GOKU WANTS ULTRA INSTINCT! SSJ3 Goku Trains With Merus! Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 51 Review

GOKU WANTS ULTRA INSTINCT! SSJ3 Goku Trains With Merus! Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 51 Review

a dark cloud looms over our heroes as
Dragon Ball super manga chapter number 51 is now officially in the history
books as Goku and the grand Supreme Kai are now separated from Vegeta who had
traveled to Planet yards rat in hopes of discovering a new power to further aid
him in his battle against Morel and his minions as Goku and the grand supreme
kai continued their relentless pursuits and further apprehending the eater of
worlds as morale continues to get stronger
our heroes desperately try and buy time to create a plan to stop him but despite
the odds having to be against him the sinister and sadistic moral has a few
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number 51 entitled to each their own plans and we observe Planet Namek having
to be an absolute ruins with bodies having to be scattered all over the
place and the planet itself having to be dead based on moral having to drain all
of its life energy as we then observe all of his men having to pack up their
things and head back onto the ship one of morals lead henchmen goes on to state
wow the whole planet died before we knew it as more than consumes the last bit of
energy of Planet Namek itself we noticed then how morale is beginning to change
in regressing in his age in getting younger so each and every single time
morale consumes energy not only does he get stronger but in fact he does get
younger as morale goes on two states planet inhabited by such unique species
possess a spectacular energy with this my physical recovery is ascent
he completes as his henchmen goes on to ask Ward morale it kind of looks like
those Galactic Patrol guys just vanished they’ve got to be dead right
as Moore replies no there are two among them capable of instant teleportation
including the great Lord of lords they must have escaped again as the henchmen
replies their spaceship also got away which group should we go after first as
Moore replies never mind them individuals with that much power are
rare enough so I choose to let them roam this universe like livestock naturally I
will kill them should they interfere again in the meantime do you know of any
planets with remarkable life force I wish to build up my energy reserves as
the henchmen replies of course before we got locked up by those Galactic losers
my crew and I rampaged around this whole galaxy so i’ve got some choice planets
in mind so moral is willingly sparing goku and vegeta because he goes on to
admit that yes although they are very rare individuals with very great power
to morale right now he has no concern in pursuing them because he wants to
further fuel his energy reserves by stealing more energy from other planets
as only then once we observe them boarding the ship mole then goes on to
state excellence lead me to them as inside the ship itself we see the
universe six counterparts of what resembles magetta and even super Dragon
Ball Heroes his resemblance to Finn all seemingly piloting the ship the lead
henchman goes on to States and I’ll send my guys to do some scouting
I’ll have them search every nook and cranny of the galaxy in which finally by
the end we observe how morale ship is now beginning to take off and in a very
interesting concept Walsh it literally spins in a 360 degree angle to where it
shoots out little mini ships out towards the galaxy so what more or less
she did was basically sent out his scout crew as his ship itself is leaving
Planet Namek so Planet Namek is dead the planet isn’t destroyed but there’s
literally no life on the planet left anymore why because morale had drained
every bit of energy from the planets to where now there’s absolutely no reserve
left the planet is destroyed so meanwhile back at the Galactic Patrol HQ
we observe the Galactic King step out as he cries out hey is it true that every
last inmate from the Galactic prison escaped as some of the patrollers reply
the Galactic King oh man oh please put something on as of course
the Galactic king is naked but then that’s when Goku steps forward as we
then have Marus speak to the Galactic King as the Galactic King goes on to ask
why haven’t I heard about this as Maris goes on to reply I thought you knew your
highness as one of the other patrollers goes on to states we had some of our
Intel wires crossed here at HQ as Goku goes on to tell Jocko uh isn’t he still
naked as chocol goes on to tell koch are you blind
his royalness has got his kingly crown on let me guess
you thought I was wearing pants this whole time as Goku’s very confused than
the fact that he’s pointing out that the Galactic King really didn’t put on any
clothes all he really did was put his crown on so Goku’s confused because
Jocko is telling him hey I’m not wearing any pants and indeed yes
perhaps the Galactic King is naked but he does have his crown on but that’s
besides the point as Goku so casually replies by stating
talk about culture shock the King then goes on to States you mean to say that
morale and his escaped convicts remain at large as Maris and Jocko go on to
apologize jackal cries out apologies our king miss but the King really doesn’t
want to hear it as he goes on to reply I was sure that you would sort this mess
out Maris as Jaco continues to bow he goes on to tell him despite the presence
of an elite such as myself our mission and
in total failure as Maris then goes on to tell the King morale grew more
powerful than we expected so I’m afraid we need to rework our strategy as only
then Goku bends over and asking one of the other patrollers hey did boo and the
