Giving Back through Business: The Story of Honest Chops

Giving Back through Business: The Story of Honest Chops

[Music] being a Muslim in New York City today can look a hundred different ways but one thing that’s common between all of us is that we share this tradition of Ramadan Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar where Muslims from sunrise to sunset fast being in a place when you’re fasting you’re not filling this body with food or drink but you’re feeding your soul gives you an opportunity to really understand what people who are not as fortunate you go through the idea of Ramadan a charity goes together so when I started honest chops with some friends years later we wanted to be more than just a normal everyday halal butcher shop we wanted to ultimately help people we put ourselves on the map and the East Village embraced us it’s exciting to know that with all the options here in New York City both Muslims and non-muslims are choosing to come down on tops I walked in I look at the meat I looked at the gentlemen the server’s it was so welcoming and warm and wonderful it was you come here for fresh food let’s experience that and share that together giving customers a great in-store experience has led to them going to Google and leaving great reviews and it’s allowed our business to grow and most importantly for me growing honest chops means growing our impact last year honest shopper donated over 10 thousand pounds of meat to local charity organizations and this year we’re looking to double that I never really thought that I would have this opportunity to be in New York and open up this butcher shop it’s like a dream come true then what makes it so meaningful during the month of Ramadan is being able to give back you [Music]

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