Gingrich: By Super Tuesday you’ll realize how big a threat Bloomberg is

Gingrich: By Super Tuesday you’ll realize how big a threat Bloomberg is

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  1. These people are ALL Deep State trying to convince us that the Conservatives are completely incapable of obtaining justice for We the People. Wake up. They want to create outrage. Every last one of these politicians are members of the Cabal.

  2. Bloomberg got into Columbia university the REAL way. Bloomberg made his money the REAL way and Bloomberg gives away HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars for worthy social causes- he's so much better than trump – he'll beat trump in the election. it's a good person versus a slimy, draft dodging, hiding his college grades, refusing to show his tax returns cheating lying Trump

  3. It's funny to listen to the supporters of a racist president trump accuse someone else of being Racist😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Biden won't turn it around, REALITY speaks for itself!! Biden & their corrupt ways were the reason the DEMOcrats tried to falsly impeach the man who "Trump's them $pades" & "breaks their planned broken re-run", Amen is it what Trump greatly deserves!!!

  5. That must be a terribly uncomfortable couch! More body shifting going on there with those three than with Shifty Schiff's committee.

  6. Little Mike is Napoleon reincarnated. If he ever becomes president, you can kiss your freedoms goodbye as Bloomberg becomes a full-fledged dictator.

  7. Lmao. Bull$hit you idiot.
    Wealthy individuals like you really are completely out of touch. We the people demand change and a billionaire in office brings no change.
    Trumps a great example what’s changed?

  8. Sleepy creepy broke down Old Uncle Joe is dead in the water and will remain there unless he is indicted on charges which he should be

  9. Ecclesiasticus @

    “Of the woman came the beginning of sin, and through her we all die.”…..still want women in government or hasn't Nutty Nancy shown you enough. I swear she was my 2nd grade man hating teacher

  10. Old philanderer and failed speaker Gingrich has a poor record of prediction. Bloomberg is not another Trump, whatever you think about Trump he can persuade people to go along with his shenanigans even if it's against their best interest.

  11. Blomberg is a threat to all Americans who value FREEDOM. He's a COMMUIST. Mike Blomberg does NOT care about America, Americans.

  12. We can dismiss Lizzie and Joe, they are done. Bernie is leading but he is too socialist to be elected. Pete does not have the experience. Klobachar was smart to denounce socialism at the last debate but is unknown to moderates and independents. It's easy to see why Bloomberg thinks he has a real chance.

  13. A Billion Dollars for a campaign as President? Is that really worth it? That money could be better use in his Trust for Philanthropic reason in his name. If he loose, thats it? My gut feeling is that, being President is now not only Power but also opportunities for themselves to profit from it. Just like most Democrats do. My question, How about for the sake of the Americans and for Motherland?

  14. Carreer….?" His so called Political career" should have been considered done after being Vice President " Graciously…" go away and live a Great life of philanthropy etc that's all folks…"

  15. Bloomberg has no real platform…..  except we have to remove Trump…  would that make him worthy to be president???  Nope!

  16. You remember Pompeo’s “revelations” to the Governor’s of our States, those who attended, about dealing with China above the interest of American citizen’s? Bloomberg is a National Security Risk as were the people before him allowing China to infiltrate our Nation TO THE POINT 1/2 OF OUR GOVERNMENT IS LOOKING LIKE COMMUNIST THEMSELVES because they have been in bed with Communist Nation of China. This why 43% of American’s state in poll’s they would vote for a Socialist.

  17. People show up to vote because people are proud to vote for Trump and to make this country even stronger in the future. There is no future with the socialist/marxist/communist and how could there be a future with them ? I am 75, and my strongest wish is for the young people of America to have a bright future.

  18. This is simple the Trans NATIONAL globalist who want the right to continue using country's with hand picked Dictators who use names like communism for their private public slaves that supply cheap labor to work 16 hour 6/7 days a week so they can produce product under different labels but owned in sub-contracted by trans national corporations who pay zero tax to any country!! The 2020 election is Trump a nationalist against GLOBALIST WHICH BLOOMBERG IS HEAD OF THE SNAKE ..

  19. when ever I see Newt all I can think of is that kid at the sleep over whose head was to big to pull his jammy top on. Just a big Headlican

  20. When is the DOJ going to do something about the crooked dems and the crooked FBI. Dems are targeting the Republican. This is not fair. Common Doj do something. Its long over due.

  21. When our nation's highest office is for sale to the highest bidder, or any public office for that matter, then our form of government will be relegated to nothing more than a "parchment promise"… or do I digress?

  22. All kinds of felonies have been committed but nothing being done. If it was trumps administration they would be in jail already. THIS IS BULLS__T!!

  23. I'd never say Bernie CAN'T win… not with the way these Democrats are lying, cheating and scheming.
    The way they get away with lying alone, should terrify everyone!!! They live and believe in a psychopathic backwards world.

  24. Newt, Joe Biden is a pitiful example of a possible president of the U.S. If he tries to act big and tough he will look so phoney that reasonable people will despise him.

  25. Newt, a fly on a toilet seat can get pissed off people just get angry. Use the proper language. It will sound more intelligent.

  26. The more Biden talks the worse it becomes for him. A 58 year old Biden would have been a challenger. This guy? He doesn't have the supratentorial chops at this point in his life. Bloomberg hates the constitution particularly the 2A. He is willing to take all your rights and all your liberty and all your freedom. This guy is a Napoleon in disguise. He would be a despot and dictator like we have never seen buying off the press (which is already in the pocket of the DNC) and trampling over real Americans.