little green kid show up here earlier as Eska finally cries out goku goku goes on
to tell Eska hey ESCA you’re alright as only then once he
walks inside of the room he notices majin buu once again sleeping on the
floor as Eska goes on to tell goku after we arrived his face changed back and he
just fell asleep as goku goes on to stay booth fought hard out there for us
he must be worn out as Eska goes on to ask um I don’t see Vegeta with you as
Goku so casually smiles he goes on to tell Eska don’t worry he’s probably fine
I bet he flew off to train somewhere as Maris goes on to ask to train you say as
Goku replies our normal tactics didn’t work against morale at all and I’m
thinking that hit Vegeta pretty hard he must have a new idea in the works as
Goku continues we can’t sit on our hands either anyone got a plan as the King
goes on to state a strategy that doesn’t involve Buu which I personally disagree
with the concept of Buu having to fall asleep again because we’ve seen majin
buu sleep and Dragon Ball super many times before so I don’t think it’s the
perfect time to add in Buu sleeping now especially during the climax of moral
having to get stronger and the jito having to go mi a but speaking of Vegeta
we go back to Vegeta on the current ship that he is on as he goes on to tell the
pilots morale doesn’t seem to be pursuing us he’s flown off in another
direction as the pilot then goes on to cry out sad ship is the fastest I’ve
ever known so I can’t track it by radar as Vegeta asks who that person is the
pilot replies the guy that was on moral side he is the leader of a gang of
bandits that rampage around the galaxy as Vegeta replies ah the one who dealt a
blow to Kakarot as the pilot responds he was a real pain to capture given how
strong he is and now he’s set free again as the
Jiva goes on to reply that fool was no worthy opponents without moral aiding
him even my boy could have beaten him as the pilot goes on to ask oh you’re a
father as Vegeta replies so what if I am the pilot then goes on to tell him hey
just unexpected that’s all as the jina then goes on to tell him never mind that
how much further two yards rad as the pilot then goes on to tell him well let
me plug in numbers speaking in terms of your earth time about one week as Vegeta
goes on to tell him all right I’ll be resting in the meantime so they
are right now currently one week away from getting to Planet yard ret so it
would appear that in the upcoming manga chapter we are going to have somewhat of
a time skip that being one week and as the jito begins to walk away the pilot
then goes on to ask him uh what exactly is your plan when we get to yard rat as
Vegeta replies the denizens of that planet aren’t suited for physical combat
but they employ a number of strange techniques it’s the same tribe that
taught Kakarot the instant teleportation as the pilot states oh I see so you’re
hoping that the Iranians know a trick or two that can help you hold your own
against moral as Vegeta tells him precisely though it’s not a strategy I
relish as Vegeta finally walks in the room so he confirms that he indeed is
going to plan a yard read to learn a technique and it’s not a technique that
Vegeta wants to learn him because he just told a pilot that he relishes the
idea he still has to do it anyway and as he walks inside of his room the pilots
just wondering what the heck is going on as the Judah finally sits on the bed he
goes on to smash his hands together as he goes on to say to himself I can’t
afford to be made a fool like that again I will achieve victory next time over
Morro over those convicts and over Kakarot as the narration goes on to
state a few days past in the galaxy as we then go on to observe
those men led by sags invading this planet as SAG’s goes on to cry ow
come on boys introduce yourselves and now we have the universe six
counterparts within universe seven that resemble Tommo hits Finn and they show
up and it looks like they’re killing off a very similar species to that of
Wheatley from Dragon Ball Z as everyone is getting annihilated because these
space pirates show up and the first thing they end up doing is attacking
everyone so this is planet Zune and we get to observe how the pre-plea people I
guess we can call them the pre-plea people go on to cry out what whatever
happens we got to protect the royal treasure but these bandits don’t care
they just swooped right in and they’re cutting these dudes apart so it would
appear that maybe bobbidi had gone to planets soon during the time of Dragon
Ball Z to recruits some of these individuals and possessing them to be
margins just like bleep we because you can’t sit there and tell me that these
dudes don’t look like bleep Lee but they’re complete fodder because these
prisoners are literally tearing them apart they’re decapitating them they’re
blowing holes in their bodies so the little thin dude is running around
putting in work as he’s snapping necks and he’s just literally just ripping
people apart so we notice how this individual is swooping in he’s jumping
from man to man and he’s very fast right being that he’s very small he looks like
a Majin in a way but not really he’s swooping in
he’s cutting everybody apart so these dudes are not playing so as soon as this
little guy gets to the treasure box he breaks it open and inside we have metals
we have crowns we have treasure basically treasure these dudes are
literal space pirates right they’re going around just like bojack’s people
we’re you know going around taking stuff destroying things and as they open it
the little fin dude goes on to states we’d hit the jackpot sags
this got to be worth a ton as SAG’s goes on to tell him oh yeah good work as what
if his minions goes on to tell him this should be worth anything on this damn
