Global Mission Fellows: Surf Project

Global Mission Fellows: Surf Project

I’m Nyasha Manjeya and I’m from Zimbabwe. I’m serving in Northern Ireland. And I’m Carlos Nacpil III. I’m originally from the Philippines and I’m serving in Northern Ireland with The Surf Project. I’m currently, together with Nyasha, focusing on the Swell events. Swell
events are residential camps catered for young people all over Ireland. Sometimes
we run two events in a day and then after that events, we lead worship service to different churches here in Northern Ireland. We struggle, you know,
encouraging young people to be more involved to participate in the church
and that’s what the Surf Project is here for. To encourage young people that
participating in the church is not really a difficult thing. You just need
to be yourself, use what you got and it could be a combination of fun, at the
same time serving other people. One of the the testimonies that struck me the
most was a child wrote ‘I will forever cherish this weekend. I will remember how
I shared about my faith without being judged. How I shared about my faith with
people who understand me.’ It’s really about forming relationships and pointing people the right direction, which is to Christ. Every day after an event, every
time I sleep knowing that this is really what is supposed to be happening
in my life at this moment.

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