Global Mission Fellows

Global Mission Fellows

I received a degree in environmental
studies, and when I was discerning how God would have me use my skills, talents and
gifts in service to communities, God’s mission and the world, I have discovered
the Global Mission Fellow program and I decided to apply to make a difference in the world. Global Mission Fellows is a leadership
development program for young adults who feel called to address the root causes of
oppression in the world and work alongside communities using their unique
skill set. GMF’s are young adults from everywhere, serving everywhere. I’m from Kalamazoo,
Michigan; I’m serving in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Originally from Nigeria,
but serving in Frankfurt, Germany. I’m from Mississippi,
serving on the island of Grenada. I’m from Cameroon and serving in Brazil. I’m from Kansas City Missouri,
I am serving in Miami, Florida. I’m from Zimbabwe.
I’m serving in Estonia. As a Global Mission Fellow, you’ll be placed at a site where your gifts best match your community’s needs. Or you can obtain new skill sets
that you may not otherwise
thought you were capable of. Fellows do work such as
educating communities to take preventive public health measures, to assisting
refugees, immigrants as they relocate to where they can thrive abundantly around the world. We are musicians… religious scholars… journalists… and even
environmentalists. The program is two years long which is a big commitment, but there is program support to ensure that your transition in and out of the
community goes smoothly. Your relocation expenses are covered,
Visa fees are paid, housing is included, you get an incredible insurance plan, and
you receive a simple living stipend. And you go through professional and
practical training before you head to your placement site, and you get an end of
service reward that will help you out when you complete your service. So if you’re a person between 20 to 30, who feels that your Christian faith calls you to combat injustice in the world… and you want to engage the local
community, connect the church in mission and grow in personal and social holiness

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