planets as SAG’s goes on to Taiwan greats we’re
pulling out so they came here they got their treasure and now they’re leaving
so what I really love is how the giant teddy bear dude is holding the crate we
have other people just dragging the treasure along but one of the individual
is one of the remaining members that wasn’t killed is still alive and the
person that looks like hit turns around and he uses like these laser beams from
his eyes and he just blows this person’s head off and it’s really cool because
yeah he does look like hit you can’t tell me that he doesn’t and I would say
it’s the universe seven parallel to hit he has like these little horns he looks
just like him right and except he’s not so once he kills this individual they
all end up leaving but this dude he’s just toasting the bodies he is just
destroying everything as sacks turns around he goes on to tell him
cut it out seven three the more bodies we rack up the less energy for morale to
snack on as 7-3 it appears to be his name stops they all finally board the
ship so once they all kneel in front of morale they go on to tell him sorry
about the weight lord Mauro we’ve got all the treasure from this planets as
morale goes on to tell them well done and now it’s Meal Time so what morale
ends up doing is taking all of the life energy of the planet you get to see how
the planet is cracking everything is breaking all of the life on the planet
is gone and once morale consumes this energy one of the actual prisoners goes
on to state no matter how many times I see it it just sends a chill down my
spine watching planets die so once moral ends up consuming even
more energy we notice how once again he looks even younger as he goes on to tell
them mmm not a bad planets as they all go on to tell him thank you we snagged
the loots and now you get to chow down on the
planets we make a perfect team huh as morale goes on to tell him indeed and
you will surely need resources of value once my ideals are realized
the prisoners go on to tell him well snagging valuables is our specialty so
don’t worry as morale goes on to ask what is it with sag having to tell him
incoming call from one of our scouts and it would appear that his Scouts are on
another planning which of course they’re all females as one of them goes on to
state sex we’ve found a planet with some nice energy I think it’s totally
crawling with electric beasties so it’s our job to strip the planet of its
treasure before they show up so these females basically found a
planet with lots of life so they’re reporting back tomorrow and letting them
know hey we’re going to steal everything but right before you guys get here we’re
gonna do our thing before Morel kills everybody and takes all of your energy
very very sickening stuff but when we go back to the Galactic Patrol HQ we
oversee how one of the patrollers goes on to state it it seems that planet Xun
had been annihilated as Mayoress goes on to ask ah they’ve progressed that far
already did you manage to lock on to their signals as the pilot goes on to
state the problem is they’re moving at such high speeds that we keep losing
them on the radar as Maris goes on to state damn so that won’t work as goku
then goes on to comments and i can’t read any cheese signatures that far away
and after a few days of this morel himself has gotten even stronger as
Maris goes on to tell him I suspect that more always going after planets beyond
our imminent reach as Maris continues dammit
even if we could confront morale now our odds of victory are virtually zero as
Goku pauses for a second he then goes on to ask Maris even if you were fighting
seriously as Maris turns around Goku goes on to ask him mind if I run a
little test as Maris asked some uh of what exactly and you noticed something
right once go whose hand literally twitches Maris
notices right so Maris is able to even see Goku twitch as Goku throws the first
punch so this is Goku’s test he wants to gauge Maris and the minute he throws the
first punch everyone surprised as choco goes on to ask
oh there Goku oh but go who isn’t stopping as choco goes on to ask did
agent Maris say something that made you mad as Goku goes on to States I threw
that punch meaning to connect as Mayoress states yes that’s why I dodged
as choco goes on come on guys why the falling out look agent Maris can totally
be a snobbish pretentious heavy-handed leader I get it but he and all bad and
look at his face it’s kind of adorable yeah the way it is you know those bangs
are chopped off and stuff like that but go who disregards him as he goes on
to tell him I want to get a feel of your true power Maris spar with me as Maris
says very well I know just the place so once they go inside of this don’t like
place Maris goes on to tell Goku this is a training room just for us agents built
with a stand-in decent amount of abuse let’s go who goes on to tell him oh ho
you guys got one of these huh okay well on that note I’ll kick this off as Maris
tells him be my guest Goku jumps right in there and Goku goes for the attack so
keep in mind right this is base Goku he’s gotten so much more powerful since
bo gr laughs the t.o.p Dragon Ball super bro Lee and base form Goku cannot touch
Maris it would almost seem as if Maris has old trends thing and no he does not
have old trends than keep that in mind Maris does not have ultra instinct but
the guy sure can dodge attacks as Goku tries time and time again to attack him
he finally turns into a Super Saiyan and tries to attack him again and
interestingly enough when Goku tries to punch him
Maris moves out of the way he grabs Goku’s arm and he
he spins him in the air so once Goku goes spinning up in the air
