GFB Young Farmers & Ranchers Meet For Fun, Fellowship

GFB Young Farmers & Ranchers Meet For Fun, Fellowship

[Jekyll Island, GA / John Holcomb, Reporting]
There was plenty of food, fun, and fellowship this year on Jekyll Island as the Georgia
Farm Bureau put on its annual young farmers and ranchers conference. It’s a chance to shine the spotlight on an
organization that is essential to the future of the agriculture industry. [J.D Newton – District 7 Young Farmers and
Ranchers Chair] The importance of having this conference is
really just about having fellowship and networking with other young farmers throughout the state. It gives a chance for everybody to get away
from their farms, learn from each other and just enjoy some learning and relaxation. [John]
Just like every year, they had a theme. This year, that theme was gaining ground. Gaining ground for agriculture at the local,
state, and even the national level. [Dustin Covington – Young Farmers and Ranchers
Committee Chair] You know, our voice needs to be heard, our
thoughts, and the way things, you know should be run in the future because we are the future. So, that was the main reason behind the gaining
ground because everything we do we feel like we need to be moving one step closer and one
step farther. [John]
And to help start that ground gaining, change. That change started with the conference as
the committee worked to make it as engaging and family friendly as possible. [Erin Nessmith – Young Farmers and Ranchers
Coordinator] Just a lot of activities for the children
to make it really wholesome for the family. We’ve added a lot of educational workshops,
we have twelve different workshops, four different areas. Business, education, policy, and advocacy. [John]
Reporting in Jekyll for the Farm Monitor, I’m John Holcomb.

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