Google Hangouts For Business: How To Use Google Hangouts To Grow Your Business

Ryan: All right, we’re live.
Mia: Okay, awesome. Hey, it’s Mia Davies here. I’m here with the awesome Ryan, and I actually
asked if you would do this, uh, this kind of training for me today, and for anybody
watching to show someone like me who’s never done a Google Hangout before, how to do a
Google Hangout, and Ryan is an expert at this. He does a lot of these, and, um, by the way,
what Ryan does in the world is, uh, he specializes in reputation management, so he empowers small
to medium sized companies to make sure they look awesome on the Internet so that anyone
that goes and Googles them, or looks them up, um, sees only good amazing stuff about
them, so Ryan is doing amazing stuff out there, but one of the coolest things about you Ryan
is that when I met you at a live event. I don’t know how many months ago, one of the,
one of the things that you were the most excited about was Google Hangouts, and it was something
I wasn’t doing, and I’ve been seeing a lot of people start to do it, but, um, but I,
I even since that conversation with you months ago I still haven’t done it, so I decided
today I’m sitting you down in front of the computer with me, and you’re going to walk
me through how to do a Google Hangout, and that way everyone can learn along with me
today. So I want to thank you so much for doing this
today. Ryan: Yeah absolutely Mia, and, and yeah that
was what I was excited about six months ago, and I still am, and by … I want to start
off my saying I apologize for … I’m a little bit dark here right now because the … my
light is, is not working today, so I’m, I’m kind of having to improvise with some, some
natural lighting from the, uh, from the window, but it’s not quite enough to, to make me really,
really, really bright today, but I did … yeah I am, I’m exited about Google Hangouts.
They work really well for business, uh, the reason why they’re so powerful is it does
give every single business owner out there in the world the ability to have their own
TV station, um, you can, you can broadcast live, you can record the words that you’re
creating, it gives you the opportunity to become the authority in your market place,
and it also gives you, gives you the opportunity to create content quickly, and to get your
phone ringing because when you do become the authority in your marketplace, you then, that
translates into getting more customers because when people see you as the, as the authority
they, they go to you for, for advice on your particular niche, and that’s, that’s what
I do for my business, and that’s what I, that’s what I consult with other businesses on, on
how to do that. Mia: Absolutely, and one of the biggest things
I teach people how to do is using Webinars to be able to connect with their audience,
offer value, and promote their products and services, so what I see a lot of people doing
is now switching from Webinars into Google Hangouts which I totally understand why because
it really allows people to feel, um, connected, but there’s just some things I don’t understand,
like for example, we’re on this right now, um, you’re showing on the screen, and for
example, how do we get it to … just little things, like how do I get it to switch over
when I’m talking it shows me on the screen. When you’re talking it shows you on the screen.
Little things like that I have no idea what I’m doing.
Ryan: Right. Mia: So if you could just kind of walk us
through. First of all I’m going to just, I’m going to ask questions as someone who doesn’t
know how to do this so you can answer them, because one of the first things I had to overcome
was okay, um, can I, uh, I have two ways to do this, which you, you just taught me before
we got on here, you can do on air, or you can do off air, and if you do on air Google
Hangouts like we’re doing now, it will save over to your YouTube channel, and it will
streamline, and save over there so you can rank that video, you can get exposure to that
video for years to come, which right now we’re sending this over to your YouTube channel
at the moment. Ryan: Right.
Mia: So you can do it on air which is super smart. You can invite people to come check
it out, but the other way you can do it is off air. Now when we do it off air it does
not record your session. It’s just kind of like a meeting, right, you can just do a meeting
with someone any time, or five people, whatever, it’s not going to record it if you’re off
air, so you could use something like what I’m using right now, which is ScreenFlow,
um, to record my screen. So, for example, one of the, one of the things that I am going
to be using Google Hangouts for is interviews. So if I’m doing an interview I’m going to
have to record, uh, using ScreenFlow if I’m doing an off air interview, so I just want
to make that first distinguishment of on air versus off air, right.
