Glimpses of The Inclusion Fellowship 2017

Glimpses of The Inclusion Fellowship 2017

What we are trying to do? We are trying
to find some doers. Hi, I’m Chandni. I’m an interaction designer from IDC, IIT Bombay. Hi, I’m Shaswat from Eye-D. Hi, I am Prateek.
I am the founder of Giftabled. This is Dhruv Agarwal, a medical cum engineering student at Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi. Hi, I’m Aditi from Studio Gudgudee. Hi, I’m Johan Dinakaran. I’m a physiotherapist and I am super excited to be part of the Inclusion Fellowship. The India Inclusion Foundation wanted to you know, start this fellowship to support young entrepreneurs working
in the (disability)space. The idea is that we try and connect you to people who also believe in the same mission and you know, help you in whichever way possible. Everybody’s basic needs might be different. So once that is met you want to make a difference in someone else’s life. Raising awareness and bringing people together and saying that okay, things might go wrong, right? but this is how we can collectively help each other was the starting point of IIS. Whom are we meeting? Oh, Ashoka. How do we see big change has happened? And one of the common things to all of them is you can trace it back often times to
an individual who had an insight around the problem, who instead of seeing it just this way saw it like but what if this could happen? Session just got over, really cool. The knife doesn’t work and it’s like, I’m getting like tears. *Don’t cry buddy* Why are you sadist? Video call Shaswat and show him the beans. Exactly! and the peas. Dude, show me the
beans and the peas. *Reconnecting* Show me the peas and beans! *Reconnecting* *Ferose disguised as a waiter and served breakfast to the fellows* Come, Fellows. Kalyani! Come here, doesn’t he look like Ferose? No, dude. Sorry, I can’t stop. I felt that every person that we met
starting from the first person from Parag Dhol sir to the end. I think one theme that
kept recurring was the fact that you need to be empathetic to the people
you’re working with. The way I explained what is being done, what I’m doing has been refined and improved so much over the past five days more than it had improved in the past five months. So, I think that was invaluable. Many times we come across stages where we just think about quitting. Well, this
is a place which will motivate you to get above that. Inclusion fellowship gives
you access to this most amazing tribe of people who are like-minded and will do anything to push you to the next level.

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