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  1. My opinion – CNN is one of the major cause for this counties split and downhill spiral. This is a shinning example of how they lie and manipulate people and news to meet their treasonous methods they use to betray the truth and anyone who stands for it. I have had a hard time wrapping my mind around Glenn Beck. I have come to understand his factual approach to the truth. Brian is a snake. When he feels threatened he will strike out with a venomous bite in order to disrupt or harm Glenn or anyone who doesn't subscribe to their socialist agenda. They use bully tactics and try to compromise their opponent with lies and misdirection. More and more people are getting up and walking away from trash like this. I was trilled to see Glenn Beck get up and walk off set on Brian when he started to play that obnockous disgustingly objectionable and highly offensive tactics. Their ratings are so far down in the bucket that all that is left is the sludge like Brian. CNN and Brian are indicative of what is truly wrong with this country.

  2. What a snowflake! Run for cover! 🤣🤣 conservative fragility at its worst😆 why are you crying Glen Beck!! 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Brian is a motor mouth who is so into attacking Trump that he trys to talk over you so you can not talk back,he and Don Lemon are both terrible,their only way they keep their jobs is to attack Trump every day.

  4. total disrespect for everyone , everyone needs to turn off CNN. they want total control, total power, there losing it. total communist. if you love your country, put them out of business. Turn them off!!!

  5. Don't get it he has been given a platform to say his peace yet he wants to have a private talk. It's good that Brian gave him the opportunity but the idiot was all worked up and did not make use of he's moment

  6. Irony: a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result. -CNN layoffs 2019

  7. Now two years later we know that the story by The Daily Beast was a lie like all of their stories. We know that this little smarmy leftist was just trying to needle Glenn Beck and we know that Glenn Beck was right, as long as the media chooses to be 75% left leaning The Divide in the country will continue.

  8. They are stupid to realize that they are the problem. They don't run for election and they won't be gone in 8 years.

  9. He just wants people to see the truth. I agree with him. He wants real news and in todays world there are 2 kinds of news. TRUMP news and NON TTRUMP news. What about the fires in CA? There is something you can gag on.


  11. This BRAINDEAD PIUS LITTLE RETARD,he wouldn't recognise an IMPORTANT NEWS STORY IF IT WAS A TATTOO ON THE VAST BALD AREA OF HIS HEAD,WHICH IS DEFINITELY VOID OF ANY GREY MATTER INSIDE what a repulsive,sickening prick,with his GIRLY VOICE,go and see if you are actually capable of doing a recent new invention called WORK !! Parasite,should be apologising to Glenn !! PATHETIC

  12. If you're smart you get rid of a runny nose lose his ass yeah those two motherfukers if you were to get rid of those two f**** scumbag I think you may have maybe five more viewers come back to you but I don't think you'll ever get the viewers back and and as long as you keep and that piece of s*** down stanky ass lemon on your payroll the fact you're going to go down the tubes

  13. Fuck cnn,and fuck the Democrats they are destroying thier own party forever .We are going to vote these assholes completely out of office and I hope cnn goes bankrupt.People are done with this,and only idiots watch CNN and believe a word they see anymore Fuck cnn

  14. Another worthless CNN fake news anchor. CNN has idiots for anchors and should be ashamed of where the network has allowed their nasty brainless Trump hating anchors to destroy its creditability. I use to trust CNN but it sucks now, fake news

  15. Little brian is a little naked garden gnome using his little pee pee to water plants and acts like a cross between the dwarfs dopey and grumpy.

  16. Ok what I got here was that Glenn was losing his mind and the CNN dude was being clear and was hearing out Glenn, but Glenn was playing on mere emotions and the CNN dude was playing practical hmmmm there was nothing wrong just Glenn lost his mind

  17. The corrupt CNN fake news anchors are pathetic .Making millions of dollars a year , lying to the American people. Shameful !

  18. Glemn Beck held his temper with this dumb ass much better than I could have!!! This guy is a POS but what would you expect from CNN?