Ryan: Yes. Mia: And then the next piece now that we’re
on it, now that we’re on here, um, and you helped me make that happen, thank you, we
went through the steps of doing that, now we’re on this, um, live Webinar, or the, the
live hangout, and the next thing that I want you to just walk through is what are some
of the first things people need to know, um, when they come on here, and I also want you
to be able that question if it’s just two people versus if I had five, and I want whoever’s
talking to show up on the screen, and I’ll know how to do that.
Ryan: Okay, if you have, for example right now if I have two people versus five. If I
just wanted one person to show up on the screen at a time, then what I would do is I would
just click on that, that person’s box below and then that person will show up even though,
even though I’m talking, now you’re showing up on the screen permanently, okay, because
I’ve clicked on, and I’m going to show my screen here real quick.
Mia: But I’m still seeing you. Ryan: Well hold on, but, but here let me see,
I’ll show you. So if you … can you see my screen?
Mia: Oh yeah. Ryan: Okay so now what I’m doing is is okay
what will happen, you can have by the way nine, up to nine people in the Hangout at
one time where you can, where you can actually see them, and they can see you. Now if I wanted,
let’s say I had, well it’s just you and me, but so I’m showing my screen right now, and
if I click on my box showing my screen than I’m going to, that’s what’s going to show
up on my, on my main panel here. Now if I click on you, it’s going to show you, and
because I’m actually recording this, this is what’s actually going to be recorded, it’s,
it’s if, if I’m, if I click off of, and by the way you can see there’s this little blue
box around your picture down here. Mia: Yep.
Ryan: That means that you are highlighted and you’re the only one that’s showing up,
even when I’m talking, it’s defaulted to show, to show the person as they’re talking, but
if you click on that person it will actually show them up even though and show them on
the, the main screen here, even though I’m talking. Does that make sense?
Mia: Yeah it does, but how come a minute ago when I was talking it was showing you?
Ryan: It was showing, uh, because I had actually clicked on myself to show up, and not you.
Mia: Okay. Ryan: Okay so like right now the little blue
box is around me because I clicked on it, and now it’s showing me which is I’m showing
my screen. Mia: Okay.
Ryan: And so that’s why it’s showing that up on my, on my main panel here. Does that
make sense? Mia: Okay cool, yeah, and just going back
really quick, if, um, if I was going to interview one person versus I wanted a panel of like
five people on here. Ryan: Uh huh.
Mia: Um, the invite process for that can I just go ahead and, and make sure … I know
you told me one, that I need to circle them and they need to circle me back, but when
I’m inviting multiple people to a Hangout not just to view it, but to be participate
in it. Ryan: Yeah.
Mia: Then how do I send them that interview, or how do I get them in?
Ryan: Well the best thing to do is to set up an event …
Mia: Event. Ryan: … and then yeah, and then yeah, send
them the link. Mia: Okay.
Ryan: Um, and then ultimately what you’d want to do is is have them go to your Google Plus
page or your Google, you know you can have them go to your Google Plus page, and they
can actually see that you have a Hangout happening right then they can click on join Hangout,
and then they will join the Hangout. Now that’s, that’s, you know, the other thing is is that
if you just want them to view the actual video, and not actually be in the Hangout, now as
I told you earlier with the, the advent of the new YouTube One Channel, you can actually
have people, um, uh, you can actually send people to a link ahead of time that is a link
for their YouTube Channel, so an ex, for example, let me show you my screen again here, and
before I do I’m going to go that YouTube Channel. Oh you know what.
Mia: Yeah just to be clear, um, just to be clear if people are confused there’s two things,
you, you, may want people on your panel so like how Ryan and I are both on here you may
want up to nine people on here, right, a total of 10, right, with you?
Ryan: Yes. Mia: So up to 10 in total people, um, that
are actually you’re interviewing them, you’re talking to them, maybe they’re …
Ryan: I’m sorry, hold on. Okay, so go ahead, sorry (chuckles) sorry I was …
Mia: You, you may want up to nine people, uh, right there in your panel, versus you
may want the public to be able to come in and watch, and if you want the public to watch
your Livestream, you can send them over to your YouTube Channel forward slash live at
the appropriate time if it’s four o’clock, whatever, and they can watch it live it they
want to like you were saying. Ryan: Exactly, and so what I’m going to do
is I’m going to show you what, what you just said here, because I’m going to show you my
YouTube Channel, and I’ll show you what that actual link is, so um, I’m showing my screen
again, let me know, can you see my screen? Mia: Yeah.