Goku braces himself as he breaks out of it by transforming into a Super Saiyan 3
and once Goku lands on his feet now we have Super Saiyan 3 Goku vs. Maris yes
this is super saiyan 3 goku after everything we’ve seen from jiren to
broli some moral till now so as Jacko’s
looking on he goes on to state uh where’s the blood lust as Eska goes on
to tell him go who’s just testing Maris’s power that’s all as back inside
Super Saiyan 3 Goku goes on the attack and even Super Saiyan 3 Goku can’t seem
to touch Maris so what in the world is going on how is super saiyan 3 Goku not
able to touch this dude I strongly disagree with this concept from Tori Oh
taro I have no idea what he’s doing but then once Goku gets angry he raises
his power level up again and transforms into a Super Saiyan God and once go who
transforms into Super Saiyan God everything within the facility is
breaking as choco goes on to scream and Goku eat enough Goku the place can’t
take much more as choco pokes his head out he goes on to tell him you’re gonna
bring the roof down dammit as Goku says ah sorry and powers back down to base he
goes on to tell Mehra’s okay we’re done as Mehra’s asks him are you satisfied
goku goes on to tell him I think I’ve seen enough for now so yes if it were
not for choco we were gonna get God Goku vs. Maris as Goku goes on to tell him
and it’s just like I thought as Maris asks what Goku goes on to tell him I’ve
got it how about you train me as Jaco goes on to ask uh what did that crazy
Goku just say training and Maris is surprised as Goku goes on to tell him I
still don’t have a total feel for your strength but it seems like you know
plenty that I don’t am I wrong again I disagree with this because how in the
world would Marisa know of something that Goku the martial arts master
does not I don’t like this at all ESCO who continues there’s one move of mine
that I’m trying to master and it’s all about letting the body move on instincts
so it might work against Mauro even when he starts absorbing my energy
wink-wink ultra instinct wink wink he just said it as guru continues I’ve got
a feeling that training with you could get me close to mastering it which I
again disagree with as Maris tells him then that is what we shall do I am all
too happy to assist as gohu states greats Maris goes on but this room can
only take so much more so I recommend another location for your training as
Goku says who okay cuz it won’t amount to real
training if I can’t really switch to god mode as we go back to plan a June we
observe how one of the band ins is continuing to rob that seems to be like
a bank or something because it’s the exact same individuals that went to the
original planet they came on before being stopped by Goku Vegeta and Maris
and I love how once they start stealing everything they basically are telling
these guys to load up the ship and they’re taking everything you know in
having the blast these dudes into an oblivion so once these dudes take off to
make this very long story short we notice how once the individuals grabbed
everything the one bandit seems to be a tad bit iffy on sag and as they board
the ship itself one of the individuals goes on to tell them the leader bro
remember when Maris and his merrie gang showed up to Hollis I am remembering
something they said as one of them goes on to state uh what as the female pilot
goes that peony agent of their said that there is some planet named earth they
call a blue orange sky gold instead so now they’re considering going to earth
being the fact that they overheard Jocko basically talk about earth and once the
gang leader overhears this he goes on to tell her let’s go to earth because keep
in mind it’s just those three we go back to Vegeta
ship as the pilot wakes him up instating wake up vegeta we’ve arrived as the
narration closes off the manga chapter by letting us know at that moment Vegeta
finally made its a planet yard rat as the manga chapter special comes to a
close now it would appear that Goku wants the master ultra instinct it would
appear that it’s been one week since Vegeta had arrived on Planet your dad
and wall is going around everywhere absorbing energy his men are stealing
stuff and he’s getting stronger and stronger and stronger we don’t even know
how strong he is at this current point in time but forego who to ask Maris to
help him achieve somewhat of a mastery of the ultra instinct technique in the
manga is something that I strongly strongly disagree with so I think we all
know what kind of direction this possibly is going to go into we might
see the return of ultra instant in the manga especially if Koch who wants to
master it now although a Vegeta did state that he wants to be the one to put
Morrow down and his you know convicts as well III really wasn’t feeling this
manga chapter as much because I mean although I love the space burglary kind
of thing they’re going around stealing stuff being thieves
you know wrecking everything I hated the fact that Goku it had to push himself
against Marist that’s just me but I want to get your thoughts in the comments
section below is Goku gonna use masters you why is he going to get you I omen is
the jewnicorn to be the victor of the story I want to get your thoughts in the
comment section below guys thank you all so much for watching once more if of
course you guys are new to the channel don’t forget to smash that subscribe
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peace this is the Galactic Emperor of the universe and of course I’m here to
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you will all be dead Oh someone say unrelenting me oh my god the
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what I don’t need clothes Jesus Christ huge ha ha ha
what’s Broly freezer prepare to die

