GOP Rep. Francis Rooney to retire amid Trump’s impeachment inquiry

GOP Rep. Francis Rooney to retire amid Trump’s impeachment inquiry

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  1. The answer is he’s been on the take and has not been doing anything for constituents. I wish these losers would step down quietly. No! They have to leave bashing the President! You, Mister, should have been doing your job. If you felt you were on your own, you were!! There he goes “get the money.”

  2. Ban political contributions. People are on danger because of these 435 seats in a capped Congress, uncap the HOUSE! Who passed that "law?" Too much POWER over a third of a BILLION people in the USA, plus visitors, legal or not citizen. And 100 Senators. 535 people. Maybe it is Time to enact into action NOW 2nd Amendment so politicians will know exactly what it means that those rights for the People of the USA SHALL NOT be infringed. It does NOT say MAY or Subject to. Period. It is thrte to protect us from THEM, the Dukes and Dames of America CAREER politicians incumbent for literally DECADES need ousted.

  3. Now I am for doing good things for the Everglades and term limits of 3 terms in the house but what is wrong with this Congressmen?

  4. He just said he fought republicans at every turn and goes to Pelosi to get what he wants done. Also stated his district is staunchly Republican. He is a dem that ran Republican just to get elected, then "got what he wanted" and is leaving. No big loss, good riddance turncoat.

  5. Mr Trump is very disappointed with Florida Senator….
    Mr Trump donated millions dollars him to get elected as
    Trump would tell him to shut up…
    What impeachment…..

  6. Rooney is loony, sorry. From the outside one can differentiate between the macrocosmic view of the President investigating corruption that happens to have Biden's fingerprints all over it in the Ukraine (not to mention Standard Hotel's very own Adam Schiff), and the microcosmic view of the high level subordinate executive on the street level who, in the final analysis, refutes the characterization as quid pro quo.

  7. Your a joke !!!! Came her for just the funds for one thing sir your job is a lot bigger than that !!! Your a joke and a fraud guarantee you lied to everyone you made empty promises to.

  8. Trump followers are so brainwashed they would set themselves on fire if Trump told them to do it. As if they could listen to any criticism of this insane anti-Christ of a president from a reasonable Republican. Trump is a cult leader and his followers are drinking Kool-Aid without question. Look no further than the comments below for proof.

  9. Let's hope some other Republicans stop kidding themselves about the corrupt Trump admin. Wise up and stand for something.

  10. These weak Republicans don't want to Stand up against Trumps crimes, stupidity, racism and low IQ incompetence and would rather resign

  11. Ambassador to the king pin pedophile that walks around with a fish head hat and lies every time he opens his Lucifer loving yap. The Pope is the antichrist. NO ONE can forgive sins except JESUS CHRIST.

  12. Francis Rooney would not have been reelected because he is a Democrap in Rhino clothing, God Bless OUR President Donald Trump

  13. Tom Udall of NM is not running again…all these guys that don't run again are dirty imho.

    No one walks away from a cushy job like these guys have, NO ONE.
    Glad to see them go, they flushed themselves, yet they still stink of swamp.

  14. The rough waters means grab ur socks pal, there more tougher people in the public that's survived a far greater risk then most of these politicians have. There going to retire on a great pension so no worrys for the quitters, lossers

  15. Funny how it’s the republicans with nothing to lose, who owe no more loyalty to the gop, who are willing to denounce this corruption

  16. The FAR LEFT OMAR, CORTEZ, TLAIB, PELOSI, SCHUMER AND SCHIFF SOCIAL COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS has completely hijacked the Democrat PARTY. It can't be called the democrat(ic) party now. Because today it has become the Socialist Communist Democrat Party. They are having a COMMUNIST IMPEACHMENT inquiry. Exactly like the COMMUNIST COUNTRIES, COMMUNIST RED CHINA and RUSSIA conducts their BEHIND CLOSED DOORS POLITICS, HIDEN FROM THEIR CITIZENS.

    This phony impeachment inquiry started by this SOCIALIST COMMUNIST DEMOCRAT PARTY or S.C.D.P. Just like the U. S. S. R. stands for United Socialist Soviet Republics. There is no difference now between the old U.S.S.R and the S.C.D.P.
    ITS A FACT. The S.C.D.P is having a false political partisan secretive impeachment inquiry without giving allowing ANY OBJECTION OR DEFENCES for the other side. Do you know that is that called??? ""COMMUNISM""
    THAT'S A FACT!!!!!!!
    Bolshevisma radical wing of the Russian Social Democratie Labor party, favoring revolutionary tactics to achieve full socialization and, under the leadership of Ulyanov (Lenin), setting up from 1917-20 the present Soviet regime. U.S.S.R.
    The Marxist-Leninist doctrine advocating revolution to "OVERTHROW" the "CAPITALIST SYSTEM" and establish a "DICTATORSHIP"
    """""SAVE THE U.S.A.""""""

  17. So when joe biden and obama do it, it’s okay. Nothing to see here. But if trump does it, the world is going to end? Ridiculous. Two faced hypocrites. And mulvaney, you belong at burger king, or sears.

  18. People like You Sir need to come farward and stand together to make USA safe and strong again….I appreciate Your work for USA , God Bless You

  19. Representative from Florida you are selling out America you're giving it to the Democrats shame shame on you! So you might as well join the other 43 that dropped out previously! Nothing but a Democrat in a republican suit.

  20. Surenos lefties whatever you want to call them they're all dropping like flies but they still get the cushiony pensions and benefits so strip them of that that would be good that would be great

  21. The more Republicans drop out the more it looks like they are afraid of getting caught! Caught doing what? Caught selling out America!

  22. Wasnt it Bush,Ellens buddy,who allowed that damned Asian Python to take over the Fla.Everglades by allowing it to come into the USA?They seem to have more now than Asia has.And they wonder why Alligators are ventuing out od the swamps lately!

  23. Retirement isn't going to prevent what is coming! It's not going to help either…… Keep an eye on others to follow….. Some big names are weeks away from abruptly leaving for "health reasons."

  24. He admits the only reason he went to DC was to accomplish a self interest. Good by. How much did you receive from special interest persons.

  25. Had to add you are still pissed about Perry … and Fiona Hill please support that shill … so says the man who has deep pockets with the Bushes

  26. If you care more about a foreign country than our country or our President…than you dont belong in office in OUR COUNTRY.

  27. This rep either too lazy, too stupid, or hatred toward the president not understanding what is going on. Did he read the transcript of the phone conversation? I guess he wants to negatively splash on the president before leaving his post. Thank you for leaving.

  28. I wonder how many republican senators look in the mirror each morning and like what they see? History will ultimately judge them by their loyalty to their country not Trump

  29. Pooping into a butt. Then that butt poops back into the first butt. The butts take turns pooping back and forth with eachother, forever.

  30. This is lying . he bis squirming as he talks. The President of the Ukraine Stated No threats were made and President Trump did no wrong? convenient he is retiring? Good riddance! another Rino down!

  31. this guy grabbed his balls back on his way out the door. in this administration all republicans who want to run have checked their balls and spine at the door.

  32. Rats jumping the sinking ship. Only the brainwashed idiotic base are left. The most stupid group of people you will ever meet.

  33. I genuinely LOVE how much dislikes is on this post; conservatives truly hates it when people are reasonable. Deplorable meth-heads that’s what all of you are.

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