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  2. Why don't the Republicans walk out of the Schiff show. Their presence only lends support to the Dems partisan political narrative and bogus proceeding.

  3. You better make sure your bf is ok. He landed in hospital. He needs your loving care, Hannity. I think it's because Roger Stone was found guilty on all charges, which would mean Trump lied about his connections to Russia.

  4. Trump will be elected for a second term in 2020. He is the best President ever.
    Please clean up California's homeless.
    Please feed the senior citizens living in poverty.
    Please give every citizen over 70 tax exempt food.***
    Go Trump!!!, We need you!!!

  5. Some News Stations Lie to The masses.,, In THAT it isn't real..! But In How they are giving The American People Opinion to Big LIES, Is Devastating, and tearing the country apart.! This is what Shifty ,and Pol-cat, wants. No Matter the cost !..

  6. Dumb-o-crats are going after the second amendment so hard, and yet, shoot themselves in the foot on a daily basis. They'll be slaughtered politically in 2020. Why aren't a lot of these people being arrested and charged with sedition and treason? Why aren't the "whistleblowers" being arrested for leaking classified information? Our founders would have all of these people hanged. James Madison would have them all face a firing squad. Coup d'éta is treason, and is exactly what's going on. Hopefully Bar and Dunnam will bring it to an abrupt halt. I'm not too sure about the I.G. report. Horowitz is a long time 'good-ole-boy', and close friends with Comey and Muller.

  7. At 4:18, Fmr Speaker Gingrich says things concerning the potential fall of the Fake news media, which is obviously true since they ALL parrot the same main talking point as their introduction to the “breaking news”!

  8. Why does Trump block subpoeaned first hand witness testimony?

    Why doesn't Trump not go under oath?

    Trump can end the "Circus" by telling his story under oath and allowing first hand testimony.

    A subpoeana isn't an INVITATION.

    Hillary Clinton went under oath twice.

  9. Nope. Trump is responsible. Not the democrats. BTW he has a beautiful tweet of trump vs. Democrats propaganda reminiscent of hitler's tactic as of this morning.

  10. Gingrich and Hannity…. two failures,liars and conman trying to save their sick little leader, who is a two bit cowboy riding his quarter horse with his BONE spurs on, ran into his dark room crying and whimpering like a DOG!

  11. They really are sick. What are politics? A legal way you can lie to people, keep the truth from people and fundamentally Fundamentally change our country? Are they kidding?

  12. Democrats are going to have a meltdown when Trump wins 2020!! Trump will have to put the US Military on the streets to calm the violence!!! 12 more months of this circus!!! Trump 2020

  13. congressmen and women have a pathological need to take lobbyist payoffs and sell out America to anyone willing to pay the bribe money.

  14. I would argue that they are attempting to prepare the way for a singular world ruler through the demolition of borders in order to achieve this.

  15. Dems make USA weaker – which makes Russia, Noirth Korea, Iran, China stronger. I think they fill in empty spaces when USA leaves Europe, as it was under Obama. US dollar will be much cheaper, too. Thank you, dems!

  16. It reminds. me Poland-Lithuania Commonwealth before partitions – democratic rights were more important for nobility than national interest. Dems made USA weaker, because democratic rights are more important for them than interest of USA. They are satisfied with what they done. What a beautiful disaster…

  17. Canadian Citizen here.  This impeachment inquiry is great entertainment.  The left wing democrats and mainstream media have completely lost their minds.  I hope folks are paying attention. Also as a classical Liberal person I'm astonished to see how low the left wing people are stooping.  If I were American I would be voting Trump in 2020.  He is gruff and off the cuff, but he's getting things done and working in the best interests of the American people.God bless America.

  18. Boy, did you read the transcript? Also, Clinton did not make an agreement with the Ukraine.Trump should be impeached. He should be indicted. He is a president that tries every avenue to use his office to help his candidacy. All the testimony, every single one, points in the same direction: The president bribed Zelensky. Read the transcript.

  19. trump, the draft-dodging coward, the coward who hid behind fake phantom heel spurs. Cadet Bone Spurs insulting Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman for wearing his uniform. He EARned that right. Served our country in combat. Injured. Purple Heart recipient. trump has a baffling need to insult and attack real American hero veterans. trump is so jealous of what he is not, brave, honorable, honest. trump is only loyal to his taskmaster, putin. Then, trump is a disgraceful servant, obedient and servile and doing all he can to undermine the United States of America.

