Gidley: Pelosi is turning American judicial system upside down

Gidley: Pelosi is turning American judicial system upside down

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  1. Nasty Pelosi is in alot of hot water guess her son was in Ukraine working with a oil company around the same time as Bidens

  2. This is why they want to disarm the populace I don't want to hear another Democrat ever tell me again about being paranoid about government tyranny that's exactly what's happening.

  3. I'd argue the federal judiciary and it's dictatorship of leftist activist judges have been doing a far greater job in their blatant deconstruction of, not only our judicial system, but our constitutional republic.

  4. "no he didn't do it"…"he would never do that"…"if he did it, he's the president he can do as he please"….
    …it started to look like the show COPS..those are every criminal's three lines when arrested…..

  5. Correction: Trumpy the lying orange clown is turning the American judicial system upside down…if he could he would eliminate it…that’s a fascist for you.

  6. Time to lock a load American Patriots , tyrannical Liberal Democrats and their dishonest media are the domestic enemies of every freedom loving citizen of the United States. If they want War then they have underestimated our resolve.

  7. What a liar, Pelosi. Don't let her get away unbeaten, edged and in desperation, she will commit more felonies. Just stick to the basic rights and principles.

  8. Poor Dems… why do you think the Durham inquiry turned into an official criminal investigation? Keep in mind he is investigating the investigators back to 2015. If Glen Beck and his team figured it out… how much you want to bet that Durham has as well?
    All this inquiry has done is to shine a huge spotlight on the past 5 years. Uh oh! Nowhere to run now Dems! I predict house members trying to shuffle out the side door and distance themselves from their mob leaders any day now. I predict a Dem feeding frenzy as they try to push the blame on others in their own party. "I had no idea… I didn't know… I was told… Too late. Time for jail!

  9. It's pretty sad even so called conservative Fox news doesn't care about the Constitution as long as Dems can crap all over it and use it as a weapon.

  10. Nasty Pelosis son Paul was in Ukraine working with a oil company with Hunter well not with him at the same time I'm thinking they were doing a shakedown one two separate companies and sleepy Joe strong armed the government with our tax dollars in turn for some pocket money

  11. Meanwhile the IG report and Durham investigation continue, can't wait for those to be released, demon-rats will be running for cover!!!

  12. Sondeland has already LIED twice, of course he is willing to lie about a non-existent call, if the call was real where is the transcript, why is Sondeland not turning over his cell phone records, why did nobody know about this, including Sondeland as he appears to just have recalled, until AFTER he has testified and found to be a liar?

  13. It's not fair that the Democrats get to call witness after witness to testify that Donald Trump withheld $390 million in military aid to Ukraine and repeatedly asked the Ukrainian president to investigate his political rival in exchange for the release of the funds; and all the Republicans do is repeat unfounded and unrelated conspiracy claims and whine and cry about due process concerns that would only apply if the articles of impeachment are tried before the Senate.

  14. What a load of BS. "Overturn judicial system" ? They are following the constitution and procedures. "Pushing communism and socialism" ? What on earth?! Just a bunch of buzzwords….

  15. Once again the reporter (a supposed journalist) is wagging the tail, "If The President is not guilty then why not prove your innocence" She is a disgrace to journalism, the American justice system. I got  a question for you Miss "Journalist <SIC>".I saw you in a porn video last week doing it with Wallace and a dog. That's a fact. Prove your innocent! Come on lady.

  16. How can you tell when President Trump or his Representatives are LYING? When they use Obama's name…that's their tell. That's how you know that they are lying. They think that OBAMA CARD will get them out of any and everything. It's actually low-key RACISM is what it is…when you think that your fan base is gonna look the other way on your transgressions everytime you mention Obama's name…why would they do that? because they HATE Obama so much?…why do they hate Obama so much? because he black?…that's why?…low-key racism!

  17. If you can really get behind this President this corrupt man after what he's done just look to yourselves and say what if this was a Democratic president that did this held foreign aid and people died because of it for his own political gain that is corrupt and what he did was bribery and for any of you people that still stand behind Trump you need to look inside yourselves

  18. The "bride of bela lugosi" is going down…
    She should be kicked out if washington and stripped if all compensations and pensions..

