Google My Business Post SEO Technique 2020

Google My Business Post SEO Technique 2020

Hi, hello, my name is Chris Palmer and in today’s video. I’d like to Rediscover Google my business posting technique that is called Google my business Posting silos. now before we get into this I want to just make sure that we’re all on the same page and can understand. What a silo is Okay So as we know a silo and we’ll have a main ranking page. and then generally you’ll have another Supporting page and maybe another supporting page now in terms of Google my business you can have seven supporting pages but a silo will take this post and link it to this post linking to this post all passing and Creating relevance and pushing power up to the main ranking page. That is a silo. now , in Google my business terms if we’re looking at this as a Google my business and we are Creating a stack to pass power to it and wherever it could be a website a Google event it could be say you’re at the 3 pack say you want to pass power to your Google Maps and maybe Propel yourself up another spot, whatever the case may be We’re talking about Google my business now This would be an event why an event because the events you can run a little bit longer than a post This would be a post and this is a post now I believe you can do seven a day But you have an event running Now just break down the method before I show you and because a lot of subs or saying Chris I don’t really understand how this works. So I wanted to better explain and break it down for everyone Okay, So you have your main post and your events and we are funneling and passing power up to the event now This could be a main event that you’re hosting and maybe you want to rank that higher now Maybe all of these are passing power to this. Maybe this is not an event, but maybe this is a link to a Facebook event. Maybe, this is a web page. Maybe this is a Maps listing. whatever the case may be. We are passing Up through the posts directing that power to a certain entity. Let’s get into tactical information now. and actionable information with that being said, Let’s say we were to create an event So we would name our event now I’ll go ahead and walk through this. so you have your start and your end So after you pick your date the next the next piece is going to be your event detail. So you’d put in your event details Okay, Now this is the most important part now we want to either learn more or sign up Now we’re gonna go ahead and go with sign up now Why is this because this is where you put the link , this could be to anything now Remember, this is how we’re passing the power up through for this is the most important and crucial thing okay, so this link could go anywhere now again, you could send this link either out to a Maps listing you could send this to your website. You could send this to a Facebook events page you could send this to another event that you’re hosting. that’s not within the stack that we’re about to create So in this case, I am simply going to send it out now Once you have published, all right you need we want to start passing more power through now, you can come in here and do this every Single day now, here’s how you would go about it So what I would do is I would open up a notepad or whatever you feel comfortable with. And then we want to go ahead and get this share link copy Put it on here. Now. We know that this is the main event This is what’s passing all the power to my particular page , where this is going where it says sign up It’s going to my website, but that could have been a Maps listing. that could be a Facebook event. That could be anything I hope that I have laid that out properly I’ve then gathered that share link and I’ve put it on to a notepad Now the next piece is so now we want to start creating posts now These posts are acting as your supporting article inside of your silo But this is a GMB post silo or post stacking silo. So what should you do for the next step. Well, we’re gonna go ahead and create another post now. It could be an offer a product and event What’s new is a option Let’s just do a what’s new GMB post. So what we would simply do is we’d go on we’re going to grab an image any image We want we’re gonna write a post now inside of this post. It should be ultra relevant to whatever you’re using It should contain a lot of key words. My recommendation is stay within guidelines Do not get completely insane. So we would write a post Google My Business post for SEO Okay, now as this button that we’re about to use This button is what’s going to point at the event page that we created before this now for this it’s going to be learn more and inside that link we’re going to go over here go to our main ranking link that we just created before and this is what we want to point power to so we would paste that right in and Then we would publish it now that that is published. That is what we just created now. We want to take this share link. Do you see how this is going? We’re gonna get this share link right here copy it go down here and then our next post that we do is going to point at that share link and Now you can do this up to 7 times I believe and you can create the event is going to run for a full month passing power You could come in here every single day and pass 7 dofollow power up through Continuously, continuously and that’s not saying that you don’t take this initial link that you created as your event Which is pointing to whatever you want That’s not saying you’re not passing other links to this or not linking out from your website or whatever the case may be now I hope that I’ve gone through this method I I’ve gone and did a small sample set for you, to walk you through better of the process if there’s any questions. III had a lot of misunderstanding when I I went through this technique, the initial time if there’s any questions I hope I explained it a lot better so, I hope that this has helped you if you. If you have any questions regarding SEO ,local SEO, digital marketing, Facebook Ads internet marketing pretty much anything marketing related online Leave it in the comments below and I look forward to seeing you in the next SEO Google my business ,local SEO video . Have a wonderful day. Local SEO END LOCAL GMB SEO Technique and Tips 2020.

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  1. Any local SEO questions of Google my business questions please let me know I am always happy to answer any marketing or digital marketing questions.

  2. Hi Chris ! Nice Informative videos there ! Can you please refer some video on how to get your location Index on Google Maps as the Business profile is showing verified but not Being shown in Google Search from business name search … Does it takes time to get shown?

  3. Hi chris i am from india and i am following you and your guidance to rank my website but i am new to it so my question is how I can index my backlinks and get quick success

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