Global Mission Fellows Serving in South Korea

Global Mission Fellows Serving in South Korea

Okay, and can you just say, “Hi my name is Trisha–” “And I’m a GMF serving in Seoul.”
Oh I should say that, okay, okay. Hi – my name is Trisha. I am a GMF serving in Seoul, South Korea for two years. My name is Arsene Lumami and I’m from
Congo DRC. I’m serving in South Korea in the DMZ place in Cheorwon which is the border of
South and North Korea. My dream is to become a peacemaker. When
I’m done with this I want to go back and start another border peace school in Congo. Hello my name is Rut Arsari Christy,
you can just call me Rut. And I’m from Indonesia and
I’m serving in Busan right now. The school is actually a shelter for the
victims of sex trafficking. I’m teaching English but also
I play with the students too. Which is the most like interesting part of my job. I am now more aware of what happened
like with the social justice and gender issues. NCCK is the National Council of
Churches in Korea and they do so many things. I work in the reunification,
reconciliation, and justice department. I’m working on a peace treaty campaign
to reconcile and reunite the Korean Peninsula. To be a global citizen means
that I can’t just work for my community I have to work for the world. And then to
be a Christian also means I can’t just work for like my family, I have to work
for God’s children across the world. When I applied for this program, I did not know that the program will help me to achieve my dreams. I really really love this program. If you are a young adult between the age 20 and 30 you should do this program. You need to join this program.

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