over taxed liberal refugees dancing their way to the promised land is they drag their idolatry of the golden calf and the rest of the sins!

  23. Our President is wining for us the American people The evil left is losing FAST! very FAST the Dems are losing and falling into quicksand faster than anyone i have ever seen.

  24. Half of Texas is white erased. Sorry Texas. You’re not doing it right. Texas will be blue this next election.

  25. Texas family court is screwed up big time and not too far back the other courts, everything is big in Texas include court corruption! Texas soon will be new California! Texas is a bra state, Greg Abbott become governor with help of women organization that is controlled by George Soros!

  26. 1 minute 38 second
    Texas is the land of freedom that's BS
    get pulled over for a so-called traffic violation, and watch them run you through the system

  27. We’ve to just to fight against globalist zionist communism (tyranny generally) and always promote the Truth, Freedom, and Justice for all.
    His name was Seth Rich.
    Remember, Remember

  28. Keep my state Red. See what they have done to Colorado. The same thing is happening to Arizona. Watch what happened to Puerto Pico as the socialist government there held back food and supplies to it's people. Americans are so spoiled and better wake up fast as that is what can happen here under socialism.

  29. Gov. Abbott's message to those moving into Texas is right on, the notion of changing the political system that works cannot be fundamentally changed, it's not perfect, but works better than the others where people are fleeing from.

  30. Anti-trump libfart just murdered a pro-trump supporter yesterday in Florida after they got in to an argument. He was his boss too.


  32. Exactly. Stuart knows. He knows well. The thing is, one can theorize about socialism, communism, state-ism, etc, but, when the US has the most free enterprise, free market, privatization, and rule of law based capitalism, then, it is NOT a theory anymore. The results are a proof, not a theory. Capitalism, rule of law, and free market entrepreneurialism are number 1, every time. Every single time

  33. Well we are sick of the way they are treating President Trump.We wany to scream ughhhhhhh. Time to take them out.

  34. Why are workers who work in the Russian Kremlin not allowed to go to heaven? Because they will drag all their own from hell 🤣 🤣 🤣

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