Give Green Day – Support University Fellows – December 3, 2019

Give Green Day – Support University Fellows – December 3, 2019

so I think the world we’re facing a lot
of problems and through the research that we’re doing in grad school and as a
part of Michigan State University we’re helping to solve those problems and
contribute to a better future for the planet and by giving to the University
and to the fellow program it helps further that mission allows us to be
more invested and focused on that goal gives us the resources necessary to
really do the innovative research that will make the world a better place. I think that the people who I have met at MSU from my graduate program are really
passionate about what they do and they’re doing really interesting and
exciting work and I think that the funding that comes into MSU really
enables them to do that and to advance science and to advance their ideas. I think it’s surprising how little money can really help a grad student achieve
something really important. As a totally blind person
I want to become both an inspirational concert pianist and a motivational
mentor for the people with disabilities a lot of people told me that it would be
really difficult for me to go through the doctorate program as a blind person
and some didn’t even believe that I can pull through but this fellowship not
only gave me financial support but also gave me a huge motivation and
encouragement. I think something that we can all agree with is that in the future
we’re gonna we’re gonna be dealing with a lot of changes. Changes in our
environment changes in our population changes in the way that food is produced
and particularly MSU is good about doing research in the lab and also carrying
out that same research questions into the field because MSU is really
focused on big questions that are going to affect how we live our day-to-day
lives in the near and distant future. It takes a community to raise a Spartan
Spartans trailblaze Spartans inspire Spartans give back

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