Giuliani associates arrested on campaign finance charges

Giuliani associates arrested on campaign finance charges

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  1. To the viewership of fox: remember how this network continued the Trump propaganda train and spun everything. They are just as reprehensible as the corrupt president they continued to defend. Shame, shame, shame

  2. Hey, Is that Trumptart son again? lol..nice company he keeps…I LOVE IT..He needs a job and stop freelancing for the national enquire.What is doing at the table with criminals? I think Ivanka and Jared must be in the Bathroom,

  3. Political farce anyone?. . . . Welcome to Communist America . . . So let me get this straight, the Dems and Deep State are persecuting those who investigate corruption, like Assange and Snowden? And now let me guess, they will soon be suicided like 'Epsteined'? Or will they be silenced, be thrown in solitary confinement like Roger Stone? And then will come the arrest and assassination of Rudy and Our President? . . . Well good citizens, this is what a coup looks like. . . . when we lose our Republic and invite a whole lot of suffering. God have mercy.

  4. Something tells me if those were Clinton Associates there would be no arrests made, thanks Bill Barr for not doing jack schitt

  5. Finally! Had to really look for this video…..Republicans are you listening? What more do you need? Dump The Trump and his Corrupt Stooges.

  6. So when AOC over contributed using her own campaign finances that’s not an arresting offense but when other people do it immediate arrest… justice system double standard showing.

  7. FBI, how about the campaign financial violations of Omar and AOC? Those ones have different standard applied to them I forgot..

  8. The midterm monster blue wave cost the GOP the House.
    The 2020 blue tsunami that is coming will take away the Senate.
    And the GOP has only themselves to blame.
    Too stupid to realize how stupid they are.

  9. So, let me get this straight. Giuliani goes out to the Ukraine to root out Democrat corruption on behalf of the President's crusade. Of all the people IN THE WORLD, the two guys he hires to help him (who are also his clients) turn out to have been organising illegal "contributions" to… the Republicans. Wow! That's a real unlucky judge of character your lawyer's got there , Donny.

  10. Just an amazing coincidence that 2 people involved in Ukraine investigating are charged NOW. Not for anything to do with the Ukraine story mind you. It's for campaign finance violations that just happens to have been discovered & charged at the most coincidental time. Quote: "Show me the man and I'll show you the crime". Right….

  11. Why don’t arrests Alexandria she violate campaigners law too when she takes the donations people money for she and used for personal use ??‍♀️ crap demoncratic liberals socialist politician over the laws? Real shameful bushit crap ??‍♀️

  12. Can not everyone see this is democrats killing back after Giuliani for digging into their dirt and/or corruption is it not so obvious

  13. Is this a real crime or is this an attack? Who knows. Hint that Biden committed a crime and no one wants to hear but this is all over the news like they won the lottery. I don't know. Need more facts and even so….., what did they actually do?

  14. how is it these guys get arrested so fast?? yet we know about all these other crimes and no one is going to jail on the left??

  15. Facts are facts. They were his associates, and they were arrested for campaign finance violations. They had 1-way tickets out of the country. That is suspect.There is no spinning. They are reporting facts. I am playing devil's advocate, because I am very quickly losing faith in this administration. They have done some great things, but this is too much. They have to have some accountability for the sketchy things they have done.

    This is more bull—- !! Ignore this propaganda and disinformation.

  17. WOW is this what draining the swamp looks like?
    Trump will sack Rudy within a week ?
    Rudy has nothing on the Biden’s
    He stinks the whole show is Corrupt
    Dumps wall is crumbling

  18. What a piece of human filth this Trump is. Fancy calling for corruption on the Biden when his daughter made 83 million using her position. He is the swamp and he needs to be drained.

  19. Poor Angels!! They look so innocent like guiliani when speaks! …perhaps they were just following orders from this great president. Trump 2020 but to prison. ???

  20. I think it's time you Americans consider Civil War a little sooner than later to protect your Republic from Socialism…

  21. Yes Rudi, it is highly suspect, everything you've done since hitching your wagon to the trump crime syndicate has been suspect. Oh well, it's not like he didn't know what happens to lawyers who represent trump, Cohen did warn everybody…


  23. Wow first time ever on this fox show they finally put on a real news story for one. Got sick of watching all those fake news here.

  24. Rudy. You used to be a good guy. You know how this will end. Just go ahead and tell the truth. Confess. You and all Americans will feel so much better. The relief will be the best feeling you've ever felt. Whatever Trump has on you can't be that bad. Carrying around this horrible weight at your age is not good. Tell the truth, Rudy. Trump never will. Even in Hell, Trump will be lying to Satan.

  25. Trump supporters and Fox News lovers are having a hard week hahahahaha! Lock this fake president up! He is a traitor of the American ppl and he is a fake Christian. Anyone who voted for him should be ashamed.

  26. The clownish caricature of governance that is the "Trump Administration," from its buffoonish leader (Trump), through its cheesy blowhards (Giuliani) and other gangsters and hacks (Pompeo and Sondland), all the way down to scamming scum like Igor and Les, needs to be rechristened "The Shallow State."

  27. ya hes real truthfull. lets see  what idiot rudy knew about these 2 guys with one way tickets to germany. the presidents attorney gonna end up right next to the presidents former attorney mike cohen. mike cohen, who is blabbing right now to the new york  D.A s office every day. fatso trumpF lies and its starting to collapse on top of his dyejob creepy hairdoooo,,,hahahahahahahahaha

  28. Just goes to show you Trump supporters really are dumber than bricks. Looks like Trump is crumbling under the pressure of justice.

  29. So they got caught donating to much money. I guess the cia and the deep state are hard at work trying to pull up anything to discredit. He donated to much money to the campaign vs can you look into Corruption for millions or dollars.

  30. Democrats very danger but Giuliani so lousy talks too much but done nothing!! Look at now Democrats get him now because all he did just big mouth he too much!!

  31. The putin implantation pig in a last minute move abandons the Turks. Itnus true, whenthe full extent of this traitor's corruption is revealed, he will be intensely hated.

  32. Can we just admit the US gov no matter the side your on is full of corrupt asshats who don't have anyone interest in mind but there own. While you people fight each other your gov does all it can to line it's pockets and keep you in line and you fall for all of the BS.

  33. The facts are whooshing over most heads. Why were they being investigated in the first place? Campaign finance laws?!? PleAse!!! Every CEO in America would be in jail. This is a power play to discredit

  34. Who does Rudy Giuliani actually work for? It’s not the American people I’ll tell you that. Did anyone also notice that the photo included Don Trump Jr. but Fox accidentally failed to mention?

  35. Where did these two broke men get all that money? They gave Giuliani $500,000 to retained him for legal advice? smells really bad! Giuliani going to jail.

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