Girls! Who can not be popular in USA? Give me your advice for Japanese who want to go abroad in USA!

Girls! Who can not be popular in USA? Give me your advice for Japanese who want to go abroad in USA!

depends like if I just know that’ll be okay I guess you gotta try it why not take a risk I find a good balance between posting okay yeah I think so hey guys and girls on ask Japanese it’s Cathy cat we made a group of cool USA people and we’re gonna go and ask them what would make you very very unpopular as a girl if you went to the USA especially if you are from Japan so let’s go and find out what that is and ask furnace in Japan but what should you not do if you went to California something that would make you rather unpopular as a girl like provocative clothing and some like whoa kind of I guess there’s a fine line between like stylish and trendy wearing like really small crop tops and then taking it a little too far feel like when you almost like over brag like you want to brag on social media like about your lifestyle but if you almost do it too much I feel like people get annoyed really easily like it’s a really fine line like oh my life is so awesome when I need to reached a point where people it’s like I don’t want to see that yeah I think that’s how it is it’s it’s kind of hard but I mean I guess you gotta try it why not take a risk I find a good balance between posting okay yeah I think so I really think she should just go to New York and do exactly what she wants that’s definitely a place where you have the freedom to do that and I really don’t think there’s anything that you can do that would make you unpopular I think that’s why in New York’s in New York if I know in Tokyo you’re not really supposed to eat while walking down the street in New York you’re free to eat while walking down the street that’s no problem if you want to grab a slice of pizza and eat while walking down the street that’s okay but I’ll say if you’re walking on the street and it’s crowded make sure not to stop in the middle of the street stop all this on the side so you don’t cause a traffic jam okay so that crowd had so many people are moving yeah yes be aware of the traffic around you if a Japanese girl comes to your countries what would she have to do to kind of actually ruin it a little bit and become unpopular so especially again I’m talking about New York as well but in America it’s not as safe of course as Japan and there are stories that you hear in Japan of people traveling to other kind of female starving to other countries and getting into trouble because they have trusted the wrong person or went down the wrong alley way or something like that nature and I would say maybe not I don’t sure they would be unpopular in terms of like socially unless they stole this story but generally speaking like don’t as much as I said be friendly don’t trust everybody like don’t be stupid in general like that’s kind of a thing like honestly that’s what it is like have some type of street smarts like we’re I think especially since which is a very common thing which is very associated especially in New York oh my yeah y’all are just if you are doing something stupid the first people who will call you out is New Yorkers friends they will just look at you like what were you thinking was that not a thing that you did someone raised you correctly did this happen like it’s like we always are so be street smart be street smart which is I guess very from I think it’s very difficult for Japanese if you live in an environment where you’ve been protected all your life I can understand that it’s too safe is this culture is really really safe it’s amazing if you are comfortable contraband but yeah if you go to America realize you’re not here anymore you have to be not closed off but careful yeah but more way more careful than yeah just be careful prepared you know that means everything that means like going out to drink going out to eat go a society system buddy systems are important yes do that like we just don’t it’s very very steps the button so your whenever you go out you’re definitely going out with a friend or two you don’t go out alone especially if you’re a woman also walking walk walking back to your training all my special eight nights you definitely want to do that go home together and then if you’re going home by yourself do that in the daytime don’t do that how to be secure in America unpopular for a girl is if you’re making a scene or like yeah don’t make a scene don’t be like super angry for no reason don’t be like super cry don’t make a huge scene especially in front of a bunch of people because people are just gonna look at you and just think what’s wrong with you like why are you doing this good I don’t want to hang around you especially if every time we go out there’s always an issue there’s some drama don’t be dramatic that’s the way don’t storm off like that in the middle of dinner or anything that’s also like in general we call it being extra but in general like yes there’s that one which is like super bad way like you’ve missed you sad right but I also say like in happy way to like especially New York much yeah it’s usually like don’t be like New Yorkers will get annoyed of that so don’t you know just keep it cool do you get that with my German friends too and I go like you know the Japanese air if I say that too much it like okay no my friends lie to me all the time when I’m thinking like something Korean or Japanese and I’m just like oh the guy they’re just like normally yes is nice oh that’s cool that’s what is basically they keep it level don’t if everyone is here don’t be up here by yourself stay on the same level with everyone good example would be Japanese variety shows with food yes Japanese variety food shows first of all can we have like a little example of how a Japanese person would react and then how you guys would react so for example in Japanese were just like same food super tasty in America how would you guys react go mmm that’s good it’s so good really so this delicious oh that’s good so good right yeah I know I told you you’re a sous chef I know I can eat this all day David let’s not we have to go somewhere yeah okay so just tune it down a little don’t make a scene don’t be too sexual and be street-smart be careful look after yourself with safety and security standards of America a little bit different than in the USA so don’t make yourself unpopular for crossing a scene and overreacting and well generally the overacting that you see on Japanese TV a lot is not really much appreciated in the USA it’s a bit too much so put it down a little bit and you should be fine I’m sure there are other things that would make you very very unpopular as a girl if you go to the USA so please be sure to let me know what that is and leave me a comment down below so I can read it thank you very much for checking this out I hope you leave a mid fact like before you move on and if you are new to our channel be sure to subscribe would be lovely to have you on the team thank you very much free advice look forward to reading it and I catch you soon on Ash Tiffany’s