  19. Brian, you change the subject from “What is happening to our country “ to “I hear the Blaze maybe going bankrupt. Is that true?” That’s why Glenn walked off.

  20. Brian is creepy. I thought glenn was trying to share some insight. The media doesn’t get it.

  21. You know I'm not really a beck fan but he is exactly right these other guys don't want to see truth at all. Hear any truth . That's why their failing. They think they have the only opinion as and there news organizations will die with those opinions. It's a real shame

  22. This is how they teach kids to speak at schools. That’s why the tests are so confusing. You have to learn how to cut through the BS

  23. He does not walk off due to the question itself, but due to the utter lack of professionalism on CNN's part. Journalism ought to be not solely a revenge story for personal punchingbagging. Oh wait, except for modern journalism. Where narratives are invented, facts are hilariously bent, hearsay is labelled fact, and people are constantly denigrated at will — not because there is any substance to it, but because it feels »right« in the eye of the so-called journalist. Cripples in morality, that's what it has come down to.
    Asking that question is all good, but asking that same question in the given context as a means of doing harm to critics after one has taken things too personal for the sheer lack of one's own competence: that is plain wrong. Revenge journalism at its best. Let's hope it goes extinct soon and a new generation will bring in fundamental ethics again without any of that self-centered egomania currently predominant at CNN and the like.

  24. Why don’t CNN stop hating Trump. Why not wait until 2020 and have the American people decide , is CNN scared knowing Trump will win again and he will.

  25. Beck knows this but it's educational to have such an excellent example of Mark Twains quote " never argue with an idiot, they will only drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience". To prove my point I can only offer some polite advice to CNN, go eat another bowl of your shit so you can grow big and strong like your ratings! Uummmm, yum yum yum

  26. When your a guest on a show, and the host makes you feel like A paranoid schizophrenic, the best way to not look like one, is to not act like one. Never flee. Stand your ground. You take that earpiece out and walk off the set, then you quit. And you lose….was a good interview until Glen Beck couldn't take the hate and Trump bashing this guy was putting on him so he ran.

  27. Brian's flat toothy smile, where it doesn't reach his eyes, and he immediately goes on attack, is just so patently insincere. I can't imagine anyone trusting him. And all the leftist journalists are so constantly negative, never funny or ironic or human, like censorious Commissars in some 1950's Soviet movie. Really, MSM news is unwatchable now.

  28. Brian closes after pretending, literally pretending, to 'sincerely' acknowledge that everyone should step back and look at themselves etc, he immediately follows that with a question about whether Beck's concern over this actually reflects his failing company and struggles. It's so slimy and shows clearly he's always, always, insincere and looking for any chunk to stick in the knife. He's borderline psychotic. Seriously, that's likely the profile of a serial violent criminal.

  29. CNN you do nothing for the good of this country!!!! You are evil lying disgusting people who don’t care about what your doing to other people just so long as you treat President Trump like a piece of crap that’s all you care about !!! We the people are so sick and tired of this evil game that you are playing !!! If you are don’t do anything to fix the problem then you must be the problem that’s the way most of us see this !!! CNN your supposed to be reporting the news not being the part of the news !! Your channel is losing more and more people and money everyday you continue to do this and you will so go out of business because of your evil deeds your doing to this country !! We the people are so sick of this crap and that is exactly what it is crap !!!!!!!

  30. Isn’t Beck the guy who hates blacks and minorities. Now he cares about the children. Must have been Canadian kids.

  31. CNN is the "American" version of Pravda. It's even more telling that CNN was the only American news agency that rushed to open their Moscow Bureau (with Jill Daugherty, a student from St. Petersburg University) after the fall of the Soviet Union. Ted Turner's Better World Foundation brought in Georgy Arbatov (known KGB) to influence his "foundation," + Maurice Strong immediately generating global warming propaganda for Sesame Street (for children). Those children are parents now.

    CNN is the propaganda wing for all Anti-Americans.

    (Maurice Strong was the founder of the U.N. ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAMME – Est in 1992)

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