Ryan: Okay, so now what I’ve, what I’ve done is I’ve, I’ve gone to this, okay you see this
is the actual link that you would send somebody to, it’s HTTP, semicolon, forward slash, forward
slash, WWW, dot, YouTube, dot com, forward slash user, forward slash your actual channel
name, forward slash live, so that’s the link that you would send to somebody ahead of time
in order for them to be able to watch that live broadcast at some future date, okay.
Mia: Okay. Ryan: Now right now you can actually, like
I’m actually in my YouTube Channel, so what I’m doing is I’m actually.
Mia: I don’t see your YouTube Channel right now though.
Ryan: Yeah, so I’m in my YouTube Channel right now, so I’ve actually, I’ve actually entered
this, I’ve, I’ve gone to this link. Mia: Okay.
Ryan: And so what’s happening is is right now this is what it looks like on my YouTube
One Channel, so this is what’s actually streaming on my YouTube One Channel, this is actually
if I press play it would be about two seconds delay, but it would be a live version of what
we’re doing right now. Mia: Okay cool, yeah, so, so people can watch
us live if we’re doing an on air one, um, but you know, just real quick because okay
if we had, if we were going … bringing on five other people to talk with us today, if
we sent them over to your Google Plus profile we could jump on, and they could jump on,
and be invited, they could, as long as we invited them, they could join our Hangout,
join as in become a panelist on here. Ryan: Yes, they can, they can join and become
a panelist on here by going to the Google, go to, going to my Google Plus personal, like
Google Plus personal profile page, or what you can do is set up, you can set up what’s
called an event in Google, and then that will, that … you can set up an event, and make
it an on air Hangout meeting, and at that time it will invite that person to that Hangout
at that, at that given time, and they, they can then choose to join the Hangout, or not
join the Hangout at that, at that time. Mia: Okay, and so if you’re doing a, if you’re
doing a public Hangout, on an on air Hangout, um, the public can’t just jump in can they,
they have to be invited. Ryan: No, they, they, they can if they see
… they can see the stream. There’s a couple of ways that people can discover a Hangout,
um, they can actually go and discover a Hangout by going into their Google Plus personal profile
page, and then scrolling down to where it says Hangouts on Air, and if you’re doing
a Hangout on Air, all Hangouts on Air will, will come across as a … on that stream under
Hangouts on Air, and yours will just be one of those, and they can click on that, and
they can just join that Hangout as a, a public person.
Mia: So if they join in as a public person they wouldn’t show up like you and I are showing
up though, right? Like I wouldn’t see their screen down here?
Ryan: No, they, um, they, they can yes, they can actually join that way, yes.
Mia: Um, like right now someone could just jump on and start talking, and we’re like
what are you talking about? Ryan: Yeah, they, they, they can, you can,
you can choose to not allow them or, or yeah you can, you can actually yeah.
Mia: That’s interesting, okay, um, so uh, so once we have all the, all … so that invite
system I don’t know that it’s crystal clear, I, I’m still going to have to figure that
part out, but once you have everyone on here, let’s say we have our nine panelists or it’s
two like today, we have two, um, then there’s some cool stuff we can do inside of here,
and um, I guess if you just want to show us how, how we show our screen, maybe I think
you were talking about a Google Hangout, or the Hangout tool box, maybe a couple of things
that we should know about to run a success, you know, an effective, engaging Hangout.
Ryan: Okay, so one of the things is and, and you’re going to have to forgive this, you
know, it looks like, you know, like a million different screens right here, but …
Mia: Yeah. Ryan: … just pay, if you just pay attention
to the outside of, you know, what I’m, what I’m showing you right here, you can see that
I’m, I’m hovering over this one little app here, it’s called ScreenShare, so that’s what
you’re going to use if you want to share your screen, so you just click on that, and you
wanted me to show you, so you click on that, and then it will, it will ask you, you know,
what screen do you want to share, and then you just got to identify the screen you want
to share, and then share the screen, and, and voil‡ you’re like, you’re sharing your
screen with everybody that’s on their Hangout, okay.
