Google Post Feature for Business | Google My Business Post Feature Explained

Google Post Feature for Business | Google My Business Post Feature Explained

– Hi, my name’s Jose Victor Castellanos and welcome to another
how to marketing video. In this video, I’m gonna show
you the new Google My Business post feature which allows you to add posts to your Google My Business
listing, which shows on Google Search when people are searching for your business name. It’s really a cool feature. Let’s get right into it
and show you how it works. Let me show you this new
feature from Google My Business called Posts where now
you can actually post and it will show up right
on your Google listing on the first page, so
let me show you first what I’m talking about. Here is a search for my
company, Recon Media, Inc. and once you do it,
you’ll see this listing come up here on the right hand side. Now with this new feature,
we’ll actually be able to post right within this section. I’m gonna show you, that’s really cool. First thing you wanna do is
go to, sign in, once you sign
in, it’s gonna take you to you dashboard. You’ll likely only have one listing, but I have multiple listings
in here for different clients. Once I scroll down here,
here’s my Recon Media, Inc. and what you’ll see here is a little house and I’ll click on that,
and that’s going to open up the actual Recon Media, Inc. listing. What you’ll see here on the
left hand side is posts, now which is new. It’s a new feature that
they just rolled out which will allow you to create
a post like I said earlier. Let me back track real quick. If, for whatever reason you don’t have this little house here, it is most likely because you are not verified,
so make sure to verify your listing, as well as
there might be an issue, so you wanna make sure
to resolve any updates that there may be with your listing. So that could be adding hours,
the hours are incorrect, something, just go in there, verify it, make sure it’s correct, and as
soon you’re done doing that, you’ll get the little house
here, which’ll take you to your actual full Google
My Business listing here. Now we’re gonna hit posts and now here you’ll see a spot where you can actually write posts. You can also turn on
a post from down here, this bottom right corner for a new posts. I’m gonna use a blog from my website. I’m gonna use this blog, Top
22 Internet Marketing Terms for Business Owners and
go ahead and add an image. My image is now added. I’ve got my saying what
I want it to say here, then here’s some other features. You can make this an event,
so if it’s a specific event, you can actually activate
this, title the event, the start time, start date, and all that as well as you can add a button. I’m gonna use the add a button feature, and I’m gonna link this. I’m gonna use the learn
more, since I want people to learn about these
internet marketing terms. I’m gonna copy my link here, go back here. I’m going to paste it there. The other things you can do are reserve, so if you need reservations,
if you’re a restaurant or a hotel, as well as if
you want people to sign up for your event, if you want
people to buy something, if you have a special
offer for them, get offer. There’s a few different
options on how you can utilize this post feature. I’m gonna ahead, hit preview. There’s a quick little preview of it. We’re gonna go ahead and
hit publish and boom, that’s now published. Where this gets published is right here in this Google My Business listing. This is what it was like
prior when I originally did the search, and now that
I’ve actually posted my first post, I can go
ahead and refresh this and now you will see the post right here. Learn the Top 22 Internet Marketing Terms for Business Owners, learn more. If I click on that, that
goes right to the blog. It drives the traffic exactly
where I want them to go, right from the home page. This is really good for restaurants, brick and mortar stores that
wanna drive more foot traffic. Bring in this coupon,
get a special discount. There’s a lot of different
ways that you can utilize this. Thanks for watching, I hope
those tips helped you out and now you understand
how the Google My Business post feature works. If you have any questions,
though, don’t hesitate to reach out to me,
[email protected] You can also connect with me
on social media @jvictorcast on Instagram and Twitter,
at jvictorcast1 on Facebook. Make sure to connect with
me, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have and if you have any other topics or
ideas that you’d like me to cover for you, go
ahead and send me an email or a message, and I’d be
happy to create a video for you to help you out. Thanks for watching, I hope this helped. If it did, like and share
this and until the next one. Thanks. (mysterious music)

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