German Chancellor Fellowship for Prospective Leaders from Brazil

German Chancellor Fellowship for Prospective Leaders from Brazil

I’m Carolina Nunes, architect, my project is about the relation of rivers and cities and how to build cities for people, more integrated with nature and public spaces. My institution is the Technical University of Munich, with experiences in the Netherlands and Denmark. I got my host searching on the internet. I researched for the best architecture universities in Germany and for the urban planning chairs and how each professor described his line of research. We have a preparation, with a German classes, intercultural training to deal with both Germans and other cultures of the program, a study trip to strengthen the group and to learn more about German culture and visits in institutions to have contacts, so we have a support for the project to make it happens in the best possible way. Germany gives you the opportunity. It is the opportunity to interact with the most important people in your area, and the doors will open. That’s because we have 3 people introducing you: your host, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, who has credibility, are more than 50 Nobel laureates, and the German Chancellor, who comes as a surname, “introducing” you to people. It is a program that gives you all the freedom: theme, project, strategy, results. Some projects, such as mine, only work this way. It is not an academic project, but it is not a purely professional project, which would have other goals. This knowledge that we acquire through research, together with the interaction with people and institutions that we can achieve, allows us to think about a professional career that is a partnership between countries. Germany is giving you the opportunity. And what are the opportunities that you will generate from it?

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  1. Olá Caroline! A seleção do German Chanceler deste ano inicia na Alemanha ano que vem?

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