Gingrich on Bloomberg’s dramatic rise to Democrat debate stage

Gingrich on Bloomberg’s dramatic rise to Democrat debate stage

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  1. Spending more money to get a job than what it pays.just another crook bought his last job as mayor. Can't wait to see Bernie and Bloomberg side by side that's gonna be comical

  2. Trump gained his supporters' love because he told them he would do the things they were dying to have done: the Wall, tax cuts and jobs creation Obama said impossible, stopped the foreign wars. . .

  3. Bernie is a millionaire when he goes after blumberg, blumberg is going to call him out is the only way he can expose bernie.

  4. i like Bloomberg– for 1 thing he is Smarter than Trump and over 10 Times richer– i like Bloomberg-i like Israel and the Bible and Jesus– Trump has had his 4 years– bloomberg will do something about climate change while Trump denys it Exist

  5. Notice: Obama is publicly saying Bernie is not qualified and that Bloomberg is best qualified. You will now see fake polls put Bloomberg as the nominated contender. Also with fake ballots trucked to polling sites.

  6. Thing is, Bloomberg can't buy a vision, understanding of citizen desires, ability to touch the hearts and minds of common peo, or the ability to express himself in speeches or in private conversation, plus he lacks honesty

  7. Thing is, Bloomberg can't buy a vision, understanding of citizen desires, ability to touch the hearts and minds of common peo, or the ability to express himself in speeches or in private conversation, plus he lacks honesty

  8. Thing is, Bloomberg can't buy a vision, understanding of citizen desires, ability to touch the hearts and minds of common peo, or the ability to express himself in speeches or in private conversation, plus he lacks honesty

  9. Thing is, Bloomberg can't buy a vision, understanding of citizen desires, ability to touch the hearts and minds of common peo, or the ability to express himself in speeches or in private conversation, plus he lacks honesty

  10. Bloomberg has over 60 billion dollars. He said he would spend up to a billion to stop Trump. Can you imagine the good he could do with a billion dollars. Build homes for disabled veterans. Build facilities for those who live on the streets. Construct Medical, Mental and drug addiction centers. He's nothing but a jealous old man. Jealous of Trump. He's buying an election. He's on every form of media. I'm sick of hearing and seeing his ads. He's a racist, anti women, anti farmer, anti tradesmen. He's a top of the line elitist who looks down on people. He flies to Bermuda every weekend to one of his homes. He surrounds himself wirh gun carrying bodyguards but is anti gun for the rest of us. He's a weasel.

  11. This whole election is a joke. The evil dems have new ways to corrupt the votes. They tried it in 2018. How do you think dems got the house. Pay attention and see if your great great grandpa is voting again. Lol

  12. I'm worried about the fact that Bloomberg might become the next Trump.
    The main difference is that the Reps rallied behind Trump and that is one of the reasons why he got so many things accomplished but… we all know that the Dems are fractured and I don't think the majority will rally behind Bloomberg.
    Botton line is… he is bad for the country.

  13. Boy the clintons with love Bloomberg to get back in the office that would give them a foothold right back in there to sell out of America with Barack Obama

  14. Give me a grand Blumberg…and i will vote for you.
    Yes…i will flip for a grand. You got it…give it up dude.
    After i spend your money,i will vote to impeach you. Gimmee gimmee.

  15. As a former New York City resident, he padded his pockets heavily making laws that made him wealthier. There's a difference between being slick and smart.. I wouldn't call him, "smart".

  16. I hope the American voters Don’t fall for this ploy that’s about to take place! Bloomberg running for president and now Barack Obama who has not endorsed anybody whatsoever has now given Bloomberg his endorsement and mini Mike choosing Hillary Clinton as his running mate… This stinks to high heaven and Bloomberg better watch his back because Hillary is so frantic to be president of the united states that she will put Cyanide in his food and the media will tell you he committed suicide.

    Please American people open your eyes and see through this charade…don’t let these people take over our country!

  17. Mini Mike can Pay-Off any Politician and Judge across America….and he will….and they will gladly take his Money.
    That's the sort of thing that drives Politicians….easy money….and Mike depends on it.

  18. 1billion for each candidate's and they will be happy. 6 candidates x 1billion = 6 Billions and also 1 billion for all delegates
    So, 2 billions and Bloomberg will be the nominee for Democrats.