Mia: Mm-hmm Ryan: Um, the other thing is is that you can
capture a frame of what you, what’s actually going on in the Hangout. When you do that,
that actually becomes the, the actually picture frame for the Hangout that shows up in Hangouts
on air, and it shows up for … in other words, it’s the thumbnail picture that is actually
picked up for this Hangout, so you can customize that like right now if I click capture this
now that picture, you see this picture right here, this picture right here is going to
be the actual picture that’s going to be the thumbnail for this hangout …
Mia: Right. Ryan: … when it’s streaming up in my stream.
Mia: Yeah cool. Ryan: Okay, so that’s that, and then the other
thing is, and I just went through this with you a little bit ago is a really quick, and
easy way to add a bottom third is to use this Hangout tool box, and when you … the way
you find that app is you go here because it’s not initially in, in here as one of the, you
know, like the full app, so you just got to go in, to where it says view more apps, you
go over here to add apps, and then you go here to where it says Hangout tool box, click
on, install Hangout extension, and then that will add that app to your available apps here,
as it’s showing up here in mine. Then what you do is you click it on, you click on it,
it will, it will ask to, you know, be installed, and then once it is installed you just click
on it and it will show up here on the right hand side.
To modify it so that you’re that, so that we show up like you’ve got here where it says
Mia Davies, you can see all you got to do is you put in your name, whatever you, you
can put whatever you want in, in here on these two lines. I prefer to put my name, and then
my business, on the bottom one, and then you can, you can actually even select the color
that you want to show up as, so if you like, you know, pink, or you know, whatever color
you want, I mean I’ll choose more of a, of a guy color, so I’ll make it blue, and then
(chuckles) basically you just click on on, and then you can see if I’ve stopped screen
sharing, and you see me voil‡, see I’ve got the, um, I’ve got my bottom third there,
so that’s, that’s how you do that. Now the other one it’s even more, a little
bit useful, and maybe a little bit more advanced, I don’t know, it’s that not much harder to,
to install, but it’s, it’s something that it’s, it’s called, um, it’s called, it’s,
it’s, it’s another app that you only know about by going, or know about from, uh, if
you follow David Sprague, he’s the guy, he’s actually the guy that developed this, I work
with him a lot, and we’ve been, he’s been working on this for a long time, it’s great,
you can go here to on air meetings. Here let me go, I’ll give you the, uh, dot com, forward
slash app. Did you see that? Mia: Yeah.
Ryan: Okay, I’ll go there one more time, so let me just, so it’s on air, dot com, slash
app, and then when you, when you press enter, it will take you to this page right here,
and then you just click on start a Hangout, and it will install that app, um, once it’s
installed, you’ve got to actually get out of the actual Hangout, you got to click out
of it, and you’re, that app will be installed the next time you start a Hangout, so this
is, but it’s a very, it’s, it’s a little bit more involved in terms of like actually installing
that app, but once you do, it’s very powerful because then you can do things like this,
so here’s what the actual app looks like in the left hand side of your, of your, uh, Hangout,
um, display here, you can see where it says on air meetings.
Mia: Yeah. Ryan: If I, if I click that then this, this
actual right hand side information shows up here, and you can see that it says, you know,
you can choose the type of template you want to use, you can use like, you know CNN Live,
it just gives you some, you know, more options. It makes these bottom thirds look a CNN interview,
I mean it really looks … it looks, you know, really powerful, and um, and just really,
uh, useful because you can not only do lower thirds, um, like this one, and I’ll show you
what, like here’s an example of a, of one of those lower thirds, I had it showed up,
showing up in the beginning so like that’s, you know, I got to turn off the other one
(chuckles) I got two of them. I didn’t even know you could even do that.
All right, so, um, so there’s, there’s the lower third there that is being generated
by on air meetings, and you can see it just looks much more CNN style, and then the other
one is is you can do a, um, a template, and the templates I use are, are overlays, I’m,
I’m sorry, you can do an overlay, so and you can use their templates, or you can create
a custom one, but the great thing is is that these are really powerful because what happens
is is when you’re actually interviewing somebody, and let’s say you’re interviewing a, a business
client about, um, about one specific topic, and then you change your topic, well what
you can do instead of doing any like post interview editing, what you can do is you
can in edit, in essence, you can edit on the fly by actually just having all these preset
topics at the bottom, and then when you’re talking about a certain topic, like let’s
say I’m just talking about, you know, something different, like how to get on a Hangout.
