Giuliani rips ‘corrupt’ media, defends Trump’s calls for Biden probe

Giuliani rips ‘corrupt’ media, defends Trump’s calls for Biden probe

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  1. Time to look into Rudy getting Trump to lean on the Justice Department to drop the case against his client Reza Zarrab, a Turkish Iranian who used his gold trading business to launder money and allow individuals to do illegal business with Iran. Not looking good Rudy. That's illegal for you and Trump.

  2. Let's all face it, folks. Many of these Republicans are supporting the President because they don't like abortion and they don't like the more open society that urban life has become in many areas of the US which supports LBGTQ rights and immigration and other societal issues arising out of their own paranoia. It is time we had some of these Red States just go with God; but go. Some States need to be redefined as regions of cultural preservation — a sort of string of territories like Dinosaur Land for the believers and the conspiracy theorists. There they could have customs of their own that denote the area and connote social norms that are more comfortable to them — like the Amish do now. All that would be required to enter any one of these societies would be a pickup truck; preferably American 1955-2000. Incentives could be provided like No Income Taxes — this would work out great since the Red States are the greatest participants in Government Largess of practically every type and description. These new used-to-be States would receive NOTHING any more as part of the deal. We as a family are willing to provide tax to support for such fantasylands if the Republicans would just shut their Goddam mouths for once and have another Dinosaur Beer.

  3. IF Trump's end goal is to go after corruption he should start by looking in the mirror. Yet another surprise arrest in Trump's circle of crooks. Two GHOULIANI Associates Arrested on Campaign Finance Charges. ?

  4. The whole bunch of media in this country is a bunch of leftist lap dogs too the Demorats; if the demorats say suck one the American media says" how hard".?

  5. Giuliani is such a creepy disgusting scum bag with that goofy grin always plastered on his face and now he just got caught red handed engaging in election fraud with two Ukrainian gangsters who work for Putin that he met at the airport who had one way tickets out of the country. But no Russian collusion. lol So much for draining the swamp!

  6. Rudy Giuliani how's the two Russia guys bonds holding up a million a piece they're going to spill the beans on you campaign Finance laws where did I hear that before again but this time they caught you

  7. Lol the paperwork hes holding up is a conspiracy website and he calls them affidavits and this is a lawyer? Blows my mind people still support this regime.

  8. What's the statute of limitations on profiteering from elected offices in the United States of America? I'm sure if all federal officials were investigated for corruption going back to Nixon, the indictments would be so many there would be a waiting list for prison cells. Any profits above normal salaries belong to the people!

  9. this fox new host is an asswipey he keeps interupting jiuliani. i am not here to listen to this asswipey i am here to hear jiuliani. so shut your pie hole

  10. Guliani admits that he did put pressure on Ukraine "but it's nothing compared to what Biden did". Guliani is here throwing news paper clippings and copies of affidavits from obscure conspiracy sites that "may or may not be true". He also got the events of Biden demanding the prosecutor be removed and the closed investigation of his son all out of order not to mention it makes no rational sense to remove a prosecutor that isn't investigating corruption. Guliani is looking lost and desperate. He even used Biden talking about removing the prosecutor in Ukraine as "evidence" even though it's not because Bidens son wasn't being investigated. Wow.

  11. If the leadership of CIA and FBI are corrupt then America is in big trouble any enemy of the US can bribe to get secret documents and information. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  12. My birthday is on the 27 can someone say happy birthday to me I'm going to be 37 years old by the way my name is salvador or sal

  13. Biden openly bragged that when he was Obama's Vice President he used the $1 Billion of U.S. loan guarantees to extort the firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating Biden's son. It doesn't get much more clear cut evidence of Biden's corruption than that. That's like a black mailer bragging about his blackmail crimes. Don't try this at home kids or YOU will go to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Go directly to jail.

  14. What people fail to realize about Fox, is that Globalist elitist Rupert Murdoch Super Liberal owns it. Some hosts are Legit, but some are in La La Land………Go Rudy! Maga2020 Rudy2024

  15. This interview is hilarious. Howie Kurtz lost control over Rudy. Rudy just took over. Quite entertaining.

  16. Rudy Giuliani was paid $500,000 to dig up dirt on Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden was paid $50,000 per month on the board of a Ukrainian energy firm. Rudy’s associates who paid him are now in jail and Rudy is under heavy investigation for taking bribes and trying to interfere with a presidential election. Rudy Giuliani is the most despicable human being on this planet.

  17. U see Nancy Pelosi u got fox news calling u basically stupid because she is making the American people think u don't know what u r doing call for a vote on impeachment and get on with this and Trish fox news what do you tell your son who you just had on television not to long ago your news station is so unscripted until its unreal (.) Is going to bring ya'll down to the ground he really is y'all spill out these lies for popularity and money but one day u r not only going to answer to your God but what about your children I can't believe that ya'll would sink that liw until u uphold corruption

  18. “Allegation after allegation”

    Pathetic. He’s supposedly a lawyer. A whole bunch of allegations over many years is just a whole bunch of allegations.
    If they were real, there should be something more than allegations.

  19. Each Sunday it’s proclaimed, “This is our weekly look at the stories behind the stories, on how the media really works, how news gets made”…

    I don’t expect to ever be invited to appear on anyone of the Sunday morning chat show, who among their staff have clean hands, that does not dye their hair.

    On CNN’s Reliable Sources and Fox News Media Buzz, as far as I can tell have never done an in depth story on the proliferation of hair dying among journalists and politicians that regularly appear on their networks, that would be too much like, “biting the hand that feeds them”, is not going to happen, ever.

  20. God please look over our proud patriotic president. This president has exposed things that the main stream media has egnored. Shameful. Stay safe Mr. President and the people who believe in you.

  21. Politics Monday, a weekly segment on the PBS Newshour with Amy Walter and Tamara Keith, just because they are women it does not mean that they have to appear hair dyed and greasy lipped, its way pass time for serious female television journalists to appear more like humans instead of someone’s very narrow vision of what all women on television must look like…

  22. it is very obvious when a president's political opponent's being exposed is hinged on hundred of millions of dollars, you can bet your arse thy are going to dig up some dirt, true or not. No doubt the media is corrupt but it doesn't change the obvious which is that our president involved a foreign power to meddle in our domestic affairs AND attack our own FBI. There were so many other ways a person of honesty and integrity could have exposed our problems but they use it for their own gains.

  23. Fox is clearly selling out to the deep state and is corrupt. These people in the media need to be hold accountable. We know mistake are made but the media is deliberately miss leading the public and there for are not protect under the constitution.

  24. Why do they let this guy control the platform. He just let's him over talk even over a break?‍♂️…Whose conducting the interview?Why does it seem like the Interviewer is being interviewed ??

  25. Fox News Howard Kurtz, host of Media Buzz, voiced irritation at Stephen Colbert, that used a segment of his program with the appearance of Rudy Giuliani being shushed, all three of these black dye head entertainers must learn to be more tolerant of each other, especially when poking fun on television…

  26. Thiis guy needs to shut up when his guest speaks and not distrupt Rudies train of thought. I have to go, out of the conversation in mid stream. Disneys new Fox aquisition, showing up the new management style. Rudy got the information through to the public. He understands what they are doing and talks over the top of this interviewer. Like many other Trump supporters are now doing.

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