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  2. I love how diabolical Morro is! He might be worse than Frieza. He has an army of evil convicts and felons doing his dirty work, knowing he needs all the power he can obtain to defeat Goku and Vegeta. And although he let them live, I’m sure he’s smart enough to realize that they’re always getting stronger and stronger… I hope Vegeta obtains a new form

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  6. I have to disagree with you. It seems like you think that merus would have a skill that would make goku more stronger. You aren't at the fact that he could know a TECHNIQUE that goku could utilize. It is more of technique than power. Caulifla and goku second round is a great example. Hell even master roshi vs jiren, even though that is questionable.

  7. Dragon ball super just went from gay to super queer! Goku is a joke in this series n he is turning worst than pan in the gt series. Fck super, I'm done with this queer series!

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  9. Man Im really diggin the manga latley I honestly am intrested to see whats gonna happen. Cant wait for the next chaper!!

  10. There is something I wanna point out that Master Roshi said way back in Dragonball.. there is always someone stronger then you, you just gotta find them

  11. I think to think that Goku can't learn from Merus the #1 galactic patrol agent is naive. It would imply that goku knows everything in the universe

  12. What is wrong woth Meerus teaching Goku something? They have different fighting style, and different goal to achieve: Goku had never been shy of taking punches square in the jaw and fought because he liked it. Meerus had to learn how to incapacitate as quaickly as possibile his opponent, cuz he need to bring it to jail and nkt ddfeating him. So of course Meerus is focused on dodging hits and taking the adv by surprise, while Goku had never been shy about getting beaten. So yes, Meerus can teach Goku something.

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  17. Close minded. The cosmos is huge, what makes you think Goku mastered everything from every corner of the Cosmos. I like how you read the comic, but your criticism is too biased towards the Personal Incredulity Fallacy close to it. Let me ask you this, how many planets did Goku visit? All in canon fan base stories do not count and fillers. Peace.

