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  1. Its such a stupid question that soldiers be prosecuted via public opinion when clearly the fake news media with their bias fake news propaganda desperately trying to sway public opinion.give me a break!!! what a stupid stupid fake news journalist to ask so a dumb could tell she hates the men and women in uniform..she doesn't have the guts to do what they do..

  2. If you haven't served on the front lines you dont have a say in what they have to do. We put them on a wall and say protect us let them do the job.

  3. Nothing wrong at all with military culture. It's still one of the aspects of American culture Americans can be proud of.

  4. Killing everything in sight is not MILITARY ACTION. They enemy WILL TREAT US THE SAME WAY. like they say,….careful what you wish for….

  5. God bless President Trump! The Snowflake left care more about the feelings of terrorists than our soldiers.They've been pissed ever since President Trump took the Obama handcuffs of the military democrat's want them back in.

  6. ok President Trump, you are standing up to Congress and now the military justice system, so now show your supporters you'll stand up for our political brothers in arms. give clemency to stone.

  7. The character and history of our Congress leads one to be dismissive towards anything they find to be an issue relating to actions of our society. When they clean up their act then they may be relevant to oversight !!!

  8. The people who are not comfortable with military "culture" are the ones WHO DID NOT JOIN THE MILITARY IN THE FIRST PLACE.
    Everyone else, I think, will generally agree to let the military treat the enemy as an enemy and WIN THE WAR!!!

  9. It sounded like she was against the armed services! Maybe she should enlist and do a tour of duty. And see if she wants the government on her side or if she should have to fight the government went she got back. Thank god we have a president that has our guys back instead of the back stabbing racist we had before! and the Democratic generals that are fighting for the enemy!

  10. When O sent team six on a 1960's chopper into a firefight with no supporting attack helos , did he believe they would survive?


  12. Yes! That is the point but we did not politicize the war. It’s completely obvious who did, now taking those people down is a new mission. Sorry if civilians are disappointed in what we have to do. But, no, Honey, UCMJ is NOT a democratic process. So what the “public is comfortable with…” whatever they heard through a corrupt, anti-military biased media means absolutely nothing. Sorry again to disappoint you. Actually I could not care less who’s disappointed or why.

  13. You got all these fucktard low life Democrats in the military that's the problem!! MAGA2020! President Trump did the right thing restored real Combat Heroes not just some pansies in the military!

  14. Unfortunately, the lady doing this interview comes across as the "poster girl" for political correctness as epitomized by her question repeated when she does not get her desired answer. She missed the opportunity to ask a former JAG " what actions could Congress and the DOD take to check the pursuit of political agendas and the pursuit of power by the SJA at the expense of the warrior?"

  15. Just impeach the entire US government and start over. Impeach Adam and Pelosi, Clintons, Obumers … and the list goes on and on and on… she [the woman] has just realized the Dems used her like cheap cologne!


  17. Yeah- let the military do what they want, how they want. Wait until they are at your door doing what they want, how they want.

  18. Speaking of snowflakes it sounds like this news analyst is quite the snowflake herself! Just another reason why Fox is losing their credibility!!!

  19. This interviewer doesn't understand the times we are in. Naive to pose that politics shouldn't be involved in military. Say that to the deepstaters in the pentagon. Lady explain to them how that is going to work!!

  20. Vote for President Trump to save your life. He promised to drain the swamp and they are fighting back. Stand by him for your own sake while he fights to give America back to the People, YOU.

  21. Really it’s war. Not let’s play war. You play nice you don’t come home. We should always have our Soldiers backs before any Enemies backs.

  22. What is a military culture this interviewer talking about????? I feel she does not know what she is asking about. I don’t get it.

    After reading more comments below, I am not the only one wondering what this lady is asking. Her incompetency is horrendous.

  23. Thank God we finally have a president who actually believes in having a strong military and one who believes in fair justice for those service members. These brave service members risk their lives to protect our freedoms, and our great President Trump will certainly fight to protect their freedom! The real war crimes being committed are the tragic crimes against these service members! Make America Even Greater… T.R.i.U.M.P.h. 2020

  24. Trump is Putin' s slave lock him up ,Republicans after losing Kenturky , Virginia , Louisiana … and will lose everywhere if still not impeach Trump


  26. The military might prefer to see a fairly disciplined approach. There will be others who don't see clemency as the answer – especially coming from someone with questionable motives – politicise it at your peril. That's the concern the military will have here.

  27. for all you geniuses the military courts charged and sentenced him. for them to do that says plenty. the military isn't about witch hunts it's about it's business.

  28. It doesn't matter who's d best president of your country. What's matter is your leaders honor God love his country love the people of his country in all circumstances 😇

  29. This woman should not have her own show. She is a Democrat that is part of the "Resistance," not a loyal oppositionist. President Trump is never right in her eyes as she is part of the majority of the present day Democratic party.

  30. Historically, from the beginning, the President of the United States has been involved in some courts-martial verdicts and usually on the side of pardoning.

  31. Why does she try to suggest that the American people all have the same opinion when it comes to anything the government and politicians do? I am tired of reporters and politicians always saying "the American people" and then put their own words, opinions and beliefs into the mouths of the American people as if all Americans believe and think the same way they do.

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  33. The public needs to feel comfortable with their military? Who is this public? And what is all this "comfort" talk? The public isn't out there doing war and they know not enough to be judging our fighters. They are often working in horrid conditions. Comparatively, there aren't many who can do what they do. We train them not to lose fights. To do that , horrible things are going to take place.

  34. Just imagine being in harm's way and having to think whether or not JAG lawyers are going to prosecute you for what happens next. This would paralyze US forces in the field.

  35. Accepting a pardon is accepting guilt for your crime. Now these murderers will have this follow them the rest of their lives.

  36. I think this reporter needs to just shut up for a moment and let this guy finish his thought instead of constantly interrupting him. Please ask him a question he’s trying to answer it shut up long enough for him to answer the question. What happened to real journalism.

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