Getting Started with Regional Business News

Getting Started with Regional Business News

Hello and welcome to this tutorial on Regional
Business News. This tutorial will cover how to access Regional Business News, what kind of information is available, and how to do a search. To get started, visit the Parrish Library homepage at for management. When you get to the Parrish Library homepage, access the list of business databases. Regional Business News is on this list. Regional Business News provides comprehensive full text coverage for regional business publications,
incorporating 75 business news magazines, newspapers and newswires from all metropolitan
and rural areas within with United States. This is the Regional Business News homepage. Regional Business News is an EBSCO database so the interface may seem familiar if you
have used other EBSCO databases in the past. You can use these options to set up your search. For example, you may want to limit your search to include only full text resources, peer reviewed journals, or limit to a specific date or date range. Let’s do a sample search using the keyword “finance.” The number of search results will appear here at the
top of the page. You can use the options on the left to filter
your search by source type, subject, and publication. Let’s limit to full text… and narrow the subject area to “public spending.” As you can see, this dramatically reduces the
number of results. Once you find an article you’re interested
in, you can either click on the full text link, or click on the title to open a detailed
description of this resource. The detailed view will show you the citation information,
as well as an abstract so you can determine if this article will be helpful to you before
reading the article itself. To access the PDF, click “PDF Full Text” on the left
side of the page. Here you can browse the article contents and download the PDF. On the right side of the page you’ll find export and print options, as well as a citation button that can show you how to properly cite this source, depending on the type of citation you need. If you’re looking for a specific publication, you can use the publications
button, located in the upper left corner, to browse by subject or title. Now you know how to access Regional Business News, what kind of information is available, and how to do a search. If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected] Thank you.

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