  18. MORO VS. BERUS!! Remember he said it was in no interest to him because of nameks LACK OF FOOD!! HOLY SHIT! REMEMBER VEGETA IS GOD OF DESTRUCTION FUTURE witch was the deal to get whis training!!!

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    merus clearly has some form of technique or unique training that helps him react fast, even against someone like goku. doesn't make him stronger then goku but he has this very helpfull skill set that makes him more of a challenge then he would be otherwise, just like instant transmission makes someone like goku or that universe 2 yardrat more potently difficult to face.
    its not just about getting stronger. it's about learning and experiencing more and more. whis left the rest of goku's and vegeta's training up for them to do with. he might spar with them and give them tips if asked/bribed, but its basically on them to truly make those leaps and do it thier own ways as they see fit. goku was having trouble grasping ultra instinct, so he is asking someone who have a skill set of extreme reflexes and reaction times to help him build those skills.
    i understand this can be seen as bad writing. someone who has trained with beings above gods themselves, asking a cop for training because he's weirdly skilled enough to be a challenge to even goku to hit, but that's if you ignore the initial fact i started with. its a big universe, with lots of various life forms. you'll always be learning new things, especially the more you travel and experience outside your own bubble. merus has a unique skillset goku doesnt. goku wants to learn this, hoping it's the leverage he needs for him to grasp that power he seeks, but cant quite re-obtain. goku is being smart and open minded. its not like this is training to make him physically stronger. think of it like giving goku the unique skills merus has, ontop of the power goku already has, making him THAT much more deadly.
    power is not everything

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  30. Is it just me or does meris look like whis…..? He HAS to be part angel or something. The similarity is actually very striking

  31. I don't get why you so vehemently disagree with Meerus possibly knowing something Goku doesn't, it makes sense he is not only top ranked in the Galactic Patrol, but he has been fighting for years against god only knows what kind of enemies, and techniques, whereas meanwhile Goku's adventures have really only taken him off of Earth most recently. Sure he left Earth before, but he didn't see but a few planets, whereas Meerus has probably seen hundreds if not thousands. The amount of exposure to things Goku might not know is quite large. I mean even someone like Whis doesn't know instant transmission, so there is always more out the to learn. Thinking you know everything, and that you're the strongest is how you start your downfall being a martial artist. That is like one of Mater Roshi's biggest lessons he teaches Krillin, and Goku with the World Tournament. There is always room to improve. I mean Vegeta is going to Yardrat to learn a technique to fight against Moro, but Meerus can't teach Goku something that might help him? That makes no sense, it is clear Meerus knows something Goku doesn't based on his movements, as to what I have no idea, maybe it's a specific from of martial arts from some wayward planet, or maybe it's just the result of countless battles, we will find out.

  32. Goku is NOT a master of martial arts in the universe…it's natural he needs another training upon learning to Merus's capability…

  33. I absolutely LOVE the fact that UnrealEntGaming gives his own insight during certain panels (such as the SSJ3 situation). Thank you for these awesome videos, btw.

  34. You have to be a certain levels of power to even SEE movements from another higher level. If you can’t see or sense the movement because they are so fast, he should not be able to even see base goku. Trash ass writing

    No technique no matter how great can not beat someone who is more powerful then you in every way and has strong technique of their own.

    Jiren for example and they keep nerfing goku and vegeta

    Not feeling this at all

  35. So ummmm, friend? Tell me something…..where did you actually see merus "beat" ssj3 goku (or any goku for that matter)? Just honestly cause I only say goku throwing punches and not connecting and him getting tossed in the air which he landed perfectly fine. But maybe they were fighting too fast and I couldn't see.

  36. Martial Arts masters are never done learning. If you talk to any high ranking martial artists they will always tell you there is more to learn. The idea that Goku would want to learn from someone who likely grew up in a different galaxy is not a bad thing. Goku is completely in character for martial artist.

  37. I feel like meerus is just a good defensive fighter so he probably doesn't think when evading blows being as though he has no god ki it's not ultra instinct(which explains why he can dodge goku and his reaction times) so I figure he'll be the reason goku can access ui omen more freely because he damn sure can't help goku with attacking

  38. You know it would be awesome if Frieza finds out that someone else is destroying planets and will eventually fight moro

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