Giuliani breaks his silence: Responds to accusations from Lev Parnas

Giuliani breaks his silence: Responds to accusations from Lev Parnas

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  1. If you notice, most fox talking heads try and spin everything against President Trump, like this Twit Lara who constantly interrupts and argues with facts 🖕

  2. Another democrat hero come to save the day.. how many is that now? I’m sure if he is called to testify it will be off to jail for purgury the first day.or all the sudden everything he said will he heresy. Just like the witnesses in the house impeachment.. or personal opinion.. once again leftist media pinning their hopes on a known liar.

  3. Same ol story line ( Witness comes forward & that witness is either facing years in prison or an obvious liar either way they get a book deal make millions).

  4. The new hero? Lev? This here is the guy's boss…giuliani should be in jail. His son is receiving six figure income as a sports liason to the white house. Yes, he has an interest in keeping trump in the WH. But the lies about obama, hillary and the bidens is just out of the realm of reality. He says he has evidence but where is it?

  5. Laura please let Guiliani speak . Why don't you stop interrupting him and ordering him to move on. You are so rude and arrogant to a truthful and great man who knows what he is talking about. Thank you Rudi that you are better able to restrain know all Laura and get your points across. I pray that if witnesses are called you will wipe the floor against all these liars and leakers. You have been put into a terrible position by Parnas snd I am so sorry be betrayed and misused your friendship.

  6. Finally! Presume Lev "Bird-Dog" Parnas didn't even know Rudy until he hired Rudy as his attorney, presumably with Democrat Funds, so he could get the chance to chat with Rudy on the phone and pose for photographs, anticipating a deep dark time, when Lev could sproing something on Trump, in cahoots with Progressive Media, similar to Comey and Brennan's Russia Hoax. So now Lev is beaming from ear-to-ear, just like Nancy Pelosi, in Duper's Delight, as another Christine Blasey Ford, or Trump Tower Honeypot™ practicing the Democrat Tradecraft of Deep Calumny

  7. You get it woman, we need to hear the man speak because we also need to get it, please keep your mouth shut and LET THE MAN SPEAK

  8. Am I the only person to get the feeling Parnas loves to have press cameras on him when he walks down a sidewalk, or should I say when he struts. He seems to love the attention.

  9. I honestly believe that Parnell or Parness or whatever his name is helping the President to spread fake statements to Fake News network. So when the senate democrats calls hin to testify, he'll just say: oh I lied because Fake News Media and Democrats believe all kind of lies.

  10. Giuliani KNOWS Parnas lies would not even enter a courtroom because they are lies manufactured for the mass media only. This is why in America the preponderance of evidence is the responsibility of the accuser (prosecution). Parnas made statements without evidence, this is illegal, liable, and anti-American….. WHY??….it takes 2 seconds to accuse with lies, it takes days, weeks, months, to prove your innocence. There is no way to keep up with manufactured accusations when the ratio is 2 seconds – to – 2 months. Parnas better put up the evidence fast or be guilty of perjury in a courtroom of law.

  11. We need a Civil War to clean these traitors out of our shores. The dems are full on traitors. Filth.

  12. Rudy does NOT look worried at all, just like President Trump. In fact, they look happy and younger, while the dems look older and angrier.

  13. Rudy seems to have a poor sense of judgement when it comes to his friends. He says he was mislead by him and feels sorry for him. That isn't something you feel if you are not close to someone. He also said he was Parnas's child's godfather, again not something some asks you do if you are not close to them. He also makes reference to corruption during the Obama administration. That was investigated and found not true by the republicans. Rudy needs to pick the people he chooses to surround himself with. As for his pod cast the records, recordings and video will be the sound bites he chooses to include in his program.

  14. President Trump has one flaw. It's Rudy. This guy never should have came on here today. Rudy, I can see right through you guy and im a loyal Republican. Lock Rudy up and lets move on. Rudy is definitely a crooked cat.

  15. Rudy, If you have all of this information, give it to Barr, so the DOJ and/or the FBI  can investigate it? Testify before Congress. If Parnas is such a liar why did he have so much access to you and the President?

