Google My Business: How to setup and rank higher in 2020

Google My Business: How to setup and rank higher in 2020

hi there I’m Jay and today I want to
talk to you about our central guide to optimizing Google my business listings when you create your company’s web page
it’s not going with confidence and high hopes the site will be a big success you
want to be able to meet all the goals you’ve set for the side and not hit any
challenges or pitfalls lean away unfortunately reality paints a different
picture one that is a lot less direct when it comes to your path to success if
you find your site is struggling and isn’t quite where you want to be it
could be that it could benefit from Google my business optimization tools so
what is Google my business and why is it important Google my business is actually
a tool that businesses can use to manage and properly organize their online
presence across all the various Google offerings
this includes Google Maps and its search tools the goal is to make it as easy as
possible for customers to find your site which can be done by editing the
business information Google has and verifying that content this is a free
tool that businesses can use to be able to control how the information about
your business appears on Google Google my business is meant to complement your
website not replace it it helps to grow businesses and grow interest in your
website at the same time it gives you the ability to interact with your
customers you can post photos and get reviews statistics show that if you
include photos in your listing you can boost the click throughs and number of
inquiries for driving directions to your store if there is a storefront to take
full advantage of Google my business listings tools you need to understand
what you can do to optimize your listings
optimizing your listings means you are using certain techniques and tools to
better appeal to your customer base so what are the top eight factors to
include in your listing in order to boost local rankings number one make
sure the trading hours on the Google web business listing are correct number two
make sure the business address is correct
number three ensure your business has been listed in the correct category
number four include a 360-degree virtual tour of your business from the Google
Maps Street View before I get into the next four I’d really appreciate it if
you liked this video if it’s been helpful and comment down below
if you have any questions or just want to get the conversation started
okay number five add photos three to five photos are recommended number six
outline what types of payment you accept number seven respond to reviews another
eight create an introduction that has subheads
bullet points and short paragraphs to really real in your potential
customers if you find yourself struggling with these optimization tools
or you just want to be sure you get maximum results we actually have a lot
of other resources on our website or on other videos but you can also comment
down below and we’re happy to help I’ve been jay and i look forward to
hearing from you

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