I could change the bottom third based on what I’m talking about at that moment, and then
I don’t have to go back and do, and do any post editing, I can edit on the fly, and,
um, I can have … then all I got to do is just go into YouTube, the YouTube video editor,
and just chop up this, this Hangout video, um, based on where I change my bottom thirds,
and I can create multiple then individual YouTube videos from one long video, and that’s
really the power of this, is, is, what I do is I interview my clients, and I get them
to give me, you know, maybe a 20 minute interview, and we end up creating enough content for
their blog, or whatever, in one 20 minute session for the next, you know, five, six,
seven, ten months because we’ll end up, we’ll end up splicing that 10 or 20 minute video
into 10 two minute videos, and then we’ll write a blog post about it, and we’ll get
that blog post rank, and also that video ranked, and it, it, it generates a lot of traffic
for their, for their business. Mia: Okay that’s amazing right there. That’s
a whole another use of Google Hangouts that I don’t see people doing because people are
doing a lot of like replacing Webinars with Google Hangouts, but very few people are doing
what you just did, and my question for you though is, um, let’s say you wanted to go
and slice up this video that we’re doing right now, this interview.
Ryan: Yep. Mia: How … can you do that in the, in the
YouTube video editor, you can, you can separate a video into multiple videos?
Ryan: Yeah you can actually, yeah you can and that’s one of the really kind of the secrets
is is that you can actually take or use YouTube video editor, and it’s, it’s very powerful
because it’s, it’s you’re editing right in YouTube and it’s real easy to use.
Mia: And I’ve used it, but I didn’t know you could slice a video and then, and separate
into multiple, um, videos. I’m going to have to play around with that because I’ve never
tried that. I know you can clip the beginning and the end off of something, right, but if
you took this video, and you cut it into a segment then that would become your, your
video, right. Ryan: Yeah, but you can, you can actually
cut in, you can cut the beginning and the end of so you’re, you’re determined where
the end of that video is, and the beginning is, and you just basically, you make that
one new video, and the other thing that we’re doing is, and you can even do this in the
video editor, is you can in the beginning of my conversations with people in my interviews
is I’ll create the bumper video, so I’ll make sure that I ask the questions that I want,
or I’ll, I’ll, I’ll create a question that pertains, or I’ll create an introduction that
pertains to all the videos, and I’ll use that as my beginning bumper video, and or my beginning,
you know, my bumper, uh, for all the videos and then I’ll create an exit that I use for
all the other videos also, so I just basically. Mia: That’s awesome.
Ryan: Yeah. Mia: But, but, and so I’m going to have to
have you, I’m going to have to do another call with you, and have you take us into the
video editor, and show us how you splice up videos, because if you were to splice this
one into 10 videos, um, you’re … I, I know how to use that editor, but when you say that
basically that becomes a new video, then would you go back to this original video, and then
cut a new part, and then save that as a new video, and then go back to this video, and
cut it again, and make that a new video. Is that all you’re doing?
Ryan: Yeah, in essence that’s what you’re doing. You’re just taking that original video,
and then you’re just, you’re just going in there, and you’re just, you’re just cutting
it up into, into 10 different videos. Mia: And then it lets you make a new title,
and everything for it. Ryan: Yeah and you, exactly that’s the key
is you, you, you make a new title for it, and then you can, that’s the big, that’s the
big advantage, right, is that you can then rank those 10 videos for 10 different key
words, and not just one key word. Mia: It’s amazing. I love it. Hey, is there
any way to show both of us on the screen at one time like a split screen.
Ryan: There is not, there is not as of yet, that’s the thing, that’s why, you know, that’s
why Google chose to go with this like back and forth technology.
Mia: Okay. Ryan: Um, I like it better because than it’s,
it is, it’s, it’s more like an interview, it’s, and then you can see both of us in full
screen. Mia: Yeah.
