Glimpses of The Inclusion Fellowship 2016

Glimpses of The Inclusion Fellowship 2016

I’d love to call all my beloved fellows and Jaideep who is my co-curator. *pleasantries* Official welcome to the fellowship on the whole IIS team’s behalf What is the crux that you are looking to support? The thinking has been that we will be enablers for anyone wanting to do something in inclusion. In their businesses or projects or things are not working out now because we don’t have the ecosystems right for inclusion. So, we kind of, he said we’ve been thinking about fellowship. I am expecting some free time. *Everyone laughs* I am expecting some free time. *Cheerful Banter* Hi, my name is Aman. So, I’m the co-founder of project Mudra. Hi, I am Neha and I have come from Delhi. Always you know I fly down to Bangalore for IIS every year. Hi, I am Anusha and I work with the IDIA charitable trust and I am really excited to be a fellow at the IIS Fellowship this year. Hi, I am Abhinav from Freedesign. Excited to be here. Early morning, kaam hain! (I have work) Yea, This is Sunil and I represent an NGO Astha. So, Now we’re going to meet the trustees. So, We are at Ranga Shankara. All the fellows and we’re here to watch a play “Krishna’s Dairy”. and let’s see how it goes. We’ve had crazy 3 days if you just really look back. Yea, 3 days were crazy? Core thing that we got was from Shridhar who told us about like where weak plans don’t work. The 4 transformational layers, you know, the systemic layer and all the core and mentality and all of those things. Like Passion, tech, systemic, mentality all those things and that was very very new to me. Even like yesterday all of us were sitting and and we were discussing all the problems that we face with each of our organisations. Not necessary that I have any knowledge on Neha’s or Aman’s organisation. But it is always nice to bounce off ideas of people who are working in the same space. The energy and passion of the trustees especially Ferose you know? Towards inclusion and towards accessibility like you know There was not a single person in that room who were like you know there for any selfish purpose or anything. They were there because they wanted to create a change which they thought is very much needed. What I saw in the first day was the importance of connecting whoever works with us, right? Connecting back to the source of why we are here. And then taking through the journey. The whole day was taking through the journey of why we are here, connecting to the purpose. That becomes very important for us an organisation or as an individual also. When we speak to people, interact with people generally most of the time we just get into doing something. Rather than taking through the journey and having them connect to each other, right? So, today is the big pitch and we are all very very excited that we are going to be pitching in front of like 300-400 people, prospective investors, people who believe in inclusion and are passionate about bringing about change. When I joined the Fellowship I thought I would be only pitching to people at the very grassroots level. Now having met so many people from very different walks of life, at corporate level, the leaders, thought leaders etc. My pitch has enriched very much. I can actually talk about the same project at a global level. I am expecting to show the audience a new reality towards how can we bring change in the disability sector. I’d love to call all my beloved Fellows and Jaideep who is my co-curator.

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