Gilbert business invests more resources in customer service | Cronkite News

Gilbert business invests more resources in customer service | Cronkite News

We’ve all had bad customer service, from getting
the wrong product in the mail to waiting too long for someone to help you. But one company is hoping to turn that around. Reporter Dana Lewandowski explains how one
company is screening their employees on their level of empathy. What I tell our employees is that being right
doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter that you’re right. It doesn’t matter that you have the experience
and you know how things should be done or whatever. It’s getting into the world of the customer. Adam Webster, president and one of the co-founders
of Rocky Mountain Restoration here in Arizona takes a different approach to hiring employees. He believes in screening the employees to
see if they are core values fit. I’m going to be asking a lot of those questions,
you know? Like tell me what is humility? Can you show me when you exceeded expectations? Can you share with me why you think it’s important
to be positive and fun at work? Webster started the company because he and
his partner saw an opportunity to improve customer service within the restoration industry. According to Deloitte, a consulting firm,
companies are recognizing that positive customer service is the key to differentiate themselves. 62 percent of companies are starting to put
more money into the customer service aspect of their business. David Lee, an HR consultant from MSS tech
says that what Rocky Mountain Restoration is doing is definitely the first step. The very successful companies today, the Disneys,
the Googles, all of them, they’re very much focused on a customer-centric strategy, having
everybody in their company understand that they’re part of the customer experience and
making that experience as positive and as astonishing as possible. Lee says not only are larger companies seeing
the benefit from using customer-centric strategies, but smaller companies are as well. We get from insurance agents and insurance
adjusters, professionals that we work with that end too love to refer their customers
to us, knowing that we take that approach. The customer may not always be right but treating
them with respect leads to repeat business. In Glendale, Dana Lewandowski, Cronkite News.

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