Google PhD Fellowship Program

Google PhD Fellowship Program

The opportunities that students get by getting
a fellowship from Google are really pretty significant. Not only do we provide
three years of funding, but we also provide
a Google sponsor– so someone who, along with
their academic mentor, is actually helping them
in their research pursuits. So we really give
them a lot of insight into the industry view
while they’re working on their academic experiences. IAN GOODFELLOW: Receiving
the PhD Fellowship really gave me a lot of freedom
to pursue my own research directions and my own projects. As a PhD Fellowship
recipient, you’re free to do whatever you want. And you can drop a lot
of the smaller things that you’re working on and work
on something really ambitious. MAYA GUPTA: This
program gives us the chance to tap into
some of the budding talent and get to know
researchers and research programs throughout
the world who might be thinking about things
from different perspectives than we have. ED CHI: I decided to become
a mentor because I’ve always found interacting with
students to be very vibrant, and they bring a useful energy
to new ideas and new innovation methods that we may not have
necessary considered here at Google. JEFF DEAN: What I often tell
young researchers and people earlier in their career is the
best way to learn things is to work with people who
know things that you don’t. Collaboratively, you can then
solve problems that none of you could do individually. MAGGIE JOHNSON: Think about how
these cutting-edge technologies that are so present right now– things like machine
learning and deep learning, even quantum as it’s
starting to emerge– is to think about how
these are actually going to impact society and
the people who use them. MAYA GUPTA: We’re
trying to tackle some really hard research
problems here at Google. And so having that two-way
communication between Google and Google Research and the
rest of the research community is just really great
and really important. MAGGIE JOHNSON: We want to
make sure that we are together preparing this next
generation for all kinds of exciting and
innovative things.

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  1. Спасибо вам большое, за прекрасный обзор вашего ролика мне понравилась+164 и желаю вам удачи и успехов вашем творчестве!

  2. +Google You would have thought that with all the intelligent people working for you that somebody would have had the foresight to add a link to where people could access more information or is that just too simple an idea that nobody actually thought of doing the logical thing here? I don't have a PhD, but even for my brain, it makes sense to add a link Google. C'mon guys, pull your finger out lol

  3. Budding talent is great and google seems to value intellectual eminence so why don't you ever highlight the real historical or modern genius's like Nikola Tesla or Dr. Masaru Emoto, Max Planck, Hans Jenny, John Keely, Georges Lakhovsky's, Anthony Holland Phd….list goes on… google?? etc…. Its not always the educational "system" that produces the over achievers. The educational system pumps out people with good memories but the real game changers are free thinkers. Disciplines and systems…robots can handle those chores.

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