  19. Bloomberg, the fun-sized Fascist. No merit, no skill, no charisma or relatability, just lame memes, tired old platitudes, and anti-Constitutional rhetoric. More of the same old same old. He has done nothing to earn being on those debate podiums. He just flashes his cash and suddenly that Oval Office chair in the White House becomes a possibility.

    I can't wait to see Trump wipe the floor with this smarmy, anti-American jerkoff. He believes he can buy anything he wants. I'd love to see his face when he realizes he's lost.

  20. I don't think He is spending billions….. rich people don't spend… thay invest! So He is investing Billions and who or what is His return??? Media for sure!

  21. It's a sad reality when an elitist narcissist can buy votes like this. People must be really stupid and/or blind to think he would be good for America. 🙄

  22. UN Hoax Climate Guilt Mentality Stupification, delusional false guilt. To enforce outrageous carbon regulation and control nations.
    Carbon climate change Lie is more dangerous too us than a virus threat’s
    fossil fuels agenda will have a far greater body count than virus threat. It is a depopulation cult. All food in a supermarket has a fossil fuel element to it.
    Co2 and greenhouse climate change findings. Irrational.
    Deceitful. Not possible, Claim’s that Co2 .039%
    of earths atmosphere can  change the

  23. The debate moderators, audience and other presidential candidates will be bought with the same money not to ask relevant and tough questions to Bloomberg

  24. Farming today is much more demanding than Mike Bloomberg imagines. In fact, Bloomberg has only revealed that he doesn't know a thing about farming. Typical for a billionaire, they only know Wall Street and stock markets and don't even know how to renew the toilet paper in the toilet.

  25. For someone with this huge amount of cash to sling around he's actually not very smart! He's running on health care because Obama destroyed it but offers nothing at all besides his lame slogan " Mike will get it done " It's as bad as " no malarkey " from Mr. Hair Plugs.

  26. Let's be clear, he bribed the DNC so they would change their qualifying criteria. Fortunately for America, he TANKED in the debate. It is now clear that every candidate except Bernie cares more about billionaires than working Americans.

  27. LOL The wheels on the Democrat wagon are pulling so far to the left (Aka Bernie) that they are yanking right with all of their might and the wagon has gone full Right Wing (Aka Bloomberg) LOL Trump will look like a Democrat if Bloomberg gets the nod!

  28. Bloomberg is not TRUMP! America needs a leader that loves this country ! Bloomberg has the the heavy cash but that is it. He has no sense when talking to America!
    TRUMP 2020 🎉🇺🇸😁👍🏻❤️

  29. Wow YouTube's making progress I was actually watching us CNN video didn't pay attention to the next one and it brought me here I think that's a first CNN to Fox

  30. Those rich old white racist straight males, exerting their white privilege over the rest of the pack! Wait a minute, it's a Democrat, so there's nothing to see here! Move along, people.

  31. After the debate last night, I saw a Bloomberg commercial on TV that was so appalling I had to quickly change the channel. In the ad, the Democrats attempted to play the "slave" card ..trying to buy African American votes …the dems can get no lower. 🤮

  32. Nothing comes free in this life. Dont trade our liberty so many have fought bled and died for for an empty promise of something free. we will eventually run out of other peoples money.

  33. Ask Bloomberg how much he helped his fellow New Yorkers after hurricane Sandy. As a person who lived there during and after the storm and who’s house was nearly destroyed he offered no help what so ever. I can’t imagine what he’d do the the entire US if he is elected.

  34. bloomberg can spend SIXTY billion and STILL be a multi-billionaire. Soros, Gates, Zuckerberg, etc, can all kick in just as much. So you're looking at a possible 200 BILLION $ spent in favor of Blloomberg. While tightwad GOP types wont spend 1% that much.

  35. His rise was not as bad and Gingrich's fall….Resigned as Speaker then Resigned his house seat after he was exposed to be banging a staffer during Clinton's impeachment.

  36. I know what or how they are spinning Michael Bloomberg, they are putting him up like he is the Democratic Donald Trump a load mouth version of success. They think their smart, when they are actually Smarta$$ed

  37. They Cheated in 2016 but this happened; They did cheat last time (2016) but all their cheats got Trumped by the huge overwhelming numbers of Trump voters. This time they will not fail, they will cheat 2020, they will win by cheating so huge. But we the poor people will have to rise, for if we don't we die

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