Get into Employment With The Prince’s Trust and the NHS

Get into Employment With The Prince’s Trust and the NHS

Thomas Pemberton speaking… Just on my way to work – daily weekday shift 11:00 till 4:00 in the laundry department. Before taking part in the course it was like my life was in a hole because I had very few qualifications and I was out frequently abusing drink and drugs. The biggest benefits of doing the course are the skills you come out with, the opportunity to prove yourself and the opportunity to get into employment. It opens, like, a stairway to a load more new opportunities. The Get into programme is a a short work experience programme delivered between two to six week. to give young people a work experience
opportunity within a specific sector. We offer a wide range of industries with
some high-profile businesses. If you claim in benefits, benefits aren’t
affected – in fact it’s the opposite. The Job Centre are on board with what we deliver and actually don’t worry about cost – we will support you as best we can. When I was on the course nine people completed the course to the end and eight out of those nine people had been offered employment with the NHS. My confidence is better now coming from course. I’m much more confident work-wise and in myself. Interviewer: You’re filming this today
could you ever imagine yourself filming a video before? Not really, I can’t say I would. I could never see myself a year ago doing
speeches or even with a camera in my face getting an interview. If you’re thinking about doing the course I’d go for it because, honestly, it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Shift’s finished, long, hard day of work
done – it’s time to get home!

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