  27. Bloom will blow TRUMP out of the water! Just wait & see . Idiot right wingers. Trumps too STUPID. 6 yr old mentality.

  28. You people know this man is no threat whatsoever!!! Anyone who has the position to defeat this 4th grade administration and clown in charge you come up with something. Chasing Biden and his son for dirt you know isn't there. All the dirt has been exposed but yet the Republican party looked the other way. 3-blind mice with your notes and make-up truly are pathetic. Mr. Grinch you are a sad picture. You made your fortune now here you are giving insight. Take a nap, get a grip and stop insulting our great country with this poor "EXAMPLE OF AN ADMINISTRATION"!!! and other who you feel can defeat him. No doubt you people are wicked.

  29. Sedition is a crime. The DRats in Congress are committing an OFFICIAL act of sedition. The rats in the media are accomplices in sedition. Charges and arrests are in order. Being a member of congress or the media does not insulate you from charges.
    Sedition is conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a state.
    n. Insurrection; rebellion.
    n. A factious commotion in a state; the stirring up of such a commotion; incitement of discontent against government and disturbance of public tranquillity, as by inflammatory speeches or writings, or acts or language tending to breach of public order: as, to stir up a sedition; a speech or pamphlet, abounding in sedition.

  30. I often hear “Bernie supporters will NEVER vote Bloomberg”
    . How about if Bernie campaigns day and night for Bloomberg?

    Bloomberg can buy Bernie for the right price, just like he can buy the other Democrat Party power brokers.

    This will probably be the most lucrative time to be a Democrat Primary delegate, ever. Prices are going through the roof!

  31. Trashy media trying to inflate everyone but Bernie. You can’t buy the kind of grass roots support that Bernie has. And he’ll use to take him straight to the White House

  32. Do you want to know why we Trump Supporters are showing up in primary because we’re ready to fight and stand up for our president. Now in November and always

  33. If Bloomberg prevails, the Bernie gang will cavitate Democrat turnout on election night. To them, support of a 1-percenter who crowns himself the candidate with truckloads of cash is anathema.

  34. A good bill in Congress is to mandate U.S. banks to pay their depositers 90% of all interest earned on all loans, since it was the depositers money to begin with that got loaned out. Or just outlaw loaning out people's money, then the bank will charge a monthly fee for accounting services. Another good bill in Congress is to award the employee, employer, self employed, government employees and military personnel $150.000 in a lump sum from Uncle Sam, after 60 months of full time employment, regardless of number of employers. Now the citizen or perminant resident can pay off a home. Also a bill awarding the worker anywhere between $150.000 and $1.5million after 120 months on the job full time, regardless of number of employers, for the citizen or perminant residents business start-up. The citizen must spend and allocate at least 80% of the funds for their business. The printing and issuance of money is validated by any legitimate labor and production, for payroll purposes. Taxpayers money is only used for specific items, such as purchase of the finished product for government functions, pensions and welfare.

  35. I am stunned by the level of brainwashing by the military industrial complex. Only Americans arre this ignorant. China is not a dictatorship. They have an extremely high level of plebicite at many levels to finaly appoint the counsel which governs China in a practical, dispassionate manner. It's leaders go through very rigorous tests of ability before they are appointed to power. Inform yourself. Don't be a victim of American corportae media of both the liberal or conservative persuasion

  36. Joe Biden, Bernie Sender and Warren; all these old liberals, outdated and without stamina with heavy baggage on their shoulders have very little chance of winning against the cone artist with extremely rightist supporters in the coming election. Bernie had crushed Hillary's image raising many useless charges and arguments, reducing her chances to win the election but helped the Phony man to win it. Bernie, Biden and Warren are involved in character assassination right now and fighting like school kids on TV screens, they need not be in the field so long. Democrats and independent voters like me like young, experienced, and centrist Democratic nominee to defeat the Casino king. Pete Buttigieg has his/her own baggage much larger than others, Andrew Young is young but less experience, and others are not capable to stand still in Trump’s verbal abuse and character assassinations till the finish line. Democratic Party has responsibility to think seriously before the time is running out. Yes, Dem need a strong viable, centrist candidate to defeat the thug or he will sure become our uncrowned King for another 4 years keeping us to cry so long. Keep in mind, he has appointed 2 conservative yes men in the SC, and may appoint other 2 making the SC fully conservative. If they cannot find one, Mike Bloomberg or Mitt Romney should be the best for America as an independent President.

  37. Biden's son reminds of the character in Smokey in the Bandit (the sheriff's son) yes daddy—- will Biden say ain't no way you come from my loins.

  38. The Democrats are a sh*t show. Seriously. You have to win counties to win electoral college. Hillary won 487, Trump won over 2000. Throwing money down the drain.

  39. "democrats should totally pick a centrist like hillary clinton because bernie cant win"
    – fox news after bernie won iowa and new hampshire

  40. Bloomberg is a LOSER and wishwashy and made terrible comments about minorities and got money from China, a gun grabber etc etc!!

  41. Just keep it up douchebags. Why even ask the question?? If the lefties keep screaming……BUT HE BEATS HIS WIFE!!!! Do you feel obligated to keep asking, "Have you stopped beating your wife?" Don't be idiots. This is why no one wants to listen to you any more.

  42. When someone as rich, powerful, and connected as Carter Page has his rights and privacy violated and destroyed what chance does an ordinary citizen have? This is why the second amendment is present to support the first amendment!

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