Ryan: Um, but I, I hear what you’re saying, yeah that is something that …
Mia: No, I think it is better too, because when you’re not talking you don’t want to
sit there with like this blank look on your face, you know, it’s better that it’s, it
flips from you to me, I like that, um. Ryan: Yeah.
Mia: Well we’re going to wrap this up, and I know there’s a lot more you could cover
with this, but um, when it comes to actually ending your, um, your Hangout, and then making
sure that it [states 22:48] properly, and giving it a correct title, and all of that,
is that something you do at the end now, or did you already title it back in the beginning?
Ryan: No, I titled it in the beginning. It asks you what you want to name the, the Hangout,
what the title of the Hangout is, and, um, and then, I can also go in there afterwards,
and add a description, and obviously the, you know, the, the key, the other, um, the
tags, but in the beginning you do have to name the Hangout on air before you actually
have it. Mia: But, but like any YouTube video you can
go back and even edit your title later anyways, right.
Ryan: Absolutely. Mia: Okay cool.
Ryan: Yep. Mia: Okay so after this?
Ryan: Yeah, one, one thing I do want to mention is, is the fastest way to invite somebody,
I, I know the people are going to ask this question.
Mia: Yeah. Ryan: The fastest way to invite somebody to
a Hangout on air or a Hangout in general is is that you’ve really got, you got it going
to your Gmail account, or your Google account, go in your Google account, specifically go
into your Gmail account, go to the top of your Gmail account there, there’s going to
be a little box, like a little search box. Mia: Can you show us.
Ryan: Yeah I can. Mia: (Giggles)
Ryan: I just didn’t want to, I didn’t … I was trying not to show my, uh, hold on
Mia: Your email? Ryan: Yeah, but here, um, uh.
Mia: You don’t have to if you don’t want to. Ryan: Yeah, I mean I think it, it, it, what
yeah, because then it, it, it would be better not to, [inaudible 24:09] like everybody,
I don’t know, not that I have anything to hide …
Mia: Yeah. Ryan: I just don’t, I don’t know, you know,
I don’t want my clients to be, you know, exposed on my, on my show.
Mia: No, good point, I totally agree with that.
Ryan: No, but, but the thing is, is, is there okay, go to, go to your Gmail account, go
to the top there, there’s a little box, a search box, and right next to it, there’s
a little magnifying glass in a blue box, click the person’s name, or better yet, email that’s
associated with their Google account in there, press ent, in that box press enter, or press
the search blog a little, a little magnifying glass, and that will find that person in Google,
or it will find that, it will identify that person. Below that you’ll see once it’s identified
the person, it will, it will allow you to add them, or, or circle them. Once you circle
them, they’ll be notified that you’ve circled them, and then they’ll be able to circle you
back. My suggestion is that … Mia: So you have to circle them and they have
to circle you back? Ryan: Yes, um, that’s the way that you can
very quickly, and easily chat with them. You can do Hangouts with them, anything that,
you know, that you want to do in, in terms of communicating with them using, using Googles,
uh, you know, Google Hangouts. Um, the other thing I’d recommend is that, is that people
download the new app on their, on their Smartphone, there’s a new app, a Hangout app, uh, it makes
communication very, very easy. It’s kind of like Skype on steroids on your, on your Smartphone,
uh, it’s very user-friendly. You can also do, um, you can actually do live, uh, Hangouts
on air if you have an Android phone you can, they have not enabled you to be able to broadcast
live from a Smartphone, uh, from an iPhone Smartphone, but you can from an Android phone
from, uh, from my knowledge. Mia: Um, interesting.
Ryan: Yeah, so the, the neat thing is is that you can actually go live and literally like
have your own little mobile, you know, like mobile studio, like you can literally take
your, your Smartphone on location outside of your office without, you know, obviously
using, uh, all this bulky, um, computer gear [crosstalk 26:10]
Mia: Yeah. Ryan: And you can, you can really kind of
get creative with it, so that’s kind of fun. Mia: That is awesome. Okay, so when you, when
you go to save this, um, is there anything we need to know about saving it, or just,
is it super easy, does it just head right over to it automatically saves over to YouTube.
