GLG China Business News with English subtitle

GLG China Business News with English subtitle

For Chinese Sugar industry current situation is facing double challenges from both high-end and low-end Low-end side is that traditional cultivation and manufacture have urgent need for update High-end side is the burning new products development With the improvement of living standard more and more people have particular concern about how to consume the sugar healthily A report from WHO indicated that right now the prevalence rate of diabetes for Chinese adults is more than 10% which still keep increasing So how to make sugar become safer Recent years, natural zero calorie sugar are known by people gradually. Some international well-known beverage companies have already added this kind of sugar into the beverage that they made. Then to what degree has China’s research and development reached so far? Let’s continually look at the report Canola blossoms at Southern China and it is also the best season for breeding Luke Zhang, who just came back from Canada, is on his way to see a new stevia cultivar. There are many causes for diabetes But among those causes, the most important one is consuming too much sugar As a world famous pharmacologist Luke Zhang also operates a foreign-funded enterprise The main product of this enterprise is a new-generation of sugar Luke Zhang put the breeding base in China The head of base, Qibin Wang, is a world famous stevia breeding specialist HUINONG No.8, a new stevia cultivar, is his masterpiece You can see that this one has a very small gap between leaves This one is also different Dr. Zhang,see how small is the gap between leaves for this one This one and that one is also different Of course it is different We can tell that this one is better from this angle Headmaster Wang, you can see that this one is full of leaves farmers like this type a lot In terms of gap between leaves,this characteristic, the smaller the better. On the other hand, the bigger the leaf is, the better it is Branch breeding is in progress at breeding greenhouse Workers are cultivating stevia seedlings Once these seedlings grow up, they will be transferred into bigger field At that time I was a professor in USA and I was conducting a research on diabetes During literature research we were wondering if white sugar can be replaced by a new source of sugar or plant that is not only natural, but also need to be low or zero calorie Then through a series research we found stevia is the plant that can meet said requirements Stevia, native to south America After being introduced into China in 1985 produced stevia sugar was mainly exported to Japan and Korea At present, China is the world largest stevia production and export country At Chuzhou, which is not far away from Anhui Province, Bengbu City Luke Zhang built a stevia processing plant Purchased stevia leaves are stacked in warehouse The leave itself has a sweet taste Stevia leave was first found in South America where local people steep this leave with water to drink as tea The tea made from stevia leave tastes sweet actually has a sweet flavor and fresh scent So can we extract sugar directly from these leaves? Yes the sweetness of the sugar that extracted from stevia leave is about 300 times of that of white sugar which means that 1 kg of stevia extracts equals to 300 kg white sugar in terms of sweetness Luke Zhang also set up the same breeding base in Gansu, Heilongjiang and Anhui These stevia leaves were all harvested in 2015 These dried leaves contain rich Steviol glycosides One metric ton crude sugar can be extracted from ten metric ton leaves What is the extraction process to make the dry leaves into white sugar then Are these dry leaves the ones that we just saw Yes they are Turn on the light, please. Can you see? Yes, I can see. Those are green leaves Are all of these being steeped This is like a big teapot Your description is very vivid So this teapot will extract all effective components and the extract will go through further purification and separation process This is the first step Stevia extraction needs to adsorb Steviol glycosides into resin through which effective components are remained and useless impurities are removed The whole process needs 8 hours We notice that on another processing line the ingredient that used to extract sugar is a fruit different from stevia This is a complete fruit For our extraction process we will first crush it and then extract sugar from it You can have a little bite to try But this one seems to be less sweet as stevia A little bit less sweet Yeah, it tastes less sweet but wait for a while Oh, it tastes sweeter after a while Yes, it has a sweeter after taste The longer you taste it, the sweeter you can feel How did you find it First, as my medical background I know that Luo Han Guo has a high edible value Second, international customers found us that they hope to buy Luo Han Guo sugar from us Cane sugar, beet sugar, are the first generation sugar source their characteristics are natural but with high calorie Saccharine and Aspartame belong to the second generation of sugar source. They are artificial and zero calorie While the third generation right now is represented by stevia and Luo Han Guo whose characteristics are natural and zero calorie US FDA has authorized high-end stevia sugar as a healthy sugar source in 2008 After EU authorized stevia sugar as a food additive in 2011 many world famous food and beverage giant have accelerated the development of new generation high-end healthy sugar products Hundreds of sugar-free and low-sugar products and beverages have been successively sold in international market and quickly open their market This is stevia sugar you can see that it has been an upward trend Since 2009, FDA authorized stevia in 2008. it already has an upward trend It can be predicted that in future three years, it may continue to increase at a rate of 300% annual growth Like this green tin Pepsi NEXT with addition of stevia, it’s calorie was reduced by 50% This is Pepsi These are two beverage industry giant, right? Sprite is also Coca Cola’s product Its calorie is reduced by 30% by adding stevia sugar And this famous Pepsi juice whose brand in abroad reduced its calorie by 50% after adding stevia The biggest enterprise in Xiaogang Village is the stevia deep processing plant that was built by Luke Zhang in 2009 Since stevia has a 300 times sweetness than cane sugar to convert stevia sugar into food grade, it needs to be reformulated Stevia needs to be processed to a similar sweetness as cane sugar or according to international customer’s request make it has 1.5 times sweetness of cane sugar To make that happen, we need add other food additives to reformulate This sugar product has three components Fisrt is stevia sugar So you mean in this small bag? Yes, first one is stevia sugar Second is Luo Han Guo sugar Those two are as sweeteners We also add a food additive to make it become a complex civil use sugar So this product is pure natural, zero calorie, with a good taste and it’s very popular in international market Huailong Wu, who lives in the village has been working in this company for 6 years and has become a manager Like operators who work in this workshop are all local people This offered the working opportunities for local people, so that they do not need to leave hometown to work. For individuals, people have jobs while for the village and government, this not only offer dozens of working opportunities but also solve the left-behind children and elder people problems for these families. Now, 67 people from this village are working in this company They become worker from farmer Right now, they have monthly income of 2000 RMB Luke Zhang built another production line there which has a productivity of 1 metric ton There will be more and more young people work here in Xiaogang Village and they will learn the newest technique for sugar processing

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