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  1. Also girls that have "bad attitudes" that really sucks and girls who expect alot from a guy while on s date usually there are some rules since yeah in America it's not as safe so for example people walking with their girlfriend or vice versa the guy should always be the one closest to the street when walking with the girl just as a safety precaution. Not all people do it but alot of girls I know expect that from guys.(By the way I'm from New York )

  2. Japan isn't all that different compared to every other country in the world. Just respect others and you'll be fine. And also aware of how things are in other countries.

  3. 0:35 Can't agree with that advice. Living here, it just isn't the truth. Over here in the States we like to see people like Sommer Ray, Jilly Anais and Jena Frumes walking around in clothing that shows more skin. Matter of fact many of the girls walk around wearing short shorts and crop tops, especially during spring and summer.

  4. I agree 100% with the not causing a scene in public. It’s grossssss. People who will steer clear of you if you do.

  5. Normally I'm impressed with your video's but this one was just plain stupid. Most of these Americans are just giving bad advice.

  6. Girls… just be yourself anywhere and everywhere you go.

    Other than the security advice everything else is just opinion. Don't stress about being popular…

  7. As an American I don't think popularity is necessarily seen as a good thing anymore. The US has come a long way in the last 20 years in terms of just admiring people for who they are. That could mean you're an introvert or someone who isn't social. Embrace yourself and people will respect you for that. If you want to be popular and have lots of friends, that's cool, but we're very much a "you do you" culture these days and I like that. When I was a kid in the 90s it was definitely more of a "popular kids vs. unpopular kids" culture like you saw in the movies back then.

  8. Smiling and eye contact when talking to someone is very important in the USA.. if you don’t do it, it’s seen as rude and some people might even view you as unfriendly or hostile.

  9. Unfortunately if you wore what the host is wearing in America it would make you look crazy or unstable. Although, I'm sure she only wears it to acceptable parts of Japan.

  10. I like the Japanese women that I see in the U.S. They tend to be smart, professional, courteous and friendly. Be yourselves, Japanese ladies! 🇯🇵🇺🇸

  11. 日本人女性、韓国人女性共に世界の美しい女性ランキングの上位になっている。人(個人)によるだけで日本人女性がモテないというのはないだろうね。

  12. I 100% support any and everyone who wants to come visit the USA. But end of your trip, please go the hell home! Use what you learned and seen to better your own countries or enjoy other countries cultures. But if everyone turns every country into a mixing pot of cultures, then you essentially have destroyed and murdered your own culture and what made you and your people stand out! Seriously whats the point of me visiting Japan, if all of japan is a few blocks away and converted to a different background. Its just Screws things up!

  13. "advice for Japanese who want to go abroad in USA"
    Stay in Japan! Japan is BETTER in almost every way! And you won't get shot or have to deal with all the stupidity of the wannabe President Trump and all the racism in our country right now!
    ~Sincerely, an American

  14. As long as you're not mean, purposely rude by yelling and screaming at people or putting your hands on people, you'll do fine in the USA. I think that nowadays, it's better to develop quality friendships with people like you rather than have a lot of friends.
    However, I think it's very wise to come with "street smarts". I've heard that people can leave purses on subways in Japan and Korea and have it returned. If you even live a nice phone on a table in a restaurant, you may not see it again. The USA just doesn't uphold the same moral values.

  15. my friends: "oh, blend in"
    me: "wats da point?" yer basically saying be a normal person but how is that popular?? wuttt?????
    3:04 i luv this guy's opinion, truth/fact

  16. Those New yorkers man lol they kind of don't make landing in the east coast sound too nice. Go to California it's a lot more friendly i would say, or just away from big cities sometimes. I would say people are yes judgy, but you shouldn't care too much of what people think of you. They feel they were raised in the correct way but should know people are living out their own lives without being bothered just like they are so yeah.You do you, just don't offend anyone i guess. Yes america is a pretty tough place to be ethnic but they make it seem worse a tad bit haha. They have a point being careful how you put yourself out there though,

  17. Sad but true about being safe, especially at night, in the United States. Many areas are safe during the day and at night it is the complete opposite. Street smarts is key.

  18. Don’t be arrogant. That’s a huge pet peeve of mine, but still, people won’t like it at all if you are rather arrogant. Stay humble, but don’t necessarily tear yourself down. Just don’t over elevate yourself, especially often.

  19. Omg yes, stopping in the middle of the street is something I absolutely hate about Japan. People are very insensitive to their surroundings

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