Ryan: Yeah that’s the beauty of it, is when I, when I click on and broadcast here it’s
going to save right to my YouTube Channel, and I can then go in there, I can within seconds,
actually a lot of time it’s live immediately, um, I have a live link, and actually if you
can see my screen here, the really, the really neat thing about this is that, is that you
can go here to … see where I’m clicking on this little enbed link.
Mia: Yeah. Ryan: Okay, so I can literally, this is what’s
so powerful about this, I can send somebody to this URL, and they’re going to go right
to my, again, my YouTube Channel, so that’s a live URL right to this video, but the other
thing is that I can actually take this, this IFrame, this HTML code, and I can have, if
I have another affiliate, or if I have somebody else that wants to broadcast this live show
on their web page, on their home page, they could just drop this IFrame in on their home
page, and they can be broadcasting the same, exact, uh, broadcast on their home page, um,
of their, of their website, so you can syndicate your content, too, to other people’s websites.
Mia: So wait a minute, so I could actually take that HTML right there, and I could put
it onto my … a blog post, and then I could email my lists, and say hey we’re meeting
live, and when they go to my blog posts they’re going to be watching the live Hangout, right.
Ryan: Yep right from, right from your website. Mia: And then once the, once the live, um,
Hangout is done, what will they see in that embed code, will they see the recording?
Ryan: Um yeah, um, on that’s a good question. I have yet to see … I, I believe because
you’re going to have the HTML there that that, that IFrame, it’s still going to show the
video there, and it’s going to have the recording of it once it’s, once it’s, once it’s done
going live, yes. Mia: Okay, and then that link right next to
it I could email, like I could email my, um, post that on Facebook, and I’d be like, hey
guys, we’re, we’re hanging out right now come join us, and that would be the link they click
on to just check in right then live. Ryan: Yeah you can, so in other words, you
could send the link that I was telling you before to tell it, to send people right to
your channel, or you can send them directly to the video itself, by just sending them
the link that’s at the top there, yes. Mia: So they’ll be watching that video live,
or once it’s done it will just be the recording, so that link never goes outdated, right?
Ryan: Exactly, exactly, so that’s … Mia: Okay cool.
Ryan: … the advantage of having that link versus sending somebody to your channel because
once the, once the live meeting is no longer live and that, that, you know, that, you know,
your channel will go back to what it was normally. Mia: Okay cool, so that’s the … that’s really
the link to go share with people once you’re … if you want people on live.
Ryan: Yeah. Mia: Uh, or watching the recording.
Ryan: Yeah exactly, if you, if you, because that YouTube Channel, or I’m sorry, that YouTube
link will, will be there forever for that video, so if you put that on Facebook, or
whatever, that’s the link I would put on Facebook because even after the, again, after the actual
live show is done, the people will be able to view the, the replay of it by just clicking
on the play button. Mia: Yeah, and also that embed code I’m almost
positive that, that once the live event is over that embed code will turn into the recorded
one where they push play because I’ve seen it before where I go to websites, and I look,
I miss the live thing, but then there’s push play.
Ryan: Yeah and that’s really powerful, I mean if, if you have other affiliates that want
to help market your product or service then you could give them that, that IFrame, and
they can drop it in there, and you know, there. there you go, you can have …
Mia: Wow that’s awesome, there’s so many things we can do with this. I love it. Thank you
so much for taking the time to do this. Ryan, you’re awesome, and then if you want to, um,
share the link with me from this one, and then I’m recording this on my screen, too,
to share it with my people, and then I’ll get you on another time, too, so we can go
in more depth. Ryan: Yeah that sounds great [crosstalk 30:15]
Mia: I know you have to run, and I have to go, and …
Ryan: Yeah, you know, that was … I mean awesome, thanks.
Mia: It’s made me feel confident to do Google Hangout.
Ryan: (laughs) all right, well no we’ll, we’ll do it again, and, and I appreciate you giving,
giving me a chance to, uh, to just share this. I mean I, I just, I love it, I mean it’s,
it’s I know that this is going to be something that, that replaces a lot of things, and it
gives, it just gives the average person, or the average business owner the ability to
get out there, and get out in the marketplace, I mean, and really create content, and really
engage with their markets, so I, I’m, I’m excited about it.
Mia: Awesome thanks Ryan you’re the best. Ryan: All right.

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