Global Masters in Management | London Business School

Global Masters in Management | London Business School

I decided to do the global masters in
management at London Business School because I really wanted to jumpstart a
global career the global master management program is a two-year program
first year which takes place at London Business School in the second year in
food an scorp manager in Shanghai the first year I found really provides you
with toolkit so you really learn business skills
networking skills and it’s great jumping-off point you are mixed in with
the Masters and management students so you work with them you’re in study
groups with them we received a chance not only to be part of our own global
mass of management cohort but in the bigger London Business School community
studying London you can feel that you’re in the center of something big
you’ve got some of the biggest global companies at your doorstep and it was a
really high energy environment and it was great to see firsthand what we were
studying afterwards as the summer the period in between where students are
encouraged to take internships it was a really nice compliment to the
academics and it was a great way to test the waters and see what you’re capable
of after your first year in London at the second year we would leave as our
own cohort and join food on we get to have exposure to china chinese
businesses in the business environment in asia and we work on our thesis as
well as other global field trips shanghai was a very different study
experience while the first year mainly consists of core courses the second year
in food on is mostly elective courses as well as a consultant project and a
thesis so we delve much deeper into the subject being in shanghai it holds so
many different potentials and options that you just have to leverage the most
out of this amazing city studying into world leading business schools is really
beneficial especially in China people really value the brand name both for
London Business School and food and School of Management OBS is very
practical oriented so a lot of our classes are very hands-on while food on
tends to be a little bit more serious I can utilize all the experiences and
experience in the internship in food and to find for myself a perfect fit in the
future career I’ve come out of these two years with an amazing network that’s as
diverse in industries as it is nationalities I think that’s ultimately
what has made this experience really fulfilling there’s 38 of us in the first
year and there’s over 15 different nationalities not only is there the min
class that you strongly interact with in your global in cohorts but there’s also
really the greater LDS community of access to faculty from all over the
world we have access to MBA students embas Sloan fellows and really this
tight-knit community that you get to experience through clubs through
electives was really amazing it’s been extremely rewarding to interact with
people and learn not only with but from my peers given that China’s now playing
such a crucial role in the world economy I believe it will help me in the future
to communicate and negotiate with Chinese counterparts perspective is the
main thing that the program really offers in addition to the academics
having practical experience real-life experience both in London and in
Shanghai is invaluable to that it has been the most academically
professionally and socially enriching experience of my life so far

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