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  1. That’s why GM is losing and has lost allot of loyal clients. Americans bailed them out and they are not loyal afterwards. Me and my family used to be GM folks but I haven’t seen a GM in the yard in years. Rightfully so. We can do without GM.

  2. I will buy the best and less expensive car for the money.
    I don't care were it's made.
    Is my money and I work hard for it.

  3. Dear Mr Trump fire the Geo of General Motors and bring GM down to their knees I have owned GM automibles all of my life I drive a new GMA Pick-up presently but I will never buy another GM automobile or pick-up again as long as I live I for one can't stand any company that sells out the people and the country that has made them great GM is a unAmerican unpatriotic bunch of bums I hope America is watching GM sell American jobs to other countries for cheap labor and screwing the American workers and then selling their vehicles back to American citizens. GM sucks as far as I am concerned I hope the American people stops buying their vehicles if GM wants to make their vehicles in other countries then let GM sell their products there not in the United States we don't want traitor companies in this country you want us to buy your products then make them in America don't sell out your biggest buyers of your products!

  4. Lou Dobbs we needed to hear this and THINK, America should be first and it is up to us. God Bless You, and our president.

  5. I think some of these companies that close down factories here in America and keep them open in Mexico or China love socialism bc Mexico has a socialist as president and obviously China

  6. And there’s no socialist government here so they close down even though there company would do better in a country that doesn’t have a socialist leading it

  7. And always before the holidays greedy bastards, I will stick with my ford or Toyota come on America stop buying all the GM cars they are expensive garbage anyways

  8. They should have let GM go under. Some company would have picked up the Camaro the Corvette, Cadillac and Chevy trucks. The fall of Gm would have meant that other car manufacturers would have to increase production to fill the gap that GM left and would have to hire some of the experienced work force from GM. The rich keep getting richer on the backs of the American taxpayer. Bring back our jobs so we can bring back the middle class and the American dream!

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