  16. 🇺🇸TRUMP🇺🇸 issa …very… very… "GUILTY" withe JULIANI… n we will NEVER EXHONORATE NOTHING inna AMERICA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  17. 👍🏻 ♥ 💕 4 Rudy, U go, guy! Spicy exchange, good interview – 🔥 Fiery Fox +🦊-y Blonde. Lol, Laura doesn't play around…

  18. In the first two minutes Rudy says “there were four people in the meeting that will corroborate that the meeting didn’t happen”. And Laura just let it go……this is Wally World

  19. They shouldn't mess with the Mayor of Gotham City, he's a crime fighter and he comes out on top and pens you. It's going to be all bad for you.

  20. HISTORY WILL NOT BE KIND TO YOU ALL…..hope you ALL will go down with the ship,for deceiving the American people,and your straight up lies,trying to defend an absolutely horrible&totally corrupt SCUMBAG President!!!!

  21. Sadly, Rudy is messed up here. How come he can't just tell everybody that Lev made up the entire thing, and that nobody told him to do anything? Very disappointed

  22. MSM has a corrupt liar in Lev Parnas while our side has Rudy Guiliani, the NYC prosecutor who CLEANED NYC of the mafia and was one of the best mayors NYC ever had!

  23. he's not a tag 'em up respondent Laura. He'll deliver his whole point. Look both ways before crossing the street Rudy. Last impeachment, one participant was struck by a car on the way to the trial. Just sayin.

  24. laura I try to enjoy your show but you constantly interrupt your guests when attempting to give their response. geez! very annoying and disrespectful.

  25. This is the main reason I can’t watch fox, Laura Ingram Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson. They talk over their guest, they spitfire questions while the guest is still trying to answer the first question, as much as I dislike Juan Williams, I would rather watch Juan than these Jokers

  26. Let’s not discuss corruption or who was involved, just looking for corruption is off limits. Wake up ! It used to be reporters job to uncover corruption.

  27. Laura Ingraham is like Kellyanne Conway and Sarah Huckabee Sanders. They will Lie all the way to their graves to defend Trump. And here we have Rudy Guiliani, of ALL PEOPLE, talking about someone LYING. What a JOKE. Has anyone EVER heard Rudy Guiliani, Laura Ingraham, or Trump ever tell a Lie? No way, Absolutely Not. Impossible. These three are the most HONEST PEOPLE ever to walk the face of this Earth. And TRUMP wants to make America Great again? Why doesn't he try with first trying to make America HONEST Again? Seems unbelievable how a President could ruin a Country so fast, doesn't it?

  28. "No intent to falsely introduce myself", other than to get on international tv, wait free advertising isnt worth …..

  29. They need to schedule these with more time instead allowing her to cut him off just when he gets to the juicy stuff

  30. absolutely zero evidence Parnas lied, guilty Giuliani has a long history of lying lol the man has zero credibility. Just because Giulliani says so doesn't actually mean he's proven anything. Plenty of images of both men together- they are partners in crime.

  31. I find it freakishly funny, but, scary…How the Democrat Nationalist Socialist / Neo-Confederadets just love Criminals who will tell them whatever they want to hear. BUT, the Bidens, Clintons, every Democrat that is a crook or deeply involved in the coup De ta against Trump….that's ALL GOOD
    point two: Lar'uh…shut up and let Rudy talk….hearing your voice is annoying…seriously annoying. Good Rudy referred to Ingraham, as "You people in the press"

  32. 🇺🇸TRUMP🇺🇸 issa snake🐉🐉🐉
    n JULIANI issa snake.🐍🐍🐍
    issa Y they represent one another unto Guile n Lies to decieve AMERICA undre oath

  33. Laura, does interrupt mostly she can't help herself, she's a super smart lawyer herself, she not just a mind but more like e mind reader. Especially when she talking to her friend Rudy G. You got to love good Rudy, you just know he's going to , Sherlock Holmes this thing any minute.

  34. when are you people going to work out that BOTH parties are corrupt wings of the same corrupt bird, You all should be fighting the corrupt 1% not each other! Wake up and smell the coffee folks. YOU the people are of no interest to the BIPARTISAN CROOKS who are your government reps………..thats why the rich get richer and the poor are poorer now than for decades…………..duh!

  35. Laura has done this before with Rudy. When he goes into detail about the hundreds of millions between dems and Ukraine, she cuts him off.

  36. Laura I appreciate you holding all guests feet to the fire but in this case you seemed to ask extraordinary long winded questions to Rudy G. Actually you reminded me of the questions our favorite non News source JIM Acosta’s questions with interruptions and stumbling techniques to President Trump. The Demorats found a great witness or so called witness to wrong doing in Lev but come on now he is not a credible source as best as I can tell.

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