  19. Nancy Pelosi is insane..she is freaking insane! Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler…all of them, they are so terrified of THEIR illegal hidden acts and money laundering being uncovered they are going kamikaze at the President and hoping they survive! Jesus..she is nuts!

  20. This man is corrupt what he has done is absolute bribery he's corrupt and he needs to be impeached and get out of this office bring America back together

  21. The way it is in this country is “innocent until proven guilty”. Tell Nancy tell her every 30 seconds that’s how it works in USA. Break her dementia cycle tell her every 30 seconds!!

  22. We as a family emigrated from Poland during President Reagan. We watch how America was going down because Democrat’s corruption.

  23. How can he show his innocence if they don't give him a chance? They aren't letting him or any of his staff to question the accusers. The aren't allow to put people they choose to be questioned.

  24. Sorry, everything is so boring compared to John Podesta and his pedophile code language that was leaked by Wikileaks. Try as you will Democrats and main stream media, but Podesta's code language remains the title champ!

  25. I can prove these tactics of the left against the Trump Admin, are the same tactics they use in county courts in America. I have the documents to prove it, from over 20 years ago, the left cares only to enslave U.S. via taxation via fear…. I am theLast American Bastard

  26. You are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law and have been indicted. They are not a court of law.

    I am not saying he is guilty or not guilty. If he had done nothing wrong, fine. The Congress will vote on the articles of impeachment and that will be the end of it.

    I ask that every American get their info from a nonpartisan source – hard to find. I know. I believe the PBS is as close as you get. Or watch the hearings yourself. Or at least some of it. Fox News is as biased as CNN. They both such at telling us what is true vs what their opinion of that truth is.

    Just use your brain. CNN, other channels, and Fox are all somebody else’s opinion. Watch the hearings. Change your channel to PBS. Nobody is in their pocket.

    Let’s do it. Let’s Make America Great Again. I speaking to Dems and GOP alike.

  27. I don't think Press Secretary Gidley convinced Martha that the President is innocent. I am glad she isn't a Republican house member.

  28. Verily I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart. (MATTHEW 5:28). Intent is as much a crime as the crime itself.

  29. so… now it's not "quid pro quo"… they are trying to turn it into "bribery", which is covered under impeachment law…

    clearly they are going to keep wedging this in, until it becomes treason.

  30. It is surely the duty of The Commander In Chief to protect America against corruption; whether in countries to which America gives aid or at home when an utterly corrupt politician is running to be the next Commander in Chief. Don't tell me that the Bidens' cash corruptions with Ukraine and China were not utterly corrupt. Like Hillary and Obama selling American Uranium to the Russians !

  31. So now suddenly the White House doesn't want to prove that Donald Trump is innocent because the legal system doesn't require that 😂. They must think Trump supporters are idiots.

  32. Lies, so much lies. Why is she asking dumb questions. It's so dam frusting ! God bless n protect our President. Can you imagine 1 to 3 million people frustrated with this crap on capital hill.!

  33. The Democrats always thought the public was idiotic. The public always thought the Dems were idiotic. Throw in the old adage …" better to be quiet and thought an idiot than open mouth and prove it!" Now who do you think is the idiot?

  34. Tramp will Spend more time bull Sh!tting the Ruski-Repubs Fake Facts, Lies, and misspelled
    Tweets for ignorant communist repubs. Why doesn't he spend billions on Social Security for Senior Citizens, Upgrading Federal Funds for Teachers, Stop the NRA sale of AK-47's, Secure the Schools in America with Security to Stop the Shootings, Stop the Russians interveneing in USA Elections, Give the Dreamers/Daca Citizenship, Stop the Collapse of Congress, Stop wasting Millions on his Own Save the Whale from Impeachment and Resign. GET OUT YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO USA HISTORY !

  35. no matter what trump does, he is always innocent/victim and when he is not innocent, blame Obama , democrats or the deep state.. that's sums up fox news and trump supporters

  36. America: Innocent until proven guilty, The Communist Party( Democrats) Guilty until you prove yourself innocent… vote with your conscience in 2020…. "Peace"

  37. Why is it allowed to blatantly lie to the American ppl and get away with it. Unfortunately, there are a lot of stupid ppl that believe everything the corrupted dems say. I can NOT believe this circus and we are paying these bozo's! Our hard earned money..pissing away.

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