  20. Democrats have a pathological love of the Constitution and this Always Has Been a Great America – you Trump supporters (gave up on any semblance of Republican a long time ago) are destroying this nation by EXCUSING away every shred of your beliefs for a CON MAN

  21. I'm just plain sick and tired of the DNC insulting my intelligence. If this were a football game, and they moved the goal post after every failed play, the fans would riot. Quid pro quo failed, now it's bribary ? What's next, piracy ? I know,, maybe he's a spy for Uganda !!

  22. Donald Trump will never testify, either in person or in writing,

    because he will claim that would "legitimize" the proceedings.

  23. Because they know Trump has said if he becomes President Hillary and her Democrat underlings will all be arrested and imprisoned for their crimes against humanity

  24. Gingrich is right. There is no substance, so forget about it. The real fireworks comes when QPQ Biden will testify in the Senate. Elimination of the prosecutor, 1 billion bribery, Steele dossier, zero experience Hunter contracting China, Obama collusion 2016, traitor Shifty Schiff hiding the corrupt whistleblower, leaking from the secret basement, guilty until proven innocent, counter witnesses are ‘not relevant’, and so on. The Senate will not let the Democrats get away with the sham. They started it themselves…

  25. Take it from NG the CLOSET COMMIE… Its all one NWO BEAST with two wings to flap in your face and confound you with… GOP are materialist money worshipping war mongers backing violet coups and fake arab springs and infiltrating all the real uprisings under Trump… The psychopaths are driving the bus off a cliff and one side of the aisle is too busy fighting the other to nitice… RIP USA

  26. Like a child that got caught with the cook jar the dems start pointing the finger in the hoax blame game to take heat off themselves.

  27. Who is selling their book today ? What fantasy world is Newt in ?? I do not see anything happening anywhere except this dog and pony show impeachment. I hear republicans crying like little girls afraid to fight … little bitches that whine instead of resolve this problem.. I am right back to not trusting any of these criminal on both sides and hannity the soap and book salesman..

  28. They need an amendment to the Constitution saying that whoever files articles for impeachment in the House are responsible for the entire cost of the impeachment and investigation of that person if found not guilty in the Senate. This would stop what we are seeing here.


  30. Watched Three Traitors on a Sofa (Fox & Friends) earlier and Ainsley supported Amy Klobach's cover-up for child-rapists saying that Amy had to do what her boss told her to do. I hope that Ainsley doesn't have children she can betray.

  31. Politicians are always getting their family members cushy jobs. Ariana Huffington wrote about this in Pigs A at the Trough . The wife of an Iowa senator was on the board of an oil company and it wasn't corn oil. They are a slimy bunch,

  32. Let me remind America that Benedict Arnold was a highly respected Officer just like Vindman, but he was a Traitor to George Washington

  33. Schiff needs to be charged with a crime after all this ends. He has lied and falsified information…..I would go as far as treason to our country and President. Pelosi will retire once Trump is re-elected and she can go finish her last days inside her wall protected home inside the swamps of California. All these crooked DemocRATS will be judged here and the afterlife….pray for them!

  34. Newt correctly spells out the situation in one minute and seventeen seconds. He begins at the minute mark 1:00 and ends at 2:17. You've got to love him, he's one of the very few statesmen left.

  35. It's not a "pathological need", they are just pissed because he won't play the game by the unwritten rules of corrupt politicians. President Trump called them out for their corruption and feeding at the publics expense. This is not some pop-psychology analysis of these people. They are corrupt and greedy, simple as that…

  36. Just say it like it is Gingrich the New World Order wants to take out Trump and all the American Patriots. Does this have the truth ? discussion welcome .

  37. the witnesses in a Senate trial will likely include Adam shiff and Nancy Pelosi. I'd love to see them testify about the motivation for impeachment and deny partisanship under oath.

  38. Exactly Mr Speaker. 4:19 Parents are telling their children. Grandparents are telling their grandchildren. The destruction of the American news media. The loss of trust will last for generations.

  39. Who CARES what Democrats want, 'have a need' for, whatever???? We elected this President and we want him to make policy and run this country with the platform he talked about, which he is doing. So what 'they' want is absolutely meaningless. Millions of us felt like jumping off a cliff when Hussein Obummer was in office but we had enough class to leave him, and his voters, alone. They have tried to make his and our lives hell for 3 years and we're sick of it.

  40. You white hair old man, dems didnt make trump lie,or go to another country to dig up dirt on his opponent to cheat in the 2020 election like he did with a porn star on his wife or russia in 2016 so you cant blame the dems for trump corruption go bark up another theory .you republucan lie at the drop of a hat.

  41. I 'd like to know what the republicans think what is so funny about the hearings. They are totally sick. They are wrong